Will You Hesitate To Walk On The Moon?

Justice Oct 09, 2017

I hope my legs don’t break writing seriously on life; guts help me please! I’ll try my best to remain modest with that brutal honesty. For your information, I have included the song to listen to at the end of the post, along with the lyrics. With time, I was surprised by a lot of English modern songs, talking about the moon.

Cajun Moon I had the curiosity to find out what they meant. Once, I read that “behind every great man there's a great woman”. This song is typical of what musicians do best: they influence each other in a positive way.

Music is also a great way of "traveling without moving", as I will explain later, mainly because you discover other cultures by this way. In the meantime, lemonade feels like blood: that blog makes me sweat and tears roll down.

Is It Just Another Heartache Like Before?

Best years of my life gone by, here I am now. I don’t wanna sing no sad song, I made all the right choices. The past makes you nervous and angry, the future is nothing but stress and anxiety; the present is associated with calm and serenity.

In my first post, I have mentioned crimes against humanity. It’s not easy to say for me because I don’t want to be considered a victim but, my heart keeps me well informed, and he told me “famous last words”: Michels (El Michels Affair is a band formed by Leon Michels, he worked with Aloe Blacc on “I Need a Dollar”).

Can it be that complex? Fundamental rights have been trampled with the greatest diplomacy, nonetheless they have been trampled. If I was a torturer, I would hold hostage a person as long as I can, and rob him of his prime years.

I guess that’s what happened to me, but I had a secret weapon: music. Best years of my life gone by and I don’t care what the neighbour say.

Will The Cold Of Winter Make Your Life Easier?

Some clowns refuse to go down, thanks to the "me decade". That’s the case of Mr al-Assad (also called “Bachar”, I’m wasting my hate on him because of my moustache). This is a terrible diplomacy mistake to have underestimated Syria’s capacity of nuisance for a simple reason: Iraq.

When the children of that region will wake up, there will be a terrible thing that will happen. I was born in a country at war, and we’re talking about 20th century warfare. Since 1945, civilians are the principal person involved, as if it was a stupid computer game.

Awful “rigor mortis” moments at the United Nations when they show pictures of the war in the region. Another sign of death is “livor mortis”, as if your skin was pale like god’s only dove. When it comes to communication, it’s more important what you don’t say or do! Communication breakdown, it’s always the same old story.

Can Silent People Make An Awful Amount Of Noise?

Fools, said I, you do not know!  I won’t say that the sound of silence is not soothing (my neighbour was a bit disturbed by my singing, and suddenly he was gone); silence sometimes is worthless for your neighbour.

Talking about neighbourhood, I sometimes wonder who my neighbours are: Israel, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan. Did I mention Europe, a Phoenician princess that gave her name to a continent? And, of course, global police: United States of America (in my contract, I have a clause to mock the US because I work for both the CIA and the FBI, courtesy of Bill Murray).

Listening to music is really something that develops your oceanic feeling, as if you were a part of something bigger. Did you have knees problem once? Then this is for you.

Do Women Really Rule The World Right Now?

Overall, I don't know if its fear, desire or imagination. I have the face of a criminal, but the hands of a priest; I’ve been careless with a delicate woman, I’m the priest guts never paid.

Once, I read that abstraction level was key in success, as demonstrated by “widespread apathy among students” (sic) of a class whose teacher’s level was low. Here is an example, taken from a song: I have 10 years to lose, try to fight that ghetto blues (if they catch me).

If you were in a position to witness an injustice, would you stand still (1st album of comic Valerian and Laureline, the most influential work on modern science fiction)? What blues are you fighting at the moment, and when will it end?


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas Sursock is a full-time musician. His work now focuses on blogging and digesting 10,000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging.