What Do You Mean A Just Solution?

Jun 09, 2019

Based on a song from Radiohead, I think a just solution is a relaxing one for every trouble we have. For example, at the moment, I have a problem with women. I had a horrible experience with one girl and ended up almost ruined and almost alone.

The solution someone proposed to me was to go to a strip club. There, if you have enough money, you are seldom disappointed. There’s a standard of performance.

So the solution to every relationship troubles could be a standard of performance. For example, I had some friends when I was 21. We would meet regularly and have fun. Suddenly, we’re not half the man we used to be.

The reason why there’s a shadow hanging over us is essential. The porn industry was corrupting all our pretty little girlfriends. Of course, they promised lots of money.

The just solution (not necessarily the correct one) would be to have a standard of performance. But is it fair we find a just solution and not a correct one?

Why Don’t You Evaluate The Code?

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4 years ago, I found a code that is supposed to free humanity. It could mean several things, but the first thing that comes to mind is alliances. Now since then, I’m feeling dizzy every day.

But I know it’s the correct solution and not necessarily a just one.

It’s refreshing to have just solutions so you can relax and drink lemonade. But I guess the heart won’t make any mistake if you go out in the jungle every day as I do.

For example, I tried to find people to help me with the blog. It’s hard since it doesn’t make any money yet. But sometimes, when I look back on my experience, I remember a friend advising me not to work for a person.

So my ally advised me not to do something. Even though I felt it was a good idea like being a bartender.

What About The Physical Solution?

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Recently I had an illumination. I can’t explain the reasoning behind this equation, but I think it’s the equation of the future: Vy = PnG2. It means the height velocity depends on pressure, gravity squared, and a normality coefficient (or a strangeness coefficient).

It could also explain why you can witness some fantastic promotions in companies when a boss becomes chief operating officer only in 3 months.

This solution might not be correct or just, but it could explain many things. In science, we try to tell the world and test our theories with evidence. When I think about my life, this could explain many things.

Should You Have A Talk With God?

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When you think your life is too hard, what should you do? With God, you will always have an interesting point of view. Once I talked with God: the only thing I can remember was that he spoke to me about fundamentals.

As a signal processing enthusiast, I know fundamentals are necessary: that’s because you have harmonics. If you are an emblem of violence, macabre, and madness, then yes, you should start worrying now about your future. But if you respect nature, the Earth, and our big diversified universe, you should be fine.

Life is serious, and love is mysterious. But you know even time could bend in front of solid foundations like Bob Dylan used to sing. Then you might stay forever young if growing old doesn’t look like a good thing to you.

Yes, talking to God is an obvious thing to do: let’s remember it’s just a point of view, and this might be what happiness is all about.

Do We Need Sometimes To Lie?

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We’ve been living a lie: there’s nothing inside. A brilliant civilization still incapable of traveling the Milky Way but stuck in the atmosphere with stratocumulus is a beautiful sight to see. And that’s where the code will come handy: of course, we’re afraid of space travels because it’s so disturbing (heights, atmosphere, comets).

With a word, we will get what we came for: Almeria. Now I’m proud to announce I reconciled the Da Vinci Code and The Celestine Prophecy. The atmosphere in space is so strange it looks like the underground: so maybe you could also read a book or listen to some music.

Is it a just solution or a correct one? Sometimes a correct solution can be just (ie, relaxing). In France, the song Honesty was #1 when it came out, and this is another troubling coincidence for this great country that welcomed me as a child. The other troubling coincidence is that the word for pain in French (“souffrance”) can be broken in two and then mean: “money” “France” = “pain.”

Oh, by the way, it seems it was France that decided to discover the code that will send us in space. Of course, Europe and France are the same, and Europe was a Phoenician princess. In Greek mythology, Europa was the mother of King Minos of Crete, a woman of Phoenician origin, after whom the continent Europe is named.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!