Are You Sure Hitler Was An Indian Agent?

May 08, 2019

If you’ve been reading that blog from the start, you know Hitler managed to catch me red-handed. Or maybe it was I who caught him red handed. One thing is sure though: the swastikas he used isn’t something you should take as a joke. From an allusive perspective, it could be the sign Hitler was just an Indian agent to destroy Europe.

I hear you: if the two world wars were a kind of suicide for Europe, then you should explain who was behind WW1. Ok, now I’m going to look for the signs and tell you what I found.

As a Pilates and Yoga enthusiast, I must say I do respect the Indian culture even though they have a cast called the Sikhs that are untouchable (as if a bank was too big to fail). It’s true Sikhs people are taller than the average. Who wants a Sikh as a bodyguard?

Hitler was an Indian agent sent to destroy Europe from the inside. Now let’s investigate WW1 and see who was behind.

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Was It Another Brick In The Wall?

In the economic world, BRICS is a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These countries are all known to be at the beginning of newly advanced economic development. The acronym was created by Jim O’Neill in a 2001 paper entitled “Building Better Global Economic – BRICS”. We all know the economy rules the world!

One thing they forgot to mention was that they thought to include Indonesia in the wonderful play on words that is now triggering one of the best band of the last 60 years: Pink Floyd. Then BRICS would become BRIICS.

I can’t find a clear indication or sign of who was behind WW1 but it seems an overgrown schoolboy is always a safe bet. You’d better let somebody love you before you see plots everywhere like Mel Gibson.

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Was WW1 The Same Old Jam Than WW2?

You know what they say: “nevermore” further instigating the distress of the population. At the end of WW1, people were thinking “where do we go now?” As if they already knew about the Guns ‘n’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. They might have thought about their children who are a kind of safety net before they jump from the 9th floor.

The fact that WW1 was deemed “the war to end all wars” shows that the Ancients were war-weary and tried to imagine a world without war. Of course, they knew they needed a miracle and Mother Nature manifested herself very clearly.

The famous Ginkgo Biloba who survived atomic bombs in Japan (1945) showed us the way. It’s true the trees didn’t move even for Rita Hayworth or Clark Gable.

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Why Can’t We Get It Right?

The more I think about it, the more I think all those wars are a bad case of insurance fraud. If you set the house on fire, you will win a big amount of money. We know wars exist to ease murder and rape. That means behind all wars there’s a kind of society whose rules are too strict to be realistic.

They can’t survive in a world who is in constant progress. Take for example the space race: now a man has landed on the moon. It’s been 7 million years and we finally landed a man on the moon. It’s been 7 million years and someone finally got it right by finding a code that made us prisoner: invaders.

Those invaders have deep conversations like “we gonna smack their face” or “we gonna send them to the shrink”. I mean a shrink could be interesting: lately, I thought Freud was right when he thought that the basis of life is transference. But I can be more precise by saying the basis of life is alliances.

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How To Look Back On Springtime.

There was a time I could jump easily in the air like I didn’t care. Now I’m stuck on Earth thinking I couldn’t go down much farther. The theory that Hitler was an Indian undercover agent is a seductive one. But the reality might have been much simpler: he was a victim of his entourage who asked Germany to jump. And people didn’t know how high.

If the economy is ruling the world, then 5 million at the bank should be enough to live comfortably without doing nothing. With interest rates, you can safely earn enough money to raise kids and secure their future.

Hitler was maybe an Indian agent but he was for sure an economic agent. Now I hope that blog makes enough money for me to raise kids and hire a small team of wonderful people.

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