Is Our Atmosphere In Need Of Foxygen?

Jan 11, 2020

Our atmosphere is essential for life to thrive. It seems the critical parameter here is pressure allowing liquid water to exist, even though gravity also plays a role. But with my equation describing something basic, such as speed, standards must also play a role.

I read a sociology book once but only the introduction. Sociology wants to solve society’s problems. But, it seems that deviant people could become the norm.

And that is why we need some people to define a new standard for men and women. Take, for example, Gisele Bundchen, one of the most famous top models of our time, and Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players, such as the standard. Are they the new standard that we should compare ourselves to?

I think our society needs foxy people (foxygen), which means we need sexually attractive people. I don’t know what a sexually appealing person is. Still, I have a hint: it is a man or woman who got over it and managed to free him or herself.

Don’t You Wish You Were Free Like A Bird?

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The birds in every tree sing so merrily. Lately, I was talking with a friend, and he told me about the language of birds. The band Cake shared a funny picture of birds trying to warn us: “Your government is lying to you, [and] you are little more than slaves, [so] wake up you idiotic, human bastards!”

The human next to them deemed this “beautiful” because he only hears the chirps and can’t translate the language of birds. We chose the birds to fly around the globe, but we could have chosen to make it like clouds.

Birds can fly in the sky, but humans can’t. If there was an animal able to travel space, would we do like this animal? Why not behave like a comet that starts to go weird when passing close to a star?

Are You Healthy If You Experience Fatigue?

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I read once that only healthy people experience fatigue. Of course, you also have a chance to fight through the pain. But let me state this clearly again for you: sexy people are obviously over it, and they have time for others.

I might feel better if readers of that blog gave me some cash. Please make sure to stop by the donation page. I know that monetizing a blog under 1000 daily visitors is complicated.

Please rest assured that the money will be used correctly, mostly on drugs like coffee and cigarettes and the rent. Gwen Guthrie used to sing that “ain’t nothing going on but the rent.” Nothing in life is free, and you should always ask yourself what other people can do for you.

Life is too serious, and love is too mysterious. We all need some room for errors or profit margins. It seems costs will inevitably go up, and then I wonder if Carlos Ghosn, the “cost killer,” isn’t the boss of the era.

Do Sexy People Have Time for Others?

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I know what I wrote: love is too mysterious. But now it’s more apparent to me what it’s all about: you got over it, and you have time. Does the big, evil world owe you a thing? The answer might be “yes” if you’re someone decent.

I meet decent people every day, and I must say it’s nice to witness that. Communism managed to solve society’s problems by eliminating social classes. But the only way to have a decent society is to wait at least 30 years before judging someone.

How come some people dare judge you when you’re still a young person aged 14? What kind of sickness is that? Most of the time, the judgments will be severe, not because they don’t know a thing, but because they are afraid of knowing. If a truck is coming for me, I would like to know, please.

How Can You Get Over Someone Who Left?

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To conclude, I know some people use funerals to say goodbye to someone. And then, life goes on without them. But, I think, most of the time, mourning takes approximately 8 to 10 years. I think the best way to handle that kind of situation is to behave.

If you want to behave correctly, you have to get lots of rest. By the way, criminology is the study of behavior. That may be why some people leave us: They want to rest.

Sometimes, digestion is complicated, as my adolescence. A friend passes away, and another friend is bullying me at the same time. As a result, I never managed to go to funerals.

That’s why I’m going to rest a lot now. It’s only the beginning, with severe judgments due to people who don’t want to know anything. And, remember: Sexy people got over it and have time for others.

PS: Forkhead box protein P2 (FOXP2) is a protein that, in humans, is encoded by the FOXP2 gene, also known as CAGH44, SPCH1, or TNRC10. It is required for proper speech and language development. FOXP2 is a transcription factor, meaning that it encodes for a regulatory protein. The gene is shared with many vertebrates, where it generally plays a role in communication (for instance, the development of bird song).

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