What Does Living Like A Tart Imply?

Humor Jul 01, 2019

Today I want to write about jealousy. To be more precise, I want to write about living like a tart. That's because there's a wonderful song by U2 about this. The lyrics are clear: "dressing like your sister, living like a tart, they wonder what you're doing, babe it must be art".

So living like a tart could mean 2 things: the first meaning could imply you're sending signals everywhere that you're ready for marriage. The second meaning is much more stupid and funny I guess: on a regular basis, random strangers publicly throw a pie into your face.

It's funny sometimes how a good song you listened to could push to listen again to it and how it could take a different meaning now. I never tried to understand what living like a tart means and I was interested by that line simply because it was preceded by "dressing like your sister".

It was something I did occasionally when I was 8 years old and she was 11. The memory still lingers on like a night in Tunisia.

Is There A Time To Be Free Of The Heart?

Ok, this title is from a song by Lenny Kravitz. There comes a time to find a partner and you've got to shout about it. But the only people that can hear you are the ones not looking for something.

That's because it's a kind of tunnel vision: you can't help yourself and you're looking for a partner.

Life is serious and love is mysterious: the typical time you're living like a tart is adolescence. And we all know what's the problem at that time: vocabulary and money. If I could find words to describe my adolescence I think I would come up with that: how can those people be so sure about all that stuff?

Are You Sure You Need A Partner?

It's hard to say it, I hate to say it: probably the best partner you will find is yourself. As the Bible once put it: "help yourself, and heaven will help you". So the goal then would be to find someone really similar to yourself. And you will be pleased of the small differences.

The first step then would be to know yourself. We all know badly obsessed people never meet anybody, not even themselves. And that might be why some people might be so cruel and severe with teenagers.

I met myself when I was 21 even though I already had a hint when I was 18: I'm the kind of person who likes philosophy, astronomy and music. I guess I could improve some things about me like stop wondering if I have enough class. Living like the inverse of a tart is also a bit difficult.

How Can God Be So Insensitive?

Trying to get up everyday is a wonderful thing to do. Jimi Hendrix once was famous on a talk show just mentioning that fact. But how many things can you throw to a person's face without him/her throwing a pie at your face?

The point of view of God is an interesting one (if that being exists): he got a wonderful palace we can't reach and that being is observing us. And what he/she sees leaves him/her confused. To the point where he/she wonders if it's not love. But he/she knows there might be something more important to do before invaders destroy us.

Throwing a pie at God won't work: the only pie you should throw into someone's face are the ones who are so serious that they become funny. I'm sad sometimes to think I was one of them. But driving a car reminds me that you shouldn't mistake seriousness and skills.

Was That A Classic Disgusting Identity Problem?

All in all, throwing a pie into someone's face just means you have a problem with his identity. That's why the French philosopher Levy was the recipient of so many attacks: people had a problem with his identity and his philosophy. It seems in Europe philosophy can make you famous and I must say I do agree.

Is freedom such a burden? And does living for kicks is wise? Are we all the children of boredom? Can whispering on the internet make some people dizzy?

It seems when it comes to blogging there are 3 types of post that convert: questions, howtos and list posts. As you can see, my blog has taken the questions road even though you might stumble upon a few howtos about music and a few list posts just for fun.

I'm a talented musician: I have several music ideas a week; I blog almost everyday based on music; I spent almost 3 years in Paris going to jam sessions everyday. But there's something bothering me: I'm looking for a partner and I'm tired of that WW2 shit.


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas Sursock is a full-time musician. His work now focuses on blogging and digesting 10,000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging.