What Happened To The Basic Unique Golden Rule?

Health May 15, 2020

Trust nobody: don't be any fool. It's what the golden rule is all about. Should we try to understand what a fool is?

A fool will tell you that being egoistic is an essential survival trait. But it seems that what's important in life is finding powerful allies.

Anyway, the golden rule is then not to trust anybody. That way, you won't be a fool. But I just watched coach Steve Kerr telling his players: "I want you to trust your teammates."

Steve Kerr has several champion ring as a coach and a player. And I think we can trust him.

Are You Easily Upset In Your Daily Life?

There's a song from a French band called Trust. One of the verses of their song goes like this: "antisocial, you're losing your temper."

My heart is no beginner, and I've been continuously mad for several weeks now. It seems other people experience demons every day like Coldplay.

Lately, I thought that the demon is a friend. Why would anybody believe that the devil isn't a friend? It means you can count on him/her.

It's so strange to be easily upset every day. What happened to the golden rule? Keep calm, go home, and relax.

Standing At The Serene Window Day And Night?

There's something golden about having some culture. It feels like you have a robust network of relevant people. Or maybe only a hint about what's bothering you.

If a simple conversation can help any problematic situation, then it's no surprise that blogging has been so successful for 15 years.

Blogging is a conversation even though sometimes it feels like you're only talking to yourself. You're rearranging hell. What if you tried to scramble paradise?

What happened to this golden rule? It could be heaven, or it could be hell. But we know why so many people are living in hell.

Would You Choose A Limited Paradise Or A Hidden Hell?

Maybe people like hell because they find that many people are in hell too. And they feel less alone that way. I've been in agony for four years now, and I'm getting sick and tired of it.

If nobody lives in hell anymore, I think I will come back to paradise: funny pictures, thoughtful conversation, the right balance between work and life. That's what heaven is all about.

Whatever happened to the golden rule? I'm talking about the legend of Panurge's sheep launching themselves over a cliff edge.

An Exposed Day Playing With Your Awkward Hair?

My formidable nonchalant method, when I'm stunned, revealed a hint about trust. You have to let someone play with your hair. Trust is about letting someone behind your back.

There's a reason why most saloons in the 19th century had a big mirror next to the bartender. It's because people were afraid to be shot in the back.

When you play with the hair of someone, you're vulnerable. You're so close together that something can happen on the way to trust. But I wonder what happens to bald people?

Will There Be Safety In Numbers Or Lies?

You know what your music coach will say: don't dwell on the wrong notes. But I must confess: people practice in order not to make false notes. The only record I could think of has wrong notes, and that is still a new song is The Kinks' "You Really Got Me."

Maybe then you always want to be by the side of someone lying. Perhaps that's because your reality is dull and unclear. Or maybe it's obvious you're on the awful side of life.

In any case, you gave up on freedom, and giving has no meaning to you. But your lies better make you some money, and the numbers will make you secure and safe.

One Clear Message Anyone Toxic Can Relate To

All in all, there must be a golden rule for this life: a secret combination or something. I know why you want to hate me; it's because the world has only seen hate lately.

There must be a reason why I don't feel a thing. Music even started to make me indifferent lately. It's like a jungle sometimes or maybe all the time.

I just read that warfare is about making someone perplex. But I can guarantee that not thinking enough can also make you dizzy and at war with the world.

Without war, there would be no artists. What good is a song if it only talks about a dull daily life? I remember when Jennifer Aston (in the show Friends) was speaking about everyday life: she said one shouldn't depreciate it.

Day by day, night after night
Blinded by the neon lights
Hurry here, hustlin' there
No one's got the time to spare
Money's tight, nothin' free
Won't somebody come and rescue me?

I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
Stranded, caught in the crossfire

Tooth for tooth, eye for an eye
Sell your soul just to buy, buy, buy
Beggin' a dollar, stealin' a dime
Come on can't you see that I

I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
I am stranded, caught in the crossfire

I need some kind of kindness, some kind of sympathy oh, no
We're stranded, caught in the crossfire

Save the strong lose the weak
Never turning the other cheek
Trust nobody don't be no fool
Whatever happened to the golden rule?

We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
Stranded, caught in the crossfire
Help me

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble


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