Is The Body Related To Your Identity?

Jan 16, 2020

Now I’m going to talk about adolescence. You could be a teenage dirtbag like me, but I think teenagers are most obsessed with their bodies.

With my particular method, 5to1™, I ended up thinking a body was there for the police in case there’s a problem. But it seems that adolescence also is the age where we try to learn the limits, so we test our bodies against the limits of our universe.

Our universe statistics are in the order of billions. And it’s no wonder that we might be fascinated by our bodies all of our lives. The body might be related to your identity and your luck. Still, it also is a matter of protection, justification, and elimination.

Psychologists advise taking care of the singularity of the patient. A singularity happens when gravity becomes infinite. Let me tell you it’s a bizarre feeling because our universe is not unlimited, even though it’s massive.

What’s the Difference Between Infinite and Unbelievable?

artem-kovalev-KcH4PcbL63w-unsplashI guess my heart can talk about infinity. When I was 12 years old, I fell in love with a girl from my class. I’m surprised sometimes to think that my love for her could be infinite. But it seems you can measure love with time.

“Unbelievable” requires one thing: we need some proof. We know the body wants to send a message to society.

Infinity represents something boundless or endless, or something larger than any real or natural number. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the nature of infinity was the subject of many discussions among philosophers (see infinity (philosophy) on Wikipedia).

“Unbelievable” can be defined that way: so great or extreme as to be difficult to believe. As we can see, it’s massive, but there’s a limit. Remember President Obama drawing a line during the Syrian Civil War?

Is There Another Way To Understand The Body?

road-street-sign-way-536One can write about the body or get inspiration from a French magazine that wrote a special issue about it: one hundred pages on the body. But I think if you have a perfect face, your body will follow.

If you can avoid ruminating like a cow and experiencing unclassifiable intense emotions, then your body can become human. Otherwise, you might experience space travel on planet Earth, and NASA or ESA will contact you shortly.

With space travel, our body will be tested. It seems the main problem will be bones. Bones are where the exceptional alchemy of humanity takes place. But my method, 5to1™, indicated it would be a lifebuoy if we start to drown because we don’t know or forgot about swimming.

The body could then be an indication of how healthy your bones are and how you blend with the magic down here.

What’s The Single Most Important Thing About It?

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The lesson of astronomy is simple: if we are stars, then our lives will depend on our weight and the relationship between our weight and our height. But most of us will live a standard life burning our fuel.

The proposition that existence precedes essence is a central claim of existentialism, which reverses the traditional philosophical view that the essence (nature) of a thing is more fundamental and immutable than its existence (i.e., the mere fact of its being). To existentialists, human beings—through their consciousness—create their own values and determine a meaning for their lives. By posing the acts that constitute them, they make their existence more significant.

In making a long story short: it is what you do that best defines you. If you are skilled in communication, then it is what you do not do that best defines you. Then, your body could be a summary of what you still have not done.

Do You Remember the Time When You Met Your Body?

two-person-in-long-sleeved-shirt-shakehand-955395To conclude, can you remember a time when your body felt in full control and confident about its limits? Our universe is not infinite, even though it’s enormous. Of course, darkness is separating you from other bodies and, if you live in a city, the public lights prevent you from detecting other stars instantly.

Along the straits of fear, should your identity remain open? For example, I know I’m a talented musician with a vast musical culture. But it seems I’m not the only one. What if, tomorrow, music becomes a secondary art behind philosophy? It looks like, in Europe, philosophy can make you famous.

Who can it be now knocking on your door? Will you spend the rest of your life with your childhood friends? Only time will tell what the body can do for us. Remember we have to travel to our nearest star, which is 40 light-years away.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!