A Kind of Magic, Only One: Day to Day

Feb 27, 2018

A musical insight hints at a kind of magic. This sounds serious because there can be only one. An allusion to experienced people and children.

The thing about life is that you have to be well educated on the subject of fights.

I have been sentenced to 20 years of introspection. Because I wanted everybody to experience how patience could be a solution. A beautiful solution because then it shines in all areas of your life.

Of course, I didn’t expect jokers and thieves to ruin what we built with careful attention and solid foundations. I wonder where the sheriff is. It turns out the sheriff was a bad outlaw.

When I left the banking industry very much alive, I wasn’t expecting such a signature. I drew a heart in Paris and I started thanking everybody. But my intimate life was bugging me.

It’s forcing me to thrive. I could go the doctor and he would bring me to one of these reunions where students would be an audience for hysteria.

You want to understand girls, make sure to understand boys first.

How Does It Feel For Little Children?

Children from Syria and Iraq do not agree. This is not for them. I’m talking about musical genocide.

Don’t say maybe. Listening to Iron Maiden is not a sign of good health. And if you do at your age, then we’ll assume it’s just a provocation.

I have to make an effort to be serious sometimes. And sometimes, I have to make an effort to joke. But my effortless attention is drawn towards the sky and the other stars.

Mathieu Chedid is an artist that I discovered a bit late in life. But he has a few insanely good songs. It’s unusual for me to like a whole album by an artist. But it happened a few times.

As if one thing led to another and suddenly I can’t hear a song without thinking of the next one.

A Merman We Should Turn To Be

Society has evolved in a way where sex became one of the 7 wonders.

The thing about love and sex is that feelings are intense. Of course, words are not trivial. And body language became a signature of health.

Society should wake up and not be the victim of a foolish heart. I try to defend the ancients but it seems that they do not want to be defended. They tried to prevent catastrophes like earthquakes and hurricanes but no one could imagine that history would repeat itself.

Newspaper shout but if we try to understand the impact of journalism on man, we will discover that we should choose our battles.

The battle of Los Angeles has begun. And the year of the boomerang reminds me that castles made of sand fall in the sea. In the long run.

Alcoholics Full of Revenge and Rivalry

When I analyze my experience, it doesn’t make any sense anymore. Except that daily magic has taken over, almost ruining weekly, monthly and yearly magic.

We should reduce our dependence on private investigations and food poisoning. The word is on the street that there’s a killer on the road. He’s called writer’s block.

It’s a full-time job to stay alive. Or dying. Risking your life is an essential part of the game. And let’s be honest.

With me, you will all get big contracts and seven figures salaries.

Last time I passed a physical, they said everything was fine but I should be careful. And now I’m stuck with an autoimmune disorder so bad that I’m considering exploring the ocean and space.

Their interest was to make money and their only metric was numbers. Do you think this was a good thing?

The Experience is The Key to Respect

People give up. They associate some things with pain. As if they had a sensor in their head.

In basketball, they have a statistic called “plus/minus”. It’s used to measure the impact of a player on the game. Since 1994, I have a bad bad feeling. And that’s not alright because the sister of the woman I loved didn’t love me back.

Withdrawing from that position is costing me a lot. It implies realizing what I will give up. But I guess the real challenge is to realize profits. I shouldn’t jump like a fish but sharks are an endangered species.

This kind of magic is very special. It’s called in utero. What happened? A bad case of food poisoning by fans of the other team.

You get the picture.

Communication breakdown it’s always the same. It drives you insane. I guess the first step is to communicate correctly inside of you. Right or left. Down and up. Shallow and profound. Do words really matter? And is body language that important?


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!