And Then Intimacy and the Body Reduces to Cruelty

Dec 20, 2017

I was wondering if there was a mystery or not; were there men or women behind this game life has played on me? You don’t know what you will run into, taking a trip to your mind. I see red people everywhere: people insulting themselves, their neighbours and their children. Simple and efficient: a solution would be breaking down the clot. Seven doctors couldn’t help my head. Scars from my compromise like slavery tracks are making me wonder why my girlfriend started playing with a knife instead of comforting me! She took a stone from my soul, when I was lame; and now that blog must be tamed. I thought I was flexible like a dragon and lucid like komodo varan, but I stumbled upon a picture that said I was a panther. That was the first thing I saw in the picture and they said I was a panther, a genus within the Felidae family that was named and first described by the German naturalist Oken in 1816. But first, let’s hit the song of the day.

Seven doctors couldn’t help my head; I’d better quit before I’m dead. The moon has come up, and the sun has gone down! The arena is empty except for me, because minutes change like seasons. Don’t be alone in your time of need.

Please Mr Postman, the Song

“Body” is a song from the self-titled debut studio album by The Presidents of the United States of America (PUSA), released in March 1995 via PopLlama Records. Columbia Records signed the band shortly after its release to handle increased distribution for the album. Released during the grunge and punk music breakthrough-era, the album produced four singles—”Kitty”, “Lump”, “Peaches” and “Dune Buggy”—that helped the group gain mainstream popularity, and “Lump” can be found on the band’s 2000 compilation album with the same title. The Presidents of the United States of America received positive reviews, and has been certified triple platinum. The Presidents of the United States of America (occasionally referred to as PUSA, The Presidents or Pot USA) were an American alternative rock power trio band.

A power trio is a rock and roll band format having a lineup of electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit (drums and cymbals), leaving out the second rhythm guitar or keyboard instrument (e.g., Hammond organ) that are used in other rock music bands that are quartets and quintets. The band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1993, and disbanded in 2016. The three-piece group consisted of vocalist and “basitarist” Chris Ballew, drummer and vocalist Jason Finn with “guitbassist” and vocalist Andrew McKeag. “Guitbassist” and vocalist Dave Dederer was a member of the band for 11 years before leaving in 2004. The band released six studio albums during its 23-year existence. Following the breakup, each band member devoted time to his own solo projects.

The Presidents of USA (PUSA) was famous during the 1990s and early 2000s. They had 2 or 3 radio hits and, when you listen to their first and second album, you know they had a lot of talent: musically and technically. They made a cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star”: let’s investigate the supernova scene. Themes include addiction, vengeance, security and dignity.

Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer met while attending The Bush School in Seattle. In the 1980s and early 1990s they collaborated on various musical projects. Ballew returned to Seattle in the summer of 1993 and he and Dederer formed what would become The Presidents of the United States of America that autumn. Ballew moved to Los Angeles in the early 90s where he shared an apartment with alternative artist Beck and played in his live band. Ballew told Seattle Weekly that playing with Beck “was the beginning of my professional career as a guy getting paid to make music.” He returned to his native Washington in 1993 and started the band who released six studio albums. Initially a drummerless duo, they performed a half-dozen or so shows in late 1993 as “The Lo-Fis”, “The Dynamic Duo”, and “Pure Frosting.” Ballew eventually came upon the name “The Presidents of the United States of America.”

Critics praised the band’s catchy, humorous, and self-deprecating songs, which were a major departure from the grunge/post-grunge sound present on the airwaves. The album received Grammy nominations in 1996 and 1997. Though “Peaches” met the most critical success, the band credits “Lump” as their favorite single. The song’s strange lyrics came from a dream that Ballew had while fighting pneumonia. The antibiotics he was taking caused an allergic reaction that produced several consecutive nights of wild and crazy dreams. With their modified lineup — vocalist Chris Ballew played a “basitar,” while cohort Dave Dederer rocked the “guitbass” — PUSA couldn’t create the thick sonics of their fellow Seattle grungers. But their quirky take on punk-pop did help expand the palette of MTV and alternative radio, and make their oddball singles part of the enduring sound of the era.

Back to Bedlam, aka Almeria

I’ll put you in a coma with dirty science. What is a body if it is not dignity? People intolerant to exercise because they worked in high pressure environment know about that. Avoid rumination and intense emotions!

The British taxonomist Pocock revised the classification of this genus in 1916 as comprising the species lion, tiger, jaguar, and leopard on the basis of cranial features. Only the tiger, lion, leopard, and jaguar have the anatomical structure that enables them to roar. The primary reason for this was formerly assumed to be the incomplete ossification of the hyoid bone. However, new studies show the ability to roar is due to other morphological features, especially of the larynx. The snow leopard does not roar. Although it has an incomplete ossification of the hyoid bone, it lacks the special morphology of the larynx. Like you might surrender to what a complete stranger is writing, it’s an amazing promise that I am making. Maybe, by 2020, I will start writing for a living, because I can’t stand the city anymore. Grey is the colour!

