Why Israel Needs To Stop Its Nazi Ways.

Jun 22, 2019

The word is out: Israel behaves like Nazi Germany. Constantly looking for vital space and treating its neighbours like they’re garbage. Maybe Lebanon could give the salt and pepper to Israel?

I’m French and Lebanese and I also speak English fluently. That makes me comfortable in most situations except maybe if a Sikh Indian tries to kill me in the Paris underground.

When America will stop supporting Israel and its evil ways, the world could be a little less about vomiting and food poisoning. I know Americans aren’t perfect but they have a kind of decency that no other country is able to match except maybe Spain.

Since 1945 even the European Union has decided to unite. That’s because “together we stand, and divided we fall”. The Middle East went under fire since 2001: a great region where 3 great religions appeared.

This could be chapter 11 for everyone. And that’s why I’m writing on this blog: I’m not only Lebanese or European, I’m also a citizen of the world.

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Is Music The Only Real Religion?

When I was young I was going to church. Sometimes the priest was telling us: “give your neighbour a hug”. And I was wondering: “I don’t know this guy, why should I give him a hug?” And that’s how the message of Jesus Christ became strange.

I do think the message of Jesus Christ was about saving humanity. Yes he proposed something but is it a good idea? I know some people pushed the system to its limit to see if it will break.

Now I do think the one who will save us is the planet. And what is our planet about? The planet is really big: it’s so big that we still manage to have a decent life down here even though we’re 7 billion souls.

I do think the thing that will save humanity is GENEROSITY. For example, only once did I lose control and gave all my soul. Any poker player knows that to see the cards you should pay something.

That’s why now I’m showing my cards on the internet but I need to make sure you’re going to pay. And I won’t give my ace away without some kind of security.

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France Doesn’t Owe Anybody Something.

It’s a sad story that the one of France and its German friend. In a moment of madness and dangerous liaison, the world ended up like a far west saloon and we’re still waiting for the sheriff.

I was close to give up my French passport because it doesn’t surprise me that this country was central in the concept of human rights. I’m not even talking about men and women rights: I’m talking about human rights (something all men and women can agree upon).

Today I’m sad to write about it: France has a big problem and it’s the 5th most powerful country in the world. It’s the country that said school was important and as a result people are assassinated in public.

It took me so long to find out I was wrong about France. Psychologists will surely find a decent explanation: Stockholm syndrome, engagement theory?

Today I’m on the verge of ripping my French passport in two. Why do you ask? They are cold heartbreaker fit to burn and they won’t rip my heart in two. They rip my pride and dignity and told me “they didn’t owe me anything”.

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What Does It Mean A Guarantee?

In France human rights are guaranteed. When I read about this I thought that it was a strange thing to say since I was the witness of so many violations of human rights that France would become like a banana republic with people going out in the street showing their dicks to random strangers. It’s no surprise the Eiffel Tower is a giant penis of 320 meters that no real woman can tolerate.

France is also the worst diplomatic country since they ask you to enter and make you crawl shortly thereafter. They say you should give a role to people to be a diplomat and that’s why today my role is to be brutally honest: France is the country who is making the most people hostage.

France is the country that’s the less frank possible. You can hear it in the sound of their music. It’s crazy but in France you can find the most dishonest people in the world. They’re always making gargarisms and always spitting everything somewhere (maybe in the toilet).

It’s true the world is a crazy place that you should take day by day. It’s true that France has some kind of decency to take care of their mouth. But the brutal truth is it’s the most scholar country in the world meaning they don’t know much except maybe that they got burned or will get burned.

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Will The Revolution Be Televised?

As a conclusion, mediocrity has taken over in 1939 and “nevermore” is not working. It’s true some greeks from Antiquity were also drunk with Phrygian and ambition. To the music fan, let me remind you there are 7 musical modes you can use to create a nice climate: ionian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian and locrian.

I spent my childhood in Lebanon, Switzerland and France: 2 people died in Paris, France. I hope France remembers dead people not in the Auguste Comte way which means they wanted to be the boss. I hope France remembers dead people that were trying to say “there must be some kind of way out of here”.

At 14 I was the witness of a murder by chance or design. It happened in Paris, the city of light. Today nobody knows how many are still alive. France has got a heart but it seems Paris, its capital city, forgot about fundamental human rights. Yes the planet is waiting so France can become again that lighthouse that will allow us to sail into the mystic and space without a heart attack.



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