Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is Reciprocity

Jan 17, 2018

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn according to Nature Boy is reciprocity. Music has a unique power, mixing words and music. An insight I will never forget.

Yet I’m still reeling with nausea. Let’s think about love a little.

Feedback as a tool to measure success or failure is critical. The unconscious mind behaves like a little baby. And it’s constantly evolving with trial and error. This insight is from an oriental health book.

That’s why those who can’t afford any mistakes are in trouble. In ivy league schools, they tend to put pressure on students. Their marketing is based on mistakes are not allowed.

Maybe this is too vague to be helpful. Maybe reciprocity should be something concrete.

Daily magic was emphasised by oriental culture. That’s why writing a post everyday must be the goal.

Writing everyday is not that difficult when you break down the task in smaller steps. For example, I had great success writing 600 words every 8 hour. I was inspired by support departments in big companies with people working on shifts of 8 hours.

I also managed to write 750 words in less than one hour. With the insight of Hemingway, the logical thing to do when you bleed is to stop it. You could also try a scientific ischemia to see what happens.

You Do Something To Me, Deep Inside

I get mixed feedback from statistics. Behind statistics lies the complex reality of men and women. You could call that the show.

Reciprocity can be defined as mutual dependence, action, or influence. I have all the tools to make this blog a profitable one. My next goal is to have 200 hearts a day, reading my blog.

And I hope people will comment, like and share.

This blog is supposed to shelter me, you and the cosmos. I am French and Lebanese and I speak English correctly. Maybe it’s time I consider learning Arabic before it’s too late.

Being a desperado is a hard life. You spend your day trying to make sense of that extra time on Earth. What will you gain writing a musical blog? The insights from music are superb when you know lots of songs because every song has a message in a simple sentence.

I hope to make a living writing about music. And being inspired by music. Is reciprocity the greatest thing we will ever learn?

No Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom

Education is key if we want to connect with people.

I received a wonderful musical education. And I have explored that musical world alone. One thing I recall on that journey.

As I was going through my record collection and hitting songs after songs, I came up with something that allowed me to approach the spirit without being brought to my knees. And I’m going to reveal what I found which can be summarised as follows.

You get the picture.

Boy, I have such an ego. I like to talk about music all day and all night. Such a ladykiller would make every man mad and every woman shiver. The thing about reciprocity is that you have to accept taking risks.

The ability to take risks refers to the idea that you will make mistakes. But you’re not the only one. I guess there are jobs where mistakes cost a lot like security. That feeling of security comes at a hard price with a human insight, because there are things difficult to control.

Security is defined as making room for errors. And I feel that depression is just a problem with the game of life and feeling under pressure. But I can tell that nobody can support that kind of pressure in the long run.

That’s where my badge comes handy.

Cried Away My Life Since I Was Born

Have you ever been mistreated? You know what I’m talking about.

I spent 22 years in Paris with bad outlaws and people who can’t take a joke. As a result I can’t get no relief. If I don’t end up in a wheelchair, I swear I will try to win Roland Garros.

France has been complaining a lot about their tennis players. Since 1983, no Frenchman has won Roland Garros. France had victories in the Davis Cup though.

Yannick Noah was often the subject of mockery. Because people thought he was French when he was winning and Cameroonian when he was losing. My experience gave me an insight about that: France is a great country and their sole interest is to shine like a child.

But Roland Garros is a different challenge. What is the role of pressure and trouble in underachievers?

How Do I Know When It’s Love?

Today, I had an epiphany. When I was young, my parents used to measure my height with a measuring tape. And when I want to evaluate my weight, I go to the bathroom and step on a sliding weight balance.

How do you measure other stuff in life? Before you diagnose low self-esteem and depression, make sure you use the same metrics than others. Reciprocity is difficult to measure but I think it might be a problem with ripples in the curvature of spacetime.

And I came up with the 7 spheres to rate. I think I already talked about it before. But that insight from a psychologist made me think about my life. Watch out when a part of your life impacts every other sphere. As if you had a diversified portfolio of stock:

  • occupational life,
  • intimate life,
  • sense of purpose in life,
  • financial life,
  • family life,
  • social life,
  • and physical life.

The meaning you get from all these words is up to you but one can make bold assumptions about it. For example, a physical life could mean your dignity and identity. That is my interpretation of those words.

But the key to a happy life might be to use the same metrics than other people. Otherwise, you might suffer from isolation. Your skin becomes cold to the human touch. And reciprocity becomes bug city. “Under the Bridge” becomes your favorite song.

That experience is driving us insane: it puts our body in its brain.

The Ringing of the Division Bell has Begun

I came up with a simple measure for success on social networks. I guess they’re right. “Like, Share and Comment” could be a sign that your work is useful. Don’t buy those friends or you will look like a pimp.

Organic growth is defined as natural. As if it was out of the question that you’re a reliable narrator. Your credibility is sky-rocketing. Maybe it’s the audience that gave you courage. Maybe it’s someone in the audience that gave you courage. An insight from sports is that when the public knows your business, then you feel a lot better giving away your dignity in front of so many people.

Reciprocity is something we all experienced when we were young. How many people here suffered from love that wasn’t mutual?

Anyway, every serious player measures financial success or failure based on return on investment and profit. That might explain why at the moment I can’t go on a holiday.

A serious disease is one that uses metrics that no one does.

Sounds Funny But I Begged, Stole and Borrowed

If you are too proud to beg, and too dumb to steal, a nice alternative would be to think of the arena and the fight. Is it a sprint or marathon? The sport is reciprocity and the audience is thinking that the referee was sold!

Coluche, a French humorist used to say that, when you’re feeling down, remember that one day you were the fastest. Of course, we’re talking about child conception. And reciprocity is better when it’s an easy thing.

If you’re going the distance, there might be times you need to catch up with people. But the goal is to finish first. And the goal is not clear. What can be the meaning of the game of life?

Hit the road Jack, don’t you come back no more. Those influences from Eastern Europe have created great artists. But there’s a fine line between an artist and a human being. In fact, I read that there was 3 state of mind that were interesting when it comes to creativity:

  1. psychosis, where denial and acknowledgement coexist,
  2. eccentric creation, as if the past was everywhere,
  3. superior intelligence, meaning there is no disorder.

That is a very interesting insight but let me tell you that with fundamental stuff like human rights and other back to basics behaviour, you have to aime for superior intelligence. Eccentric creation is too risky.

Thin Line Between Love, Hate and Indifference

If the greatest thing we will ever learn is reciprocity, then we must get out of bug city fast.

Because it’s killing us. People are willing to share their diseases. But there is only one way to do it and it’s through art. Anyone pretending that art is not the only way to change the world is lying. Because otherwise it involves crime.

I’ve changed the world before. I know how it feels.

I don’t ever wanna feel like I did that day. Too much responsibility and too much confusion. Must there always be these colours? Do we have to let it linger? What if reciprocity was just a clever word for a handshake? Or a lover’s vow sealed with a kiss?

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Nicolas Sursock

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