A Humble And Bold Opinion About Storytelling

Aug 25, 2018

A serious music insight by Al Green’s song “L-O-V-E” is a wonderful confirmation that storytelling may be the hardest job in the world. That’s why I say sorry.

Storytelling is everywhere these days. From cinema to books to simple chats in cafes and bars, it seems love is a story that can’t be told. That’s why I was thinking that it might just be a matter of excuses.

For example, I’m a talented musician. The logical conclusion is that my music blog should take off. And if it doesn’t I will say “sorry guys, it should be popular or earn attention from critics”.

That’s why I think storytelling is a matter of learning to say “sorry”. And everyone knows it’s the hardest word. It seems to be the hardest word to be more precise. At the moment, I got a wonderful excuse to slack a little bit: monstrous love.

You Might Know Of The Original Sin

They tried to tell us that the reason we are here on Earth is that we ate an apple. And then we suddenly knew right from wrong. We headed for a fig leaf and we felt more secure.

As Steve Jobs once said, we are already naked. We are bipolar schizophrenic people from birth. And no tough assignment is gonna make us crawl.

That’s why today I’m trying to tell my story on that blog and our followers will be good music. For example, Al Green is an artist that had success thanks to Quentin Tarantino. Everyone knows the song from Green called “Let’s Stay Together”.

Anyway, the story of the original sin in the Bible is interesting. We felt naked and it was uncomfortable. A garden was our home and it was the most beautiful thing in the universe.

Sorry Young Man, No Skating Here

When security came to me a few years ago, we had interesting conversations. We were talking about fundamentals. And my education in signal processing reminds me that, when you have fundamentals, you have harmonics.

For example, what could be the life of people intolerant to exercise? It happens every day, suddenly or gradually but it might be the future of humanity. How come someone managed to live 900 years like Methuselah?

I guess when you talk about fundamentals, you might have an endless reservoir of ideas. What could be the fundamental of that person next to me? As for me, I’m a Mediterranean and I have a wonderful heart.

It doesn’t mean I have an optimal life where I minimize efforts and maximize pleasure and profits. A song once said that someone “makes loving fun” (she didn’t have to tell but you were the only one).

You Make Loving Fun, Who Else?

Which leads me to a very important thing: your story must be fun. Of course, the story can take twists. But the story must be fun. It must be fun to read, watch or listen to. It must be fun to guess the pleasure the storyteller had.

It makes me think of a song by Henri Salvador. He was telling a story and, in his music video, he was showing an eager public longing for the next episode of the story. But the conclusion was always the same: someone came, he was tall and talented.

You heard me, the conclusion is always the same: we are waiting for someone tall and talented. Because behind statistics and numbers, there is a complex reality. Maybe it suits us fine, I don’t know.

The story must be fun, it must include monsters and heroes, love and justice and of course, twists and a happy ending. That’s why I won’t quit until the happy ending.

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

As a conclusion, if you’ve got a story to tell, remember it’s the hardest thing to do. And the best way to do it is to make it fun or say sorry (I’m a talented person). At the moment, my heart is stuck on monstrous love and I would be delighted to share it with you.

In a nutshell: one man’s loss is another man’s gain. Sounds dirty but I guess for athletes and warriors, it comes as no surprise. Like abuse of power.

If I share with you my story, I hope you will share your dollar. Because I’m flat broke and I do care. Today, someone on Quora wrote: “how can I walk away from a mad love story?” And I answered: it’s simple, your banker will soon call you because you can’t pay the bills.

For me, the happy ending will be discovering who benefits from this crime… And you, what will be your happy ending?

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!