How The European Union Became A Joke.

Dec 19, 2019

Long is the path that leads to bankruptcy in all domains. This line from a Benjamin Biolay song couldn’t sound truer today. I was in Europe in the past years and noticed a cover of Time Magazine that said: “why Europe is finished.”

I had trouble believing what I read, especially after all I went through since 2001. I guess killing the past is difficult, and what if it shouldn’t be done? The only way to handle the past is to look behind from time to time.

But your eyes should remain on the horizon where the sky and the Earth meet. Our elites should meet ordinary people often then. And one should remember to fasten their seat belt at all times.

In Biolay’s song, he was saying that “we were waiting in vain for the world to applaud.” The world should explain their laziness and maybe their egoism.

But make no mistake: only pressure made Europe what it is today. And only pressure was the catalyst for WW2 (deemed as the suicide of Europe).

Was Your Nice Family Torn Apart Lately?

person-laying-in-front-of-silver-sedan-1075947Why is family important? After all, you got a lot of pretty friends, don’t you? I guess family is important because you spend time with them during the holidays. If you spend time with someone during the holiday, he or she might become part of the family.

Anyway, we were talking about pressure and how it can split a family in two and put people on the street. What’s pressure except for an atmosphere? You know how to set the mood: “at the 3rd round, you go down”.

I was reading an article on tennis recently, and it seems a lot of players have a hard time escaping betters. Money is their only love, and they don’t feel anything deep inside.

Do You Know How A Cool Cat Behaves?

cat-1647775_1920If you ever had a pet with you, you know how he can make you feel. Sometimes my cousins had dogs and cats, and the atmosphere was fun. Cats spent their time sleeping, and dogs were sometimes barking.

My only friend was music and my guitar and my music coach. Sometimes the music hurts me; indeed, we don’t need action with words.

But a beautiful song can make you feel much better. Can you remove all the pain from the world? Is the frontier between pleasure and pain that thin?

After WW2, people were wondering if you could write a poem. I must say I don’t find the right words (but they found me: there’s too much to say). That’s why today I’m only writing songs with chords. I like the atmosphere.

What Kind Of Special Magic Was WW2?

cristina-gottardi-a2EzXEGQ-yE-unsplashIn a previous post, I was thinking that WW2 was a plot from foreign powers to weaken Europe by starting a stupid war. After all, was blitzkrieg that much a good strategy? The swastika spreads its evil shadow.

I think WW2 was a plot from Asia to give big digestion problems to Europe. Europe is loved and hated, and has numerous enemies. That’s why Asia went back to basics. They decided the suicide of Europe during that amateur war had to come from the inside. That way, they don’t have to have any casualties.

The world is getting smaller each passing day. But we can’t help but wonder why the Reich lasted 6 years instead of 1000 years. America came and said, “stop in the name of the planet.” A Ginkgo Biloba was still reeling a bit from atomic bombings in Japan, but, you know, he continued its life while the investigation was ongoing.

Do You Want To Live Like A King?

ivan-diaz-aMBhrrveocw-unsplashTo sum up, of course, there were economic problems in 1939. In 1929, the Great Depression was felt worldwide, which only meant that people were bored to death. History will be severe and cruel, with those people vague and maladapted enough to start a World War, which included chemical weapons.

Someone a bit more realistic and indulgent could say that in 1945 modernity and ancienty had troubles meeting each other. If fantasy is standard and is about compromise, we could say that WW2 was dirty because of WW1, which was a “war to end all wars.”

We have to find a few women that can clean this mess. But again, only the horizon can make us feel better: let’s make sure our elites and ordinary people meet to discuss the future. Maybe no more conflict is a bit ambitious. Perhaps a more realistic approach would be to make sure we respect the laws, and this means the code is above politics.

In France, fundamental rights are guaranteed. It’s a thoughtful engagement for the country that brought us The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. What a pleasant atmosphere!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!