Say Hello To The Love Coach In Me.

Jul 01, 2019

Today I’m going to write about seduction, couple’s life and winning back a former partner. That’s because some people claim to have thousands of clients giving advice about those topics. I must say I should have an interesting point of view on the matter.

After a few years of investigation and listening to point of views of other people, I will try to write a paragraph on each subject. I will try to find a basic hint for each topic. We all know theory and practice can be quite different.

Having a partner in life is one of the most incredible experience you can have. Of course there will be a few nightmares (mainly due to invaders) but if you can spend some time alone and disconnect from this busy world full of stimulation (one day I might blog about FOMO), you can really enjoy life, the silence and the simple things like watching a movie or having a drink in surrounded by friends.

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Is Seduction About Giving Simple Clues?

Much has been said about seduction: some say it should be about the right distance as if you were the sun and your partner wanted to be the earth. But one opinion I like about seduction is that it’s about suspicion.

Take for example the Earth and the trees. Trees seem to have found a way to survive and live a long life. They compete for sunlight by going high in the sky. Lately I was really seduced by the trees because they seem to have solved their heart problems related to the physical world.

Another example could be how a friend got bullied and harassed and how I was wondering if it was me who was the target. We all know cowards like a winnable war.

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Do You Feel Sometimes You Don’t Have A Partner?

Having a partner and living your life with him/her is a wonderful experience. It’s true you might experience some nightmares but why don’t you wake up?

It’s much easier to find a partner when you had time to study a little bit what you’re looking for in someone. And then your couple’s life can become much more simpler. The danger of couple’s life is clear: it’s when your partner and you don’t feel like you’re contributing the same anymore.

For example, I used to make gifts to my partner. In return I got nothing. I don’t wonder why anymore it lasted only 2 years and a half. You could call her a femme fatale but the truth is that she just wanted to get married. Even though I wasn’t against it I had to deal with a severe heartache for a man at the time.

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Should You Try To Win Back Someone Who Left?

If only you could make him/her see: if you were her and she was you. One thing that’s sure: he/she got your heart. Trying to win back someone who gave up is a difficult task. That’s because they might be plain and simply dead.

I guess my advice then is never to try to win back someone. It will be difficult and one of you might try but it will sound false. And you will quickly notice that you were looking for something else like dynamiting the country or trying to find a way to travel the Milky Way without a heart attack.

Winning back someone is a difficult task and even basketball teams have a hard time at it. It seems like there’s something unconscious going on. That’s because you’re here to win together not separately. And managing egos might be a full time job like staying alive.

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How Come There Are So Many Songs About Love?

It seems art and literature have 2 important topics: love and justice. Justice is about relaxation (or prison): it’s when the hammer falls and the debate is over.

Love is about intensity and passion and feeling like you’re part of something bigger. You could call that an oceanic feeling. It’s when you see very far but your day is full of life.

One word about sex and love: I have read the definition of cancer and AIDS. To me it seems it’s the same thing. It’s a serious disease but it might be related to effort intolerance. The reason I’m mentioning this here is because I do think you could cure AIDS with the same stuff you use for cancer.

Let me give you an example: when I was 17 I was treated with a drug called accutane to heal from severe acne vulgaris (as if I was a pig or I liked dirt). The dermatologist tried accutane on me. 20 years later I discovered it was a former chemotherapy they recycled. If they treat acne vulgaris with chemotherapies why not try to cure AIDS with it?

After all it might just be flu-like symptoms. Yeah I know: they should make money that way otherwise forget about it. Which leads me to something important in a couple: vocabulary and money. I do think those are the keys to success or failure.


Nicolas Sursock

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