Why Are We Helpless In The Space Race?

Jul 09, 2019

Today I want to talk about the laws of our universe. We’ve been here for 7 million years and we’re still kind of stuck. Our scientists worked hard and there are some things interesting they found but today I want to be bold and I won’t hedge: I think we are based on 2+2=5.

Recently I read that there were 3 laws in the universe: gravitation, resonance and attraction. While this seem like a nice approach, I’m going to come up with 2 fundamental laws (maybe 3):

  • the law of fluctuation,
  • the law of relaxation,
  • and the law of perception.

I’m very careful with those laws but I do think the universe follows those laws and I’m going to prove it or at least convince you someone proves I am right. Of course, I could sit by a tree and wait for an apple to fall; but let’s be a man about it and recognise science has to face some fog of war.

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Will One Day The Sun Shine On Us?

The law of fluctuation is coherent with the observation that our universe is expanding. That’s a fact that science and observations can’t deny. The Nibiru planet that the Maya apocalypse feared is a hoax invented by the far left to seize power. Journalists have to do their work carefully otherwise we might discover we can control the sun with enough effort.

The fact that our universe is expanding didn’t blind our scientists that tried to imagine the future of our universe. The theories about the end of the universe are: big Freeze or heat death, Big Rip, Big Crunch, Big Bounce, False vacuum, Cosmic uncertainty. As you can see most of those scenarios rely on our capacity to influence our environment.

We shouldn’t hesitate to shout that life is beautiful and that we want a primal world with the best tools we can get. I won’t blog on a platform that doesn’t have a word count in its editor.

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What’s The Worst Case Scenario?

The law of relaxation is an important law. I won’t mention the famous Rest In Peace (RIP) that happens when you really can’t get no sleep and you got that midnight blues. Believing in life after death is debatable but one thing we can be sure of: if you don’t want to wake up the neighbours, you will spend your life in misery.

My nearest neighbours are on Facebook and we might one day elect a representative for the galaxy that is my network. I already proposed to classify people like stars (based on brightness and temperature).

The law of relaxation is closely linked to a solution that can be just or correct. Sometimes a just solution will make you guilty and you know you need the correct solution. The law of relaxation would explain why our universe is so big: it’s because humanity makes mistake.

Take for the example the atomic bombs in 1945: the trees continued their life without too much troubles but they started an investigation.

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How Does Time Feel With A Loved One?

You know time is a wonderful thing. In French, the word climate and time are the same. And in English, a present is closely linked to presence and we know it’s the key for a successful business.

But the perception of time can really be different if you’re at work or playing with table tennis. Like Depeche Mode used to sing: “you just can’t get enough”. So the law of perception could explain why we went in space only recently. Because space is fascinating us since Antiquity. It’s like a bad beat at poker.

If you could modify your perception like Molly Johnson in “He’s Got My Heart” and travel to Peru or Myanmar almost instantly, why not envision traveling the Milky Way easily or even the universe. At the speed of light, we need 20,000 years to get out of the Milky Way. Do you think it’s sexy?

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Will The Space Cowboy Ever Return?

The key to motivation is determining objectives: we’re going to go to the moon and come back. Oh wait: it’s already been done.

“We choose to go to the Moon” is the famous tagline of a speech about the effort to reach the Moon delivered by United States President John F. Kennedy to a large crowd gathered at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas on September 12, 1962. The speech was intended to persuade the American people to support the Apollo program, the national effort to land a man on the Moon.

In his speech, Kennedy characterized space as a new frontier, invoking the pioneer spirit that dominated American folklore. He infused the speech with a sense of urgency and destiny, and emphasized the freedom enjoyed by Americans to choose their destiny rather than have it chosen for them. Although he called for competition with the Soviet Union, he also proposed making the Moon landing a joint project.

The speech resonated widely and is still remembered, although at the time there was disquiet about the cost and value of the Moon-landing effort. Kennedy’s goal was realized in July 1969, with the successful Apollo 11 mission.

So now I’m going to imitate President Kennedy: some lazy and selfish person burned the Earth to the ground. It’s time Terrans conquer the Milky Way because the universe is so big, it’s highly unlikely we are alone in the universe. My experience is the key.

I know what you think: we’re already alone on planet Earth! That’s not true: your loneliness won’t leave you alone. Our alliance with Jamiroquai, Otis Redding and maybe elevators will allow humanity to travel the Milky Way easily.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!