What's The 1st Level Of True Force?

featured Mar 09, 2019

Einstein used to say that no trouble can be solved without identifying the level of consciousness that generated it. And I must say levels of consciousness are a nice angle at the moment to understand what I go through.

I tried to look for the page that mentioned these levels of consciousness but couldn’t find it and I found other pages dealing with the subject. And it’s interesting to see that everyone has a different list. I might in the future evoke the levels I identified during my life.

But let’s talk about something quite interesting. I’m talking about 2 levels that are close to nirvana: courage and presence. At the moment my level of consciousness is rather difficult to define. I must say I could come up with this one: complex digestion. It’s a rather original level of consciousness but why not?

Levels of consciousness are an interesting way to approach a problem. But what is really important in that case?

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Does It Depend On What You Ate?

Once I spent 3 weeks in Savoy (French Alps). It was a thermal cure to get rid of my excess baggage. And I must say it was really helpful because I lost 20 kilos in 6 months. Even though I ate fish and meat every day, I also had a massage every morning and plenty of walks in the mountain.

I guess what you eat is important but I think the most important thing to remember is physical exercise. When you are not able to make some exercise as you used to it should trigger an alarm.

I guess the most basic physical exercise we have is making love. Making love is really a special experience that makes you think about time and immortality. Children might be born from that wonderful debate about why sex is so pleasurable. Imagine a civilization based on coffee and cigarettes!

Careful what you eat or listen to because it will fuel your thoughts. But what if emotions are important?

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Does It Depend On Laughing Or Crying?

Much has been said about laughing. Some even went as to say that we don’t need to laugh or cry but we need to understand. I grew up in a neighborhood where everything was an instrument toward survival.

For example, a girl would marry a rich man and then take all his money. A man would marry a whore acting as a Pygmalion and then suddenly would vanish. Behind the smoke, there is some magic.

When everything becomes an instrument, there is clearly a gaming side to life. But how do the judges can evaluate the situation? I guess money is our only love in that case! Do you feel something deep inside?

I guess emotions are important for a level of consciousness. Maybe it can unite your body and soul!

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Does It Depend On Astronomy And Vertigo?

It seems astronomy is the only science where amateurs play an important role. Need I say that astronomy is a science where you study stars. And I guess we are all stars down here on Earth. My mother and father are; my sister and cousins are; my coworkers are!

I think we’re all a victim of astronomy at an unconscious level. The numbers are so big it can give you persistent vertigo. And it has been so for a long time now. Today, when you live in a city, the lights are blinding the sky. Maybe we’re just tired of space!

I guess only bosses of big companies and head of states can understand the sky. The numbers are so big that one might wonder how they can relate. I know that if the whole world wants to live like the Western world, the resources of the Earth will soon be depleted.

Maybe there isn’t enough water anymore or maybe our needs became too important? In the meantime, there must be a level of consciousness that can prevent such obvious questions!

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What’s The Level Most Of Us Use?

When you deal with everyday life, you will find a level of consciousness called subconsciousness. It’s a level where you deal with life in an allusive manner like a musician or like a child.

Using allusions means you have to have a certain culture and if the people you meet don’t have the same one you can stumble on misunderstanding or communication breakdown. That might be why they ask us to read, listen or watch a lot when we’re young.

I must say I find this level of consciousness interesting because it implies the ones you talk to also had to deal with the same things you did. It’s comfortable but it could hurt some people if they are not aware.

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How To Understand The Parameters.

Life is much more than a daily roller coaster. I know a lot of people try to sabotage others. For example, in Europe, the rest of the world may be at war with us. I know Asia hates Europe.

What’s important when you want to identify a level of consciousness? For example, courage is a level when you perceive a challenge and not a burden. Another example is presence where you forget about the angry past and the uncertain future.

I mentioned the level I’m experiencing at the moment: digestion. When it’s easy to digest, you have less effort to make to feel richer. For example, someone owes me big money and will never pay me. That’s easy to digest. And that’s why I’m writing this blog!

Identifying a level of consciousness could be linked to some parameters. And the first level of true force might be courage!


Nicolas Sursock

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