Can Life Teach Us Something Or Genuinely No?

Aug 09, 2019

It’s a sad story that the one of our planet and our universe. I do think we won’t learn anything except the obvious: you don’t want to play, you might as well quit.

But there must be something else, like something undeniable that we’re trying to put down in words. Take one of my friends who came to me once: there’s a thin line between love and hate.

While I knew that love hurt bad, I thought that the point of view was interesting. A few years later, I had another angle on the subject: the price of love is not low.

So maybe the game of life is about something candid: conscientization. When you look up Wikipedia for the word, you also stumble upon critical consciousness. So perhaps the game of life is about criticizing.

Take the song I chose for this post: “Get Over It” by The Eagles. I’m going to try to criticize it a lot, and maybe this will be the next orientation of this blog.

Are There Any Perks In Drowning?

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The first verse of the song mentions the victimization that’s all around. If I had to find an image of this, victimization is like spending your time drowning in the sea because the lifeguards are sexy. Yes, it seems like a good plan to be rescued by Pamela Anderson in her 20s.

They say a victim takes much energy for skilled people. I guess a victim is skilled at shouting “help.” And maybe it’s a skill we would need while traveling space. I hope you get the message in the bottle!

What the victim doesn’t remember is that while he/she points a finger, someone else is judging him/her. The victim has a lousy obsession with the physical world, and he/she must remember chemistry (the bond you have with others) and mathematics (the easiest way to deal with love) are also important subjects.

Was That Another Song About Affordable Dignity?

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The second verse of the song mentions the big evil world. I think the future will belong to people with some kind of dignity because it seems we will encounter many people claiming they don’t owe you a thing.

Money is central with this dodgy subject of are there or are there not good lawyers. But the more I think about it, the more I think I found out what it was all about.

You might feel better with some cash, but what you truly need is the words. Please have a seat and relax because if you don’t find them, the terms will find you. Who needs action when you got words?

Why Do You Need A Winning Streak?

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The bridge of the song mentions a losing streak, and you’re making the most of the situation. Why is a winning streak remarkable? That’s because everybody’s got some kind of pressure, and a winning streak will help you build momentum. Beware of those that have a problem with time.

I mean, you have the right to be tired: only healthy people feel some kind of fatigue. One could think that the insensitiveness to pain our landlord is showing makes the world a crazy place without a shelter. I have more than 5000 songs for you to take shelter, but make sure not to change every day.

Wherever you lay your hat is your home. That’s cool for a while, but one day you have to decide what will be your primary address in the coming years: “Little Wing” or “Nobody Knows You When Down And Out.”

If you’re looking to have less pressure, also make sure your memory isn’t playing tricks on you.

Is The Song Advice To Kick-Ass Right?

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The last verse of the song mentions kicking a child’s ass. Now I know what you think: humiliation and giftedness are related, but it’s not that simple, according to some experts. So knowingly using shame is a dangerous method.

For example, think about the last 7 million years and how we’re still stuck on Earth. It’s only been recently that we discovered 4000 exoplanets, and sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t look for a star system with a Jupiter to deviate asteroids from the home planet.

One can experience some kind of humiliation sometimes without really noticing. I guess one can’t overuse a method to see if it’s a good idea. Lately, I was thinking that having a process was, of course, the key to success. Still, it’s not enough: you also have to have a shock absorber to deal with highly improbable events like the return of Jesus Christ.

And then maybe the 21st century will belong to those who wave their shock absorber like a flag. For Lebanese people, the choice was effortless: cedars and the majesty of trees.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!