All jobs come with a fixed salary and a bonus depending on the website traffic. Participate now to make this blog at least as successful as the HuffPost. Using music, we will explore space as if it was a serene translucent lake. If you’re looking for a summer job or a 4 to 6 months internship, please contact us. Please note that as long as the blog is under 1000 daily visitors, salaries can’t be paid.

Looking for deputy/partner in case of emergency

Deputy/Partner – 3000$ monthly – Light the room

Become deputy and get involved with all aspects of this business. You can also take the lead while I’m on holidays.

Marketing director to have amazing customers

Marketing Director – 2000$ monthly – Meet everybody

Become in charge of the marketing and your goal will be to bring 1000 hearts every day to this blog. Customers will be able to take a joke.

Summarise blog posts for busy people

Graphic Director – 2000$ monthly – Be realistic

Become in charge of the design of this blog and make photorealistic pictures almost every day. Work with CSS to make this blog a wonderful experience.

There are things we should not do, feel or think

Legal Director – 2000$ monthly – Minimise disputes

Become in charge of everything legal and make sure every day we make sense of our moral responsibility. Let’s make it through the mud with so many bad outlaws still free.

At the heart of this blog, great technologies

Technical Director – 2000$ monthly – Sexy technologies

Become in charge of everything technical and make this website as fast as possible for every clients on 3G or faster. HTML, PHP, CSS & Javascripts are the main things that make this blog possible.

Turn water into wine and maybe more

Financial Director – 2000$ monthly – Get paid passively

Become in charge of everything financial and turn water into wine. Also make sure clients and readers trust us and that we will be able to face future challenge.

Make sure the Earth can handle the cosmik debris

Impact Director – 2000$ monthly – Monitor our influence

Become in charge of everything related to the impact of this blog. You will also have to do some proofreading and editing.