Just Recorded Two Encrypted Messages From Space

Jun 17, 2018

A serious insight from Megadeth’s song “Angry Again” makes me think about an acrobat. It sounded so natural today because I listened to good music.

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Every message has a meaning. Some messages have a key in order for sacred people to communicate. Maybe confidence fluctuates or maybe love and security come at a hard price.

Anyway, I was just wandering in space today and had two uncensored thoughts that made a lot of sense. Our cousins on other planets are fighting and the habitable zone is yet to find.

Some keys are easy, like “Emit Remmus” from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Others are a bit more subtle like cruel intentions. In the end, it might be a matter of survival or seduction.

Struggle within, it suits us fine. Is the real journey within?

Music as a Guide and a Habitable Zone

The thing about life, it’s always the same. We have a star but some planets are not in the habitable zone. Life cannot thrive if it’s too hot or too cold.

Who can we turn to when the aliens will arrive? Those aliens may be our cousins. Why depict them with green? Are they obsessed by money?

If you ain’t got no money, you just ain’t no good. And don’t forget to hit the road before someone finds you strange. 2001 was a summer my friends and I remember well.

We listened to Brazilian music and had several love affairs.

We were in a habitable zone. We had work/life balance and an ambition that few people can control like we did. The thing about ambition is that it’s always the fruit of sadness or anger.

A Narcissistic Pervert and a Player on a Boat

In a ship in the middle of a raging sea, don’t make a scene. If you do, make sure not ignore it. Otherwise, you might transform yourself into a private investigator.

This is the brand awareness of narcissistic pervert. You become a private investigator.

If you remain at a safe distance, then you will discover he or she is a real mother for ya. A bit like big brother. What women want is simple: when an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

The habitable zone where one can rest and digest has evolved. Today, we have TVs and we’re about to get sick on a daily basis. That’s why I think that black and white people are the same.

The people who should be in charge are people able to stay in the sun long enough without cream. Otherwise, your mother will tell you it’s dangerous.


You Should Learn To Control Your Ambition

The best thing to do with ambition is to find people that have the same ambition. Do they have the same system linked to punishment and reward?

If someone watches us, then we know for sure that players don’t stand a chance. The best position is in the audience. Players don’t stand a chance. The house always wins.

Wanted something, I never bargained for the toxic artwork of WW2 and its aftermaths. And that my friend sums it all. Fantasy is about compromise.

I feel so confused about my ambition. After all, must be a reason why we remained on Earth for so long. When our cousins on other planets start to explore space, if we don’t, they will laugh at us and we will look like slaves.

That’s when we should talk about rights and duties.

Maybe Our Cousins Are On Distant Planets

Our fathers were rolling stones. Their compromise was a simple one. And then we decided that love and justice as if it was an infinite space, should be explored.

First, we explore the ocean (aka money problems) and then we explore space (aka the complexity of the animal reign). When I think about animals, I think of mishaps and failure.

And then we inherited a code that was supposed to free us.

When I leave here, I will leave a fantastic problem. The leaves were falling down and the sky was crying. The volcano from Island started to show signs of life. But not the kind of sign that someone in a coma might show.

Is it true that Adam and Eve were in a garden and a snake decided to trap us? Is it true that a fight started: God cursed the snake and decided to give mankind a superb planet as a compensation?

All Someone Left Us Was An Alliance

We are going to make contact with our cousins. If France can wake up a little, then everything will be fine. There’s a thin line between love and hate.

I always felt my education to be flawed. But then time passed and the more I think about it, I think France is a great country. It’s so great that it’s highly likely to experience monstrous problems related to rights and duties.

That’s why I decided to come back to Lebanon. I wanted to leave Europe and learn Arabic. But France and Europe are everywhere in Lebanon.

What are we going to do when our cousins will come for us?

They say imagining is succeeding. 2 years from now, our cousins will contact us and say: “guys, where were you? we’re having so much fun in space!”


A Hill, A Mountain and Bored With Sexuality

I guess that’s why they call it the blues. The importance of rivalry and vengeance is huge here on Earth. Sometimes, I like to think that true courage is lightness.

When someone sends us the bill, we will discover many things. One thing we can be sure of is that treachery and treason have put us in a difficult position.

I guess when it comes to banking, you could become an expert in falsifying statistics.

But when we go to space, we cannot afford bad accounting. The audience cannot afford bad accounting. You and I cannot afford bad accounting.

There’s a feeling I just can’t shake: what if our cousins that we love so much start attacking us? It could happen to you and they know a lot about you and me. The main idea here is to remain calm (like a bomb maybe).

The Key is the Key With Messaging

The message we should decode is the following. As if we were police officers in charge of security, first we should remain polite and then start showing our muscles.

When life doesn’t work your way, maybe you should try doing the reverse. Being a counterexample is being an example. Don’t try this at home.

When I sacrificed my soul for a bunch of crocodile smiles, I didn’t forget about dignity and respect. The key then is simple.

We’re not going to space because we will face the destruction of heritage. And what about the price of meat at the moment? And what about the price of love and security? It’s an amazing promise: someone named “Cost Killer” will help us achieve the improbable.

We’re not going to space because we will face heritage problems with our human cousins. Maybe we should try a little classification: 4 shades is the minimum.

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The More Of You That I Inspect
The More Of Me I See Reflect
The More I Try To Read Your Lips
The More The Mask You’re Wearing Rips

But When I Seek Out Your Voice
My Ears Are Overcome With Noise
You Show And Tell With Greatest Ease
Raving Impossibilities

Engaged In Crime I Grasp My Throat
Enraged My Mind Starts To Smoke
Enforce A Mental Overload
Angry Again, Angry Again, Angry Ow

And When The Story Takes A Twist
If Folds Like A Contortionist
Slight Of Hand And Quick Exchange
The Old Tricks Have Been Rearranged

Engaged In Crime I Grasp My Throat
Enraged My Mind Starts To Smoke
Enforce A Mental Overload
Angry Again, Angry Again, Angry

The Searing Of The Sinew
My Body Fights For Air
The Ripping Of The Tissue
My Lungs Begin To Tear
Gravity’s Got My Bones
It Pulls My Flesh Away
The Steam Finally Dissipates
I Make Out My Sweaty Face

Association That I Choose
Game I Inevitably Lose
Governed By Laws Set Up By Me
Fracture It’s Jaw To Let Me Be
A Cut-Out Cardboard Condo Maze
Filled With An Insubordinate Race
Irrational Youths Stop To Stare
As Music Rubber Hosed The Air

Engaged In Crime I Grasp My Throat
Enraged My Mind Starts To Smoke
Enforce A Mental Overload
Angry Again, Angry Again, Angry Again
And Again And Again, Again

Engaged In Crime I Grasp My Throat
Enraged My Mind Starts To Smoke
Enforce A Mental Overload
Angry Again, Angry Again, Angry Ow

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!