What Should You Do When Your Heart Is Broken?

Health Jul 18, 2020

You can try to run away from the pain. But it might come back with more seriousness after. Maybe the best thing to do is to be cautious.

Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? Those words from Tina Turner remind us that the heart can be fixed. But one day you will need to have a new one because some things can't be mended.

If your heart has been restless for more than 6 months, you can safely bet you will need to find a new one. You're close to the edge and you're trying hard not to lose your head.

It's like a jungle sometimes. That message was clearly understood on YouTube with several million views. You know some people want you to live because it's crueler to live with the pain. Anyway if you feel pain there's no doubt about it: you have a problem with France and their conception of trading.

Who Can It Be Who Broke Your Heart?

That's a question I know it's making you burn. The person who broke your heart tends to aggravate and complicate your condition. Instead of calming things, they will engage in dangerous behaviors.

The person who broke your heart is someone close. Someone trusted in your circle. They say a circle is only as strong as the weakest link. It's not that simple but one thing is sure though: you might imitate someone who broke your heart.

Suddenly you become someone you are not. And you are right to be frightened of these things that you might become. Everybody thinks about that.

They say that you are the reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if there's a weak link then this might become dangerous.

Does The Heart Have Reasons The Reason Doesn't Know?

The heart tries to speak sometimes but one thing I noticed is that the heart isn't reliable. I know oriental medicine thinks the heart is the most important vital organ. But today I'm proud to announce the heart is too vague to be trusted.

And that may be why a heart can be broken. If you want to mend it and can't afford to buy a new one, you must try to be precise. For example, today I'm writing in a state of total confusion.

I spent too much time with an undercover agent for the blues.

I never lost my head even when I was kind of dead. Thanks to music but also thanks to my humanity. What happened to humanity exactly? It seems we're stuck in madness aka mutually assured destruction.

Is There One Thing Not To Do In Case Of A Broken Heart?

That's a good question: I guess there must be things not to do in case of a broken heart. In that case, mother nature has let you down — because you don't know right from wrong anymore.

Let me say a few certain things:

  • Jesus can't save us anymore. Our enemies are playing tricks on us to see if we will forgive,
  • You can turn to Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism. After all, Buddhism says to give the pain a sense,
  • Maybe Freud can give you hints but you will be stuck in the anal or oral stage meaning you might not be mature.

I guess the only thing that matters is information. Of course, people can manipulate information. So I guess the important thing is reliability.

Mediocrity is dangerous. Having a quality of life is important like 2 months of holidays in summer or being able to sleep comfortably.

Does A Broken Heart Happen When Quality Is Bad?

All in all, a broken heart might be about quality. Ask yourself if mediocrity isn't responsible for the pain you experience. Ask yourself if moderation isn't responsible for that broken heart.

So your broken heart comes from your inner critic and the censorship all around you. What's wrong with censorship? Aren't we allowed to express our darkest thoughts?

Today I'm afraid for Europe and Lebanon. Our enemies are powerful and I've seen them at work. Nobody will forget WW2 and the suicide of Europe. Except if someone can prove this war was started by our enemies in order to waste precious time and energy.

I'm also afraid of those suppressed emotions that resurface in a form more severe. So one solution would be to be aware that pain will come back more severe. Don't run away from the pain but be cautious with the message.

I think the message is obvious: is it always a jungle or only a jungle sometimes?


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas Sursock is a full-time musician. His work now focuses on blogging and digesting 10,000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging.