Will Gravity And Hate Make Me Donate My Organs?

Jul 23, 2019

Today I want to talk about my organs. Lately, my music coach thought I was dead and asked me, “if I was going to give my organs?” If you say nothing, then the French law assumes it doesn’t bother you. That’s why today I’m writing this post to say I won’t give my real organs but only a few good songs with organs.

Also, I want to talk about organic traffic: today, the traffic of my blog doesn’t have a lot of organic traffic. I’m ranked on page 4 of Google. If you want to have a profitable blog, it seems organic traffic is the way to go. Paid traffic is the kind of traffic where there’s no ambiguity. To me, organic traffic is the one where people won’t accept money to be friends with you.

There’s a problem: the Milky Way and adolescence. Parents are terrified of teenage angst and hope their children won’t give in to the corruption. But first, let’s examine the organ songs.

Know What To Do When Sad And Lonely?

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The first song with organs by Jimi Hendrix talks about birth trauma, making love with no pain, telling the future, and the outskirts of infinity. This song from Hendrix is so beautiful as many of his poetic songs that sometimes I think it was written for me (LOL).

Anyway, those are interesting themes to deal with. I think the outskirts of infinity could be very cool. You might discover new universes. I know making love with no pain is a sensitive subject. But like RHCP used to sing, we might get used to it: “that mother fucker’s always spiked with pain.”

As for the future, I guess we don’t have a choice: we must adapt or die. That’s why our tools and skills should be the best possible. Birth trauma might be just about the love for what you hide and some bitterness inside.

What Happens When Stress Meets Relax?

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Another good song from a Frenchman talks about a ladies’ man. It talks about discotheques, drinking too much, love and the long run. I really like that song because the writer also was a ladies’ man, and maybe he talks a little about himself in that song.

What’s wrong with going out in all discotheques you can think of? I also went out every day and used to go to jam sessions almost every day in Paris. I guess without working a little, partying makes no sense. Now drinking too much is an easy problem to solve: if you aren’t drunk, you don’t know a thing. Or you lose consciousness. Some people are naturally drunk like me at the moment (trying to make a few bucks on the internet).

Now, what about all persons of the opposite sex idealizing a person? No doubt it could make some people jealous. But let’s remember we can’t aim for mediocrity; otherwise, we might find it easily in this city. How long can a good thing last? What about a bad one? There’s one thing I’m sure of: if you don’t do something, something terrible can last a long time comfortably.

What Kind Of Dose Will Make You Weird?

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Another nice song from the same artist talks about intoxication or poisoning. The song talks about hallucinations, unconsciousness, and again love. They say the dose makes the poison, and I must say I got a bit sick and tired writing on the internet. Or maybe it’s a memory from my lonesome past.

A hallucination is a perception in the absence of an external stimulus that has qualities of real perception. I guess it’s pretty cool when the sensation is pleasurable, but the real challenge is when you see a rose elephant. Lack of consciousness is dangerous, and most people use the subconscious mind to deal with that. I guess it’s a kind of an allusion, a question of culture.

And you might give up on love when intoxicated or poisoned. Sting mentions love can make you sweetly tipsy (as a desert rose?).

How Does It Feel To Be Short Of Breath?

Photo by anna-m. w. on Pexels.com

I got a lot of solidarity when my music coach asked me if I was going to give my organs. And that’s why now I’m writing on the internet. I don’t know what else I can do; I used to do a lot of things and have friends from different backgrounds. But it seems old habits die hard: people are racist to a point where they express themselves with code.

Take, for example, what I was told 4 years ago: they told me I wasn’t far from high treason. But just before they insulted me with the now-classic: “fuckin’ Lebanese.” I guess music can help with the deepest pain. Only if you want to get over it and playing xylophone next to your window to contact aliens might not help.

So there you have it: I gave my organs. Now please, I need organic traffic because I already spent like 2000$ on Facebook and Google to bring people to this blog. For that to happen, I have to write posts 2000 words long (that kind of posts ranks on the 1st page in Google).

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!