Why Did Japan Lose A Decade?

Jun 05, 2019

The Lost Decade or the Lost 10 Years was a period of economic stagnation in Japan following the Japanese asset price bubble’s collapse in late 1991 and early 1992. The term originally referred to the years from 1991 to 2000, but recently the decade from 2001 to 2010 is often included so that the whole period is referred to as the Lost Score or the Lost 20 Years.

Japan’s strong economic growth in the second half of the 20th century ended abruptly at the start of the 1990s. As if we reached a point where we couldn’t pretend anymore.

It’s true sometimes the economic miracles of Germany and Japan after WW2 can be investigated. It seems the United States and their Marshall Plan has something to do with it.

And maybe people had an incentive to stand tall and talented. In France they are still struggling with their economic miracle. Maybe they wouldn’t if the Russians didn’t mess Paris up.

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Why Did France Have A Communist Party?

France was the only country with a communist party in the recent years. In order for the reader to understand, communism is about school shooting and getting rid of any class you can have. I know what I’m talking about since today I have no class at all and the production became a wonder.

Yes I was a victim of communism and I must say I’m just stunned. Since I have no class, I don’t see my friends a lot. It’s a miracle I still got some.

Communism is about having no class at all. They must hold a grudge toward school and teachers. It’s true the best class at school is philosophy and you have to be 18 years old to reach that point.

As for production, it’s so important to have the right tools. For example, I’m using GarageBand by Apple to write down my music ideas. A few years ago I gave Logic Pro a try (a professional version of the music tools). What’s striking in those tools is the awesome drum sounds that make you want to score a hit of the century.

Yes when communism collapsed in 1990 this wasn’t over. Oh my god, it’s happening again!

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How Can You Mess Things Up Completely?

Do you wonder sometimes who’s watching you now? A part of the brain monitors intense efforts. Maybe the economic miracle is an intense effort; after all, it can’t be the result of a 20 years nap, can it?

I had some economic miracles in the past and to summarise what I’ve learned, here it is: I don’t spend a lot of money. Yes you read it right: to have an economic miracle, stop spending money.

This miracle becomes a lot more significant when you don’t spend money and earn some. At some point in my life, I had 50k euros at the bank. Now I’m almost zero because spending time with big spenders made me think too much about money and its impact on humanity.

There a lot of people considering money is the most important thing. But what if it was about words?

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How Can You Tell It’s Been Wasted Time?

For my Japanese friends, I will try to come up with a definition of wasted time. I guess wasted time is the kind of time which leaves you a bit dizzy, as if you were near a cliff. You contemplate the view and can’t help yourself: you can’t see the trees of green and the red roses too.

Some people tried to explain how you can tell it’s love. For example they mentioned it lasts a long time and it’s the kind of emotion you don’t feel alone. So how do I know when it’s been wasted time?

I guess it’s not wasted time when you are busy and other people are also busy. One day you will meet and confront your ideas and the findings of your search. It’s also not wasted time when the present makes you feel strong and full of confidence.

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Will The Ginkgo Biloba Open Up Space?

As a conclusion, I must say Japan is a great country. I never been there but their culture might be worth discovering. It’s true some of their anime are not that good except maybe for the famous Nicky Larsson manga (a lot of humour in this comic).

I want to talk about something difficult: the atomic bombs of 1945. Will the enemies USA and Japan become friends in the space race? I already talked on this blog about trees and how they could make us space ready. Because they live a long life and have an awesome physical relationship with the planet. Who doesn’t like to sit in the shade of the trees?

I hope we will find it’s not been wasted time: WW2 and its aftermath. Now we need another economic miracle: stop spending your money!

Nicolas Sursock

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