What Neon Light Can Help Teenagers?

Aug 01, 2018

A serious music insight by Arctic Monkeys (“Fluorescent Adolescent”) makes me wonder what songs can help people stuck in severity and cruelty: child!

They say a secret is something you tell another person. I guess life is just a game, but maybe it’s more than that. Anyway, we know life is not a joke.

With WW2, there were pure massacres and millions of civilian casualties (mainly in the communist side). Blurred lines and moral bankruptcy helped create a devastating conflict because of ideology. And this is what adolescence looks like when you’re 14.

It seems WW2 was like a lapsus to help us redefine what is adolescence because it can be severe and cruel. If it is, it means we’re not prepared. We should be programmed for adult roles. But are we robot?

The sound of silence sometimes makes more noise than words and you know I wonder who needs action when you got words.

You Taste It, It Will Haunt You

What happens when you give in to apathy and you forget listening to a song like Mission Improbable by The Herbalisers? We know that behind statistics, there is a complex reality. When it comes to money, if you start to shake, you will never get paid.

For example, with cancer and other serious diseases, the illness always wins because it has 50 excuses to piss you off. What if you had 3000 songs to cheer you up? Strength, kindness and courage are wonderful values to display. Who needs severity and cruelty?

They say you played your trump card and you don’t know how to go on. The good old days have gone and faking it until you make it doesn’t work anymore. That’s because the real journey is inside.

You want to go to Panama but first you can explore another region of your country.

Shiny Legs Refuse To Hop

I don’t know about you but a lot of politician talk about fear and desire, hope and despair. Lately, I was wondering how I could understand hope. I guess hope is just a matter related to Sergei Bubka.

If you can jump, then you got a lot of hope. I was at a Jared Leto concert once (30 seconds to Mars) and he asked the crowd to jump a lot. And we all know he’s a kind of Jesus. Should he forgive me for not liking his music?

You’re often in a world of ecstasy and you’re looking for a miracle drug or a miracle partner. A rage that lasts a 1000 years; a kind of magic and there are no other. That’s why maybe the song “Jump” from Van Halen is played at Paris Saint Germain matches (Parisian soccer team).

Paris is a magical city or maybe there are too many witches in town.

Zombie Voodoo, Witchy Women and Beautiful Liars

They say a zombie (a philosophical zombie to be precise) lacks conscious experiment. I must say it happened to me once. But if you need to be reminded of what’s really happening here on Earth, every inch is a fighting nest.

What will happen is very simple: contamination and effraction.

Jealousy is a precious feeling and could be the motor of mankind since a long time. With jealousy, it’s the same old story:

  • you can depreciate the people who make you jealous,
  • you can also try to control them or maybe make them at ease.

I have a special friend in my life and, in the long run, we drifted into S&M. I’m not talking about sexy music but about sadomasochism. It seems the future of humanity resides in the anal stage (according to Freud).

I Can’t Get Any Rest, CrazySexyCool

In marketing, they give this advice. Try summarising your brand in 3 words. When you reach a certain level of competition, things can become stupid and debilitating. That’s why in Tennis, the referee can punish you for verbal abuse.

I guess with the superego you can reach a wonderful limit where you can’t move a finger. According to a book I read lately, every word pronounced underlies contradiction. And psychiatry seems to have found a link between the body and your superego.

The superego is simple and 4 basic injunction that Freud identified:

  • submission, as if we should remain a puppet of somebody,
  • perfection, as if it was a standard on Earth,
  • action, as if playing your guitar is a natural thing,
  • inaction, as if not doing anything was easy.

I will try to define a new superego (post-Freudian) whose injunction is: investigation. For example, at the moment, I’m trying to understand the chemotherapy I did when I was 17.

The Back Against A Record Machine

As a conclusion, it seems that the only thing that will help teenagers is basketball. Jumping on a regular basis might be the right thing to do. You get up and nothing gets you down. Of course, some music might help.

Maybe also, if you remember the days were you shone like the Sun, you will shine again. The Sun is the main source of energy here on Earth. Sometimes it’s eclipsed by the Moon. And if you never shone as of today, just wait a bit. It will be your turn soon.

The fatigue and nausea you experience is due to 50 excuses you have for not doing what you have to do. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. 4 little boys or maybe girls and you’re off to a good start.

In the long run, is motivation more complex than reward and punishment? Love, money, spite and necessity can be powerful reasons to live a 100 years. What other reason can we find to go on? With time, do we forget the initial motivation?


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!