How Sting And Eric Clapton Maybe Saved Humanity.

Jul 31, 2019

“It’s Probably Me” is a song that was originally released in 1992 as an all-star collaboration by Sting featuring Eric Clapton, Michael Kamen and David Sanborn. As a musician or blogger, there should be an all-star game like in basketball. La creme de la creme battling for that precious trophy.

Clapton, Sting and Kamen were nominated for a Grammy Award at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television in 1993. At the 1993 MTV Movie Awards Sting and Clapton were both nominated for the Best Movie Song.

Anyway I want to talk about that song today because sometimes I wonder if it didn’t save the world. As you all know, I’m known as Jesus 2 for some people and I wonder if I’m not the last prophet because I don’t have enough money to build a temple.

Between 2005 and 2010, I worked for banks and my mindset was very clear: my only friend is probably me. As a result, I started my career and I was deeply appreciated. I guess the autonomy that this song gave me was contrasting with the usual beginner that needs to ask lots of questions.

This post is dedicated to all young people that want to start working. Remember your only friend is probably yourself (with a probability of 80%).

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How Come I Have Around 200 Friends?

This song made me wonder a lot. Friendship is defined as someone you can count on even if it’s raining. So I thought to myself: maybe all the friends I have are also people who are autonomous and mostly rely on themselves? That’s because someone constantly asking for help could get boring a little.

Sometimes I wonder why my friend count stalled. I have some friends who have like 1000 friends or even 2000. On Facebook when you reach 5000 friends it becomes suspicious.

I guess if the number of my friends is stagnating, it’s because I’m constantly asking for help. They need me to explain the war and I feel just like a child. It seems the war was due to extremists (Olivier Besancenot and Marine Le Pen). The far right and the far left dream everyday of taking power.

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Believe In God And Believe In Humanity.

I have friends on the right and friends on the left. Lately I was wondering where I would seat in parliament. I guess I don’t believe in the king anymore with his tax obsession. I must be a leftist then. But maybe I will try to create my own political party: the party for space exploration or maybe the party for a brave new world.

I had some friends who believed in God and others who wanted to believe in humanity. But everybody forgot about the Earth: we are under the same sun and, if the dirty old part of the city can travel a little, they will discover the beauty of our star.

Security will come and say: sorry young man, you are under the same sun and no pretty chick should make you crawl. I’m going to take you on a mission of mercy where giving thanks should be your main activity.

Yes maybe if we want to explore space, we should give thanks more often. That’s why I want to thank all my friends for the good times even though we were severely disturbed by extremists.

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Will You Give Thanks For The Music?

There are some songs that really are wonderful: this song from Sting and Eric Clapton is so beautiful I guess it can inspire me to become an all-star and look for other all-stars for collaboration.

I had several bands previously but the emotions weren’t there. Yes that’s true they were good musicians but I guess we don’t care about music except if it can relieve some feelings that are like a burden.

For example today I can get a bad bad feeling everyday: I don’t know which song to turn to. And that’s why I have a go to song in case of emergency. So thank you Sting and Clapton for this all-star collaboration.

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Is There Any Audacity In Numbers?

I used to play poker. I liked that game a lot and there were a lot of people that did. Now I have to say it shouldn’t be the way you live your life. Recently I was thinking that leaders in Lebanon were poker players because all they were talking about was austerity.

Anyway there’s something powerful in poker when you enter a betting round with a pair of aces AA. This means that if you handle it right and isolate someone, you have an 80% chance to win the pot.

There’s something about numbers and the “probably” in the song that’s a winner in the long run. Today I was thinking about politics: with my strange way of thinking, I thought politics was about being polite. But it seems politics is about decision-making. Information is critical for decisions to be good ones.

They say Donald Trump is a racist, rapist and raging narcissist. Maybe he’s just a whore: “we gonna build a wall and make Mexico pay for it”. Few hopes are allowed for someone too lazy to make enemies.

Yes you’re only friend is probably yourself or looking for all-stars like you. In the long run, that’s a winner. Of course I’m also talking about autonomy (the capacity to make an informed, uncoerced decision).

Nicolas Sursock

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