How To Take Good Advice From Everyone.

Mar 20, 2019

It seems giving advice is the brand awareness of successful people. And I must say I gave advice to some people in the past. But lately I was wondering if a bad advice wasn’t a good advice.

Take for example my boss during my 1 year stand in an investment bank in Paris (2010). One of my coworkers once hinted that “our boss likes her subordinates to touch her breast”. It felt a bit awkward since I know women’s liberation came creeping all across the nation in the 1960s.

The day after I thought that it was a bad case of “listen to me and do the contrary”. And that’s how you can turn a bad advice into a good advice. The key is to recognise those situations. Usually the advice will be delivered in a surprising manner.

Another example would be from a friend of mine: “you should find a meaningless job”. He was traumatised by all his meaningless jobs and finally became a boss. But you do know now it was just a trap.

Bad advice can become good advice. But this isn’t the only advice that’s worthless.

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When We Gonna Make It Work?

Now that’s where I wanna be: remembering it’s been 4 years since I discovered a code that is supposed to free mankind. And I don’t want to lose track of time because it’s money. But I was lost in a bromance: it happened so naturally and I didn’t know it was love.

But then I met a girl who showed me what was intensity. Taking complete control over my soul and body, she almost managed to make me marry her. I thought it could have been nice because I liked the girl but I wanted to check if it was possible to get away.

You know the answer: I’m still trapped in that relationship. She was surrounded by witches and broomsticks. It wasn’t a sister soul but a cousin soul and I must say I recommend it.

7 million years is a long time to go to space. What if we had been there and didn’t want to go back?

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We Play Little Humans And Aliens.

Alienation is a wonderful subject. I never knew you could feel like an alien down here on Earth. But I must say I met several people with an alien head. And now I understand all that science fiction.

I met several people who thought I was naive. It meant I thought too much. But my answer was clear: you don’t think enough. What are we going to do when the bad boys will come for us?

Yesterday I discovered a wonderful song in Radio Beirut. I used Shazam to discover the artist and the album. A while ago, you had to ask if you liked a song. Thanks to signal processing, we can now safely ignore people who don’t want to tell us what was that good song they passed.

Yesterday someone saved my soul with a song. But here’s the best advice I got from someone responsible.

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Can You Read My Poker Face?

I guess the one who took over simplified life as a game of poker. It meant you were in competition with your friends. And sadly one day someone made an announcement to me: “I don’t have any friends anymore”. True it was a therapist who wanted me to become her only friend.

As I look back on healthy times, there is one thing I recall: it was the result of a strict discipline I had. I do wonder today if the bug didn’t have the same discipline and that’s why we clashed.

Maybe simplifying life as a game of poker can be rewarding. But what if it was a really about creativity and taking naps?

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A Good Story: Watch Out For Surprises!

I must say during the first decade of the millenium I was blessed to work with a lot of people from different backgrounds. Although I didn’t like banking particularly, I did enjoy the army’s advice to mix people. And the surprise was really mind blowing. Even God woke up from his siesta and unleashed his power.

Another good story was how I was stranded in the jungle and lost my soul. That’s why songs are important: there’s not a problem you can’t fix because mostly it will be mixed emotions. When I spent 2 days in Renault’s Technocentre, I was surprised to be a passenger in a car where the driver was driving like a mad man. I quit the job the day after I was engaged.

Anyway this could be our last chance to explore space before there is no more skilled humans down here. I guess the future will be full of surprises and it might be people from other planets who are laughing at us because they have a technology to watch us without us detecting them.


Nicolas Sursock

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