Does Language Make Us Human?

featured May 04, 2019

Lately I was wondering if we didn’t miss some words or high level language to go to space. After all, there are so many languages (ancient or foreign) that one can wonder if it’s not the final clue we’re missing. Maybe we just have to go pink!

I’ve thought about a language that could allow us to meditate and live 1000 years. And sometimes you don’t need words; you just have to have the right climate. I’m not talking about the kind of climate there is “in a dirty old part of the city where the sun refuses to shine”. Another nice climate could be “there ain’t no use in trying”.

Now 300 days of sun a year is a nice climate but it’s the kind of climate that can’t be suitable for everybody. Take for example the vampires among us. Can they really be happy with that kind of climate?

Do we need words or a climate or both? Let’s examine the impact of the climate on a typical day for me.

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How To Become Someone Who Knows Music.

When I was young, I tried to show I didn’t need anyone. Of course, making love was fun but are those days gone? One thing you can be sure of: when the sun refuses to shine, I hurry home, play on a computer and listen to music. And that’s how sometimes I don’t miss the sun at all.

You could say the curious climate haunting the Parisian region made me a wonderful artist. I know so many songs that I started this blog to share them with you. Today I listen to a song called “I’m not your stepping stone” and can’t get bored with it. I listen to it in a loop.

With the right climate, you can become the person you want to be. But let’s examine the impact of words on everybody.

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How To Find The Right Words At The Right Time.

Lately I read something about music: when you’re happy you enjoy the music and when you’re sad you enjoy the lyrics. I must say I felt it was very true. But how words can exactly make your life better?

Take for example that blog. I spend my time in coffee shops writing. If I didn’t have words, how could I order a small cup of coffee or a pack of cigarettes? Hence a climate is a wonderful start but you have to be more precise with words. In the future, each post I write could have in the introduction a climate for the post. Let’s look at an example.

Ever feel kind of down not knowing what to do? Living your life in darkness, let the sunshine through. Ok, this climate is from Gil Scott-Heron but you get the point.

Without words, a climate could become boring. Let’s see how they interact together to form what we call an experience.

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Why Can’t You Melt My Cold, Cold Heart?

I know some of you might wonder where I got that cold, cold heart. Most of us will have the same answer to that question: my lover left and ruined my life. But it may be something else like the hate of the military that left you stoned.

In France, they decided to make the military professional and civilians don’t have to deal with that anymore. So the military decided it was time for revenge and killed civilians because they felt their efforts were not recognised. I still feel dizzy about that and I must say they owe me big money and will never pay me.

That’s why I decided to take the short way home. I’m going back to my roots without zipping up my boots.

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Is Talking Really The Only Human Touch?

As a conclusion, what makes us human must be words. For example, they say Jimi Hendrix enriched the vocabulary of guitar. When you’re victim of the butcher like me, what kind of words could ease the pain? The answer is: cost killing.

Carlos Ghosn was like a God in Japan but they realised that his approach was a bit too climatic and lacked some serious politeness. Those words are easy to understand: please if you like that post or want to support the blog, make a donation. It’s secure and your credit card details are safe since the numbers are encrypted.

Right now my heart is about to go boom as if I was in an empty room all day. Was that a climate or the right words to understand what I’m going through?



Nicolas Sursock

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