Who Wants To Live Forever?

Jun 10, 2019

Readers of that blog know I’m fighting a bad disease. Cancer or autoimmune disorder or maybe aids, one thing is sure though: I forgot my crime. 38 years is a long time, and look at me: I used to be free.

So while I’m contemplating death or maybe suicide, I was looking for reasons to make my life a little longer. My shell today only allows me to go to coffee shops.

I know some people from the Bible lived almost 1000 years. Whether this is true or false, one can only wonder how come our universe is that old. It’s nearly 14 billion years of age.

So I came up with reasons to live longer, not necessarily healthier, though. If we could live 1000 years, then space travel could become affordable at the speed of light. The nearest exoplanet Proxima Centauri B is only 40 light-years away.

But what if we could live forever? Then maybe we could approach the level of humanity we had before the Big Bang.

There Will Always Be One Tomorrow.

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Living forever just means you will always have another tomorrow. What’s going on in the world? How are your children doing at school? Will you finally make money blogging?

Living forever might seem weird, but given the crime before the Big Bang, our universe might never ever end. That’s because time means nothing in our world. What does time mean for us?

When my girlfriend left me (or maybe I left her), her last words were: “do you mean I lost my time with you?” As if she was anticipating a lousy disease someday that would make her stuck into bed.

What if we were wrong with our notion of time? When you are in love, you lose track of time. And when you’re doing a stupid assignment you don’t like, it feels like forever.

We Will Probably Live 1000 Years.

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From a statistical point of view, the numbers have a specific power: living 1000 years could make space travels affordable at the speed of light. The experience of survival is the key to our gravity.

Some people are dead today, and I know what I’m talking about: one of my friends gave up at age 14. It seems a dinner where everybody was making fun of her was the reason. However, she also experienced a motorcycle accident.

Writing that blog means people who died means something to our survival. My theory is the following: we must explore space with our new notion of time, and then we will be able to approach the Big Bang.

Before the Big Bang, life was somewhat unusual. But suddenly there’s a shadow hanging over us: from an allusive perspective, you have to be perfect. What if I told you I fought during WW3, which is still undocumented? What if I told you I was central in this victory because I had control?

Why Should You Give Up At 100?

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Today they told us our life expectancy was much better: we can live 100 years but afterwards it becomes complicated. Maybe today I’m almost 90 years because some bad mother fucker talked about something weird I did all over town.

They say shame and guilt are levels of consciousness so toxic that you’re close to suicide. And the first level of real force is courage: you must perceive a challenge. So how come we’re still stuck down here?

The real challenge today should be traveling in the Milky Way comfortably and being at peace with your unhealable wounds of adolescence. It seems we were punished because of a vague incident due to a so-called friend.

The next episode could be space and adolescence exploration. One should have a beautiful heart to make that possible.

What Will Be The Sweet Moment Of Humanity?

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The song from Queen that I chose is ambitious: they say death is the only sweet moment we have. But what if the most adorable moment we could have is getting over the Big Bang and discovering what existed before?

I do think there was something incredible before the Big Bang and the only way to discover it is at least living 1000 years or maybe forever. When we control the Milky Way, we will be much stronger to face the challenges of the Big Bang (which might be a school shooting of an elegant class).

Believe it or not, even French communists recognized that communism doesn’t work: you have to have some class to succeed. So now it’s becoming evident: the universe was created thanks to a wonderful class. I’ve seen women from Eden.

What if a new class could emerge? The one who will explore the Milky Way and adolescence with serenity.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!