Dig if you will the picture, of you and I engaged in a kiss. The sweat of the body and your identity will remain secret, until we get married. A perfect body with a perfect face.

I can’t get Baghdad out of my mind. If the heart is an involuntary muscle, then we are in for finding a way to tame that ancient heart. A solution would be justice and modesty. The pressure is fantastic and the newspaper’s title today is: “Sursock seriously injured finding a way to his heart”. Some people said I cried away my life since I fell off the cradle. What they really meant was crystal clear: they were talking about themselves. If jealous minds think alike and always try to tell you all that they see, then there is no doubt about it: when you start to have problems with your knees, it is time to quit or win that game. I still have issues understanding that game by the way.

There is something very social friendly about the knees. Maybe the readers will agree, but it seems the knees are related to your subconscious mind, something I called “the superb”. Examining the superb is very important when you want to diagnose something, because it is the main pathway for pathogens to enter. In biology, a pathogen (Greek: pathos “suffering, passion” and -genēs “producer of”) in the oldest and broadest sense is anything that can produce disease; the term came into use in the 1880s. Typically the term is used to describe an infectious agent such as a virus, bacterium, protozoa, prion, a fungus, or other micro-organism.

A storm is threatening our lives today, and it’s not hurricane Maria. Some might say that, in Europe, we have human catastrophes; we forgot about natural disasters like earthquakes.

There is something I also called the cosmic. When you talk about love, you must be serious. And then the cosmic enters: delirium tremens and simple things. I thought I shook myself free, but now I’m half-delirious and there are no mysteries. I’ll try to keep my game uptight and not let curvatures of spacetime confuse me, you and future generations. I mainly use Spotify to listen and discover new music. When the MP3 started in 1999, it changed the game a lot. The MP3 is a compromise and the product of research on psychoacoustics. Formally MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, it’s an audio coding format for digital audio. MP3 uses lossy data compression to encode data using inexact approximations and the partial discarding of data. This allows a large reduction in file size when compared to uncompressed audio.

The combination of small size and acceptable fidelity lead to a boom in the distribution of music over the Internet in the mid to late 1990s, as an enabling technology when bandwidth and storage were still at a premium. The MP3 format soon became associated with controversies surrounding copyright infringement, music piracy, the file ripping/sharing services and Napster, among others, and with the advent of portable media players, a product category—now also including smartphoness—where MP3 support remains near universal. MP3 compression works by reducing (or approximating) the accuracy of certain components of sound that are considered to be beyond the hearing capabilities of most humans. This method is commonly referred to as perceptual coding, or psychoacoustic modeling.

Move on, compromise or both sides of the story? This will be the subject of another challenge. Courage is the first level of true force. Now, you’re riding with the king: severity and cruelty.

As you can see, even the MP3, an audio codec, is based on compromise. From a health point of view, I made my mind up: everything but Baghdad. When I’m out of Rosenheim, I can achieve great things like saving the world from a world war, writing a nice song, having a cup of coffee with a friend, and so on and so forth… The compromise for oriental Christians was “stupid person without a star to guide you”. But now, I have a cape of good hope: Almeria. In other words, the vagus nerve shows on hands and feets: the superb and the cosmic, the simple and the serious; every day has a taste of a war with my neighbours. And it’s your approval that I’m looking for, by writing on that blog. I have a new clue about health that gives me a very interesting insight: exercise intolerance. People who worked in banks and high pressure environment might suffer from exercise intolerance and oxidative stress. That might be why my body and dignity is starting to go crazy.

No surprises, this is my final belly ache. If you tolerate this, then your children will be next. What I mean is I’m afraid to feel that only opportunism is the root cause of modern disorders.

In a nutshell, the angle must be a good one in order to win that game: according to Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and joint recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus, people who worked in banks and high pressure environment might suffer from exercise intolerance and oxidative stress. Instead of searching for that lost paradise all my life (in a dream or my youth, I can’t be precise), I decided that the compromise should be re-evaluated. Let’s kill all the bankers and quit playing strange games and telling about funky things. This is the personal diary of a famous man. Troubleshooting is something that we learn during our student years. Take my advice, I’m not that young at heart anymore: listen to good music! Music is food for thoughts and make sure to verify information based on the music. A good book will also do you good. Do you want a body and dignity everybody will envy? Do you need a face of an angel and an identity that will allow you to connect with people?


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Little salamander
Where did you go?
Edge of the yard
I found you, you know
All brown and hard

I can’t get your body out of my mind
Can’t get your body
I can’t get your body out of my mind
Can’t get your body

She goes smooth through my body, yea
Through my body she goes smooth
She goes smooth through my body, yea
Through my body she goes smooth

Little killer froggy
Where did you hop?
Under the entertainment center
Realize you just couldn’t stop
Worms found a hole in your booty they could enter and

Hey little lizard,
Where did you slink?
Left your cage door open
Under the basement sink
The drippin’ water made your mouldy body eyes open and


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!