Would Have This Been A Good Advice At School?

Jul 08, 2019

Since I started this blogging journey, I have read a lot about the writing process. To the point that I’m using a website so my writing is clear and bold. The website says adverbs make your writing weak and that you should be careful with them. Clearly, know your enemy.

Now instead of writing the word “clearly”, I could have said “the debate is over” or maybe “make no mistake”. It’s true adverbs are easy to use and maybe it’s for the lazy writer (not the lady writer talking about the Virgin Mary).

So the advice concerning adverbs is to write and then, when you’re finished, look for all the words that end up with “ly” and find a beautiful literary device instead. Now I got a song who is bold and she’s naked (another advice from the website: be bold, don’t hedge).

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How To Get Over This Daily Heartache.

Look at them yoyos: it couldn’t sound more right, specially in the mouth of Sting and Dire Straits. The fact you expect something from life reminds us that some people once thought that “something is due to humanity BECAUSE it is human”. And our humanity is still debating what’s the one thing that defines us: money or words.

Now it’s true you like to watch tennis and you like to see Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer battling for the crown in a Grand Chelem. But what you really like to see is the rallies (in French they say exchange).

So yeah humanity might really be about trading. Money for nothing and the chicks for free: no wonder you experience a daily heartache. Let me remind you that the price of love is not cheap. Cost killer, aka Carlos Ghosn, would really have a heart attack if he knew about that price.

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How Old Are You To Experience Regret Or Remorse?

The concept of human dignity has multiple dimensions, philosophical, religious, and legal. According to Kant, dignity is the fact that the person should never be treated as a means, but as an end in itself.

Another definition is used especially in the field of bioethics, it refers to a quality that would be linked to the very essence of every human being, which would explain why it is the same for everyone and that it does not admit no degree. According to the philosopher Paul Ricoeur, this notion refers to the idea that “something is due to the human being because he is human”.

It’s incredible but I’m spending my time in a coffee shop mainly. And the concept of dignity is very clear: I owe something to people in this coffee shop. But they also owe me something and this is the most disturbing fact: money for nothing and the chicks for free.

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Why Don’t People Like A Safe Bet?

Amy Winehouse was once complaining about safe bets. And we know our mission is to be bold and don’t hedge. But so many people like to play safe so they don’t get hurt. And that’s why love might be too expensive: you can’t shut off the risk and the pain without losing the love.

We’re all riders on this train: money for nothing and the chicks for free. If trading is the basis of humanity, then my banker friend might really be a wonderful man. People in banks are interesting people but it seems we have a bad mother fucker watching our ass.

A safe bet is interesting as long as you can stay on the road: I don’t like to crash the car in trees because, if my dad stops giving me money, I wonder if my uncles will accept to pay for the crashed car.

Money for nothing and the chicks for free: a safe bet would be to avoid mishaps and failure like a bad disease. But it seems it’s the only thing we can be sure of 100%.

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Would You Choose Guitar Over Trading?

Lately I thought my trading friends had no dignity: they play with the economy and we end up with a bad mother fucker or a monkey on our back. A trader is a person or entity, in finance, who buys and sells financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, and mutual funds in the capacity of agent, hedger, arbitrageur, or speculator.

Lately I had an illumination: trading was the same as health. Look at them yoyos. Traders know their enemy is volatility; in other words it’s the downward standard deviation. But humans also know manic depression is dangerous: it can make your subconscious obvious.

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