Were You Lucky If You're Still Alive?

Apr 30, 2019

There’s a song I like from a French artist called Yves Montand. In this song, he is bold and concludes the song by saying that “when a soldier comes back from war, he was only lucky and that’s all”.

Were you lucky if you’re still alive today? After all, everybody experiences some kind of war. Where would you be without war? And what is war exactly?

We know soldiers suffer from shell shock. It’s a condition where allusions of life makes you wonder if this game is serious. We all know life is a serious game: otherwise how come the casino is at least 13 billion years old?

They say players don’t stand a chance and the house always wins. But what if this house wasn’t a home? Aren’t we precious things for someone? We know we’re precious for cosmic people. We shouldn’t laugh or cry but try to understand.

If anybody can define luck, then we might know if alive soldiers deserve to continue. What if luck was strictly dependent on your behaviour?

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How Does It Feel To Have War Upon You?

With every war comes a great declaration. A statement as if you were Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot and shouting “not in my house”. Once I tried to protect a friend and I could do nothing for him: he had a colonel on the back (not a monkey).

At this time I felt that it was another declaration of war upon me. I had just finished winning my battle with stupid teenagers that knew exactly right from wrong when suddenly 20 tons of trouble knocked on my door.

You are your own worst enemy and you might not know that you declared war to yourself. But sometimes I feel everyone is at war with everyone.

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Can Your Luck Change? Why Not?

Something is wrong with the world today: some people can tell a wise man by the color of the skin. So what’s the first criterium to tell a wise man from a fool? I guess the first thing that comes to mind is if the person is passionate about justice.

For a long time now we have hesitated on the core values of humanity. But now I know and you know what’s the fundamental of humanity: it’s love. Forget about money, spite, necessity and other obvious motivation. The only thing that drives humanity is love, and, like war, it can be so intense that you can experience shell shock.

In fact it’s a gas: general adaptation syndrome. It must be easy to digest. Take love easy and never let your feelings show: easy come, easy go. You might know how to play with fire!

Our luck can’t change: without love where would we be now? Now what if you were in the driver’s seat instead of being a passenger?

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How To Lose Your Confidence In One Day.

When I’m not thinking about music, I play a game called Diablo 3 on a computer. It’s a nice game with lots of options and characters. Objectives are always clear and the worlds do resemble our world even though there might be a bit of fantasy.

In this game, there’s something called a Greater Rift where you can showcase your skills to other. My last objective was to reach Level 70 with my Monk which I did after a few tries. And today I played with other players that were stronger and made me lose confidence in me.

The guy was playing like I wasn’t there. I was telling him: “let’s stay together, you play too fast, I can’t follow you and I’m like a potiche”. Now I understand women a little more! 🙂

To lose quickly your confidence, don’t hesitate to compare yourself to someone a little stronger or advanced than you. So where you lucky to be still alive if you’re reading those words?

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Will Your Little World Let You Go?

As a conclusion, I do think soldiers and lovers are living on the edge. But are they trying to prove they’re made out of gold and can’t be sold? Only a philosopher will be able to answer that question.

If soldiers have a hard time coming back to life, it’s because they need a new ambition like a secondary residence with a garden to take care of. What if that new ambition could take place on another earth-like planet?

It’s true most soldiers will have only a few bucks when they come back from war. They want to rip the microphone, the system and the stage. If you don’t save some money for rainy days, how will you be able to face the future?

The conversation never ends about jobs with high pressure like security officers. But now they know they will have to let go of their little world (maybe temporarily).

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!