A New Humoristic Definition Of Adolescence.

Mar 19, 2019

It seems adolescence is the golden age of friendships. Because they help you build yourself, your identity and your confidence, this is a critical moment that might haunt you all your life.

If a friend is someone that you can count on in times of trouble, and if a friend always wants to work the less possible, then maybe we could come up with a humorist definition of adolescence:

You can count on me to let you down.

I came up with that definition this morning having an imaginary conversation with some of my best friends. It’s true we used to laugh a lot and I must say I’m missing those times. But of course competition got in the way and now I’m stranded in the jungle and I don’t even know myself anymore.

Only the very best: this is a reasonable request. What if being a counter example was an example?

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Why Do You Make People Meet?

Once my therapist was almost shouting at me. She was asking why I was making people meet. After all, a few years later, one of my bosses shouted: “we’re going to pillage your network”. One year later, I met another boss and he showed me the facial expression of contempt. As if my life didn’t count at all.

So to all of you who still feel dizzy about adolescence and wonder if life is not always that way, this is my answer: life is always like adolescence and it only means you look for something to believe in or someone you can count on.

You know you can count on Lebanon and its wonderful culture and nature. You know you can count on France and its wonderful education. You know you can count on the Unites States to do some counter espionage in space.

People are going to take what makes you happy. But what would Baywatch and David Hasselhoff say on the subject?


Imagine There Would Be No Lifeguards There.

A beach without lifeguards might be like backcountry skiing. It’s dangerous if you by any chance stop breathing. Once I dived in the sea near Jounieh in Lebanon and discovered fishes and ancient roman columns.

The truth is that, in Malibu, they don’t like to meet other people. They only like to stay between each other, feeling that wonderful sense of belonging to a group that is real useful.

When I was young I had to do 1 day of military service. That’s because in France they decided to make the army professional. This means they make a lot of mistake and never talk about it. Yes you guessed it right: I’m a bit tired of the army and I’m wondering how they will behave under pressure.

One might wonder to what point your guardian angel is killing you. But now we need to talk about statistical adolescence.

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It’s Hard To Say Friendship Doesn’t Exist.

I’ve been hurt by love and friendship so many times that now I’m almost alone in a coffee shop writing things that make me bleed all day and all night. After all who can say they made themselves? Every human being knows a stupid song that helped save their souls at some point in their lives.

Friendship does exist and I must say it’s a wonderful feeling. It may be even better than love. For example, you know friends are also competing. Voltaire once lamented: “My God, keep me from my friends. As for my enemies, I’ll take care of it.”

When you start making friends it’s always surprising. What struck me about friendship is that you have the tendency to mock some people like surfers or Kelly Slater. If you want to make friends, find someone or a group and make fun of them.

The thing about friendship is that you’re still competing. Maybe there can be only one but what if there could be like 7 friends?

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What Does It Mean To Be A Pillar Friend?

Once I had a friend who came to me and said those words: “you’re one of my pillars”. And now I’m having financial problems and he doesn’t want to give me money even though he makes plenty.

Vows are spoken to be broken. Feelings are intense and words don’t come easy. That’s why we’re going to examine the climate: degraded which means it’s curious with influences from the wonderful world post-WW2. Darkness falls on the city and you wake up to discover your world stayed motivated while you were looking for the code that would free you.

Trouble makers like to mess around with friends and disrupt their alchemy. Anyway, your only friend is probably you and that’s a winner.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!