What's Left Of Humanity Without Vulnerability?

Jun 08, 2019

Today I was skimming through a collection of texts about machines. It’s incredible how machines eased the burden of some tedious task. They are much more accurate than humans, and they’re not tired of doing the same task all day and all night.

Truth is machines can sometimes make mistakes, but only if the program is terrible. That means the programmer wasn’t paying attention.

I always felt during my life that treachery and treason was a bad thing. Of course, the finance industry is not rocket science. But there’s something about humanity that might make us history: “you can’t lose so you know you must win.”

And that might be why we’re still stuck here on Earth: thinking the planet can support us or that the universe is big. What are we going to do when we discover we have competitors that can dominate us very easily?

Is There A Hole In Our History?

Photo by Ali Arapoğlu on Pexels.com

There might be a hole in the history of humankind. We know winners write history, and only Amin Maalouf can tell both sides of the story. What if you could see the world through my eyes?

Eventually, humanity might have drifted into sadomasochism. As if we wanted to testify of something: how badly treated we are. So who is our torturer then?

The hole in our history is making us lose precious time. It’s called the ground floor experience or the relationship experience. The famous taxman will explain it: there’s 10 for you and 90 for me.

We might indeed exist so that God can have another point of view on his creation. What if God’s creation wasn’t that good after all? Couldn’t we live in a better world with fewer heartaches and more understanding?

Who will understand my intention in writing that blog? Is it strictly commercial or strictly musical?

What’s The Toxic Artwork Of Alois Brunner?

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Once I read that some French people continued the toxic artwork of former nazis. If those guys were Christians, then maybe they were trying to save humanity. It could be a bold statement, but we know Jesus tried to save us. But everybody was saying: “don’t try to save me.”

Everybody was having a hard time dealing with their multiple identities: being a parent, killing a coworker, going to the temple for pardon. You and I, we happen to be a part of this crazy scene. Of course, money is still the king down here, and words should take over and end that reign.

I guess we will always be king of pain and gluten intolerance.

But to save humanity, one should remember that in a distant future, the Sun will die, and its massive explosion will blow up the Earth. Maybe if we had an Inca with us, we could try to control the Sun. But this is still a theory about the Sun like the one that it will rise tomorrow.

Will Our Resources Save The Planet?

Photo by Lorenzo Pacifico on Pexels.com

Maybe South America has something to save us: their culture and civilization. In 2012, the Maya apocalypse threatened the world. They were saying that our resources like caffeine, bananas, and trees were limited. As a result, it was clear that the savage exploitation of the planet was a bad thing.

The planet is alive, and that’s something we can rely on. For example, remember atomic bombs in 1945? The Ginkgo Biloba survived and continued to shine even though they might have started an investigation.

Our universe is indeed a big one: jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, and electronic music. But being notable means diversity is fantastic. After all, who wants to hear the same song every day?

Got me accused of children, I haven’t harmed a man. Back luck is killing me. I can’t stand this 3rd degree anymore.

Will Our Deepest Cut Cure Finally?

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Why can’t we get over it? When will we ever learn? This loneliness won’t leave us alone. A brilliant civilization still stuck down here after 7 million years.

I guess it’s our memory that’s playing a trick on us. I’ve seen women from the Garden of Eden. But I’m trying to spot now cosmic people who are space ready. Being space ready means, you will have to conduct investigations.

Why is there a blue sky? Or maybe: woman, why do you do this to yourself? Take the weight off your shoulder. The audacity of hope and numbers is formal: men and women are equal even though they might have an area of expertise.

Men are there to conduct investigations and understand. Women are there to absorb shocks. What happens when you fuck a dike named Freddie because of women’s liberation?

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!