Sounds Funnel, Can't Stand The Trip

Jul 05, 2018

A serious music insight from Lionel Richie’s song “Easy” makes me wonder if it’s not marketing. Begging, stealing and borrowing will help with that funnel.

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In marketing, when you reach some people, there is always a stage where you lose some of them. For example, my landing page is designed with powerful messages. If I lose you there, it might be unlikely.

The funnel is very important because it’s like a trip, a journey. At the end, the destination for me should be big dollars in my pocket. And you, of course, you should be proud to have had an experience like that.

I guess some relationships are like a funnel. First, you’re intrigued and then you start losing everything you built with patience. One day you wake up and tell yourself: “I know the scene so well!”

Life’s A Journey And A Destination

If your journey consisted of begging, stealing and borrowing, maybe you have the right to be blue. After all, you’re selling priceless advice like “the best you can do is fall in love”. When you find a heart that needs to share, maybe you can sell his/her memories.

This is the true story of someone who wants to make a living going out all day and all night. Without routine, there would be no adventure. During her first marriage, Brigitte Bardot had 2 affairs. And then decided to dedicate the rest of her life defending mishaps and failures.

And now, I have a clue about that girlfriend experience I used to call the ground floor experience. It’s like a funnel, with time you start losing everything you fought for.

Some of my friends were talking about puppets. Maybe it was just treachery and treason that surprised them.

Not Happy When You Try To Fake It

In psychology, they used to say: “fake it ’til you make it”. This blog is based on 60 years of good music so, if it doesn’t allow me to live with no doubts, then we got a problem.

In other words, 90% doesn’t evolve. We used to depict the adventure of humanity like a straight line towards posture lessons. But the truth is, if you’re talented, you have the right and the duty to stand tall.

I know, behind statistics, there is a complex reality. Like one of my fans going through a divorce and asking for a love pricer. I know 2 methods: Black-Scholes and Binomial Trees.

Monte Carlo nights then could be about pricing.

That sweet spot where you feel you deserve what you have. You shouldn’t look surprised, there are pretenders among us. President of Turkey just fired a preacher because he said something bad.

Without Freedom, Doesn’t Mean A Thing

Swingers are among us also. You can tidy up their homes or maybe manipulate them with their data, but the problem in democracy is we have a tyranny of the majority.

When you have to face tyranny, you should start listening to songs in the Lydian mode. Satisfaction guaranteed. I might make a special post against tyranny then.

The Middle East region is now on fire. In Lebanon, we resisted for a long time but eventually we gave up and asked for Syria to protect us. Resisting Israel and Syria for so long was a miracle.

While I’m exhausted trying to come up with interesting thoughts on a daily basis, someone is rocking my dream boat. I won’t tell you who but I can tell you how: 90% of me is you. How bad is it for freedom?

Dreams And Fantasies Are A Reality

When you meet some people, you can tell right away what’s their story with their crocodile smile. They like to enjoy life to a maximum and they usually make people work while they sit back and relax on their couch.

I guess one of the perversions of modern society is forgetting about our ancestors. There used to be solidarity and inventions. Mastering fire was a critical advance for humanity. Maybe mastering the fire in your soul is a daily, daily fight.

Who knows about that better way of life where people work for you?

When you work for somebody else, you have to report to him or her. What are we going to say? 3000 dead during hurricane Maria? Money’s too tight to mention?

Easy Like A Nap That Wasn’t Restorative

The prophecy has spoken. I’m a junkie and I’m looking for new knees that will help me leave France and stay in Lebanon until I figured out why I can’t leave the 16th district of Paris.

I thought it would be easy but I knew that, in France, comedy is #1. Maybe Paris needs to emphasise the importance of sports. I used to do yoga and pilates and felt in control of my body.

In Lebanon, France has influence but so does Iran and the USA. Thank God we have music in order to take a cheap trip to a far away destination. When I listen to Carlos Santana’s music, I do like the fusion between rock and latin music.

I guess that funnel wasn’t so funny after all. Was it just a dream? Did someone talk about it?

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Know it sounds funny
But I just can’t stand the pain
Girl I’m leaving you tomorrow
Seems to me girl
You know I’ve done all I can
You see I begged, stole
And I borrowed

Ooh, that’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning
That’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning

Why in the world
Would anybody put chains on me?
I’ve paid my dues to make it
Everybody wants me to be
What they want me to be
I’m not happy when I try to fake it!

Ooh, that’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning
That’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning

I wanna be high, so high
I wanna be free to know
The things I do are right
I wanna be free
Just me, babe!

That’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning
That’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning
Because I’m easy
Easy like Sunday morning
Because I’m easy
Easy like Sunday morning

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!