Marketing Is Dead Since Age 8

Jul 26, 2018

A serious music insight from songs, one of which is “Bagdad Café” by Jevetta Steele, is bold. Another song says there’s a dream everyone had about marketing.

I’m doing a lot of marketing for that blog. Even though what I like is music and the creative process. Right now, I just received an email saying “it was my last chance to upgrade to the premium version” of the software I use.

People want to make money and have a profitable business. That’s where Carlos Ghosn has a point: killing costs might be the basis of all profitable business. Or maybe we could forget about old marketing and start wondering why would people give us money exactly.

When I was young I was a rich person, surrounded by awesome people and we would accept new people also in the group. And suddenly, queen Jealousy took over and that’s why I’m writing a blog.

Because I’m an unexperienced and unadventurous person.

From Silence To Nowhere: Cost Killer

Now I have a new idea. If we want to be profitable, we got to kill coast-to-coast (Los Angeles / Chicago). We’re taking a bus with my friends and 10 days later, everybody was bickering.

Or maybe you invite some friend to your home country and, 2 months later, you are happy because you managed to control that diva people call Jealousy. Lately, I met a singer and I offered her to do a mini-project but she was feeling strange, as if I wasn’t a good musician. Now that’s bad marketing for me because I’m one of the most cultured musician in the world.

We all had that dream, to understand the whispering wind (where our stairway lies). When you meet someone new, you have to think about when you were 14-years-old. I wonder if my doctor will call that a regression in service of the ego.

So I’m going coast-to-coast, Hazmieh-Ashrafieh (Lebanon). It’s a 20 minute ride. It doesn’t cost much, it’s easy and affordable. But some rides are much more ambitious than this one.

The Machine We Built Needs Fixing

If you want to live a happy life, go for fixing. Because paying is strangely difficult lately. As if it was something like an insult or an injury.

When I fix the machine I built since 1995, I will realise I’m not far from the goal. Needless to say the goal won’t move. If it does, then it’s a strange goal.

Anyway, marketing is wonderful topic but I still wonder what’s the fundamental stuff: amazing promise, 3 words or maybe killing costs. As far as I’m concerned, I decided to invent a new type of marketing: no-tilt marketing.

This is your last chance to make a donation to me. Otherwise, I will consider you don’t appreciate the hard work I’m putting on to entertain, educate and inform you. Don’t say your education is over, it’s just begun.

Make sure to make them pay, but don’t give your ace away. Now I will tell you what my ace is: you start to shake, you will never get paid.

The Basis Of Respect Is Frequency

I thought about respect a lot lately. And maybe people make a mistake thinking it should occupy your mind all day. I think if you have respect, then from time to time becomes your way of living.

My heart keeps me well informed and I’m done looking for clues. The world is led by bitches and their clients. Meanwhile, professional people with a savoir-faire might be forgotten. The marketing behind this is that there are positions more comfortable than others.

Donald Trump used to say “money is not important, playing the game is important” as if he was Pierre de Coubertin (Olympics Games inventor). My only goal is to win, but I don’t like playing stupid games like Carmageddon.

I used to play Carmageddon when I was 17 years old, a race car game where you could kill pedestrians with your car. It was marketed for chemically imbalanced people. And the goal for pedestrians was to remain at a safe distance from drivers.

Respect is like driving a car: from time to time, you look in the mirror but what’s important is the horizon.

A Change Is Coming, Sweet Release?

As a conclusion, let’s remember we all had that dream to find a good job and get well paid. Did you blow it all at the society arcade like me? No heart disease is gonna make me crawl.

If people find that blog dark, that’s because I’ve been listening to music for 20 years. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have so much ideas about a blog post worthy of bothering my friends and acquaintances.

Marketing is dead and I will tell you why: that’s because since age 8, we have a deep understanding of what marketing is. For example, I used to go to school but suddenly I wasn’t happy because I couldn’t stand the weather in Paris.

And now I’m stuck between jokers and thieves with you. I’m a musician, not a marketer but one thing you can be sure of: it’s the end of marketing as we know it. What is this dream that every human being had?

So here is the sweet release: there is a dream every human being had. Will you help me find it and formulate it into words? Maybe this clue will help: live in perfect harmony like a family, have friendly neighbours and save the diversity on Earth.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!