8 Fundamental Themes Death, Govt and Industry Censored

Dec 30, 2017
I’m on a crusade to make a living with that blog. Yesterday, I wanted to clear my mind and have clues about what’s important. That’s why today I’m loading my gun with heavy ammo. Let’s see what music can do with those topics! I’m at a point in life where I want to be free from that wild imagination that could be associated with none at all. The night I was born, the moon turned fire red; my poor mother said that the gypsy was right, and she fell down right dead! Of course, let’s not forget ripples in the curvature of spacetime. I have a friend who is a private airline pilot. When you experience ripples in the curvature of spacetime, you have to go back to basics. That’s why I’m writing this post and I will go through my record collection to see what I can do in 2017. Remember, Leon Michels was very clear: “in life, you will always hear the same song”:
8 most common topics: Crime Doesn’t Pay, Own Worst Enemy, Coming of Age, Overcoming the Odds, Love Conquers All, Humanity vs Nature, The individual vs society and Good vs evil. Let’s get over that sweet hangover you don’t want to get over. Humanity and the Earth became a sad and angry place, filled with disgust and frustration.

Please Mr Postman, the Song

Murray Head (born 1946) is an English actor and singer, most recognised for his international hit songs “Superstar” (from the 1970 rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar) and “One Night in Bangkok” (the 1984 single from the musical Chess, which topped the charts in various countries), and for his 1975 album Say It Ain’t So. He has been involved in several projects since the 1960s and continues to record music, perform concerts, and make appearances on television either as himself or as a character actor. Say It Ain’t So is the second studio album by Murray Head. It was released in 1975 on A&M Records. The album was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith, and the album features sleeve photography by Gered Mankowitz. “Boy on the Bridge” was released on that album, which has sold over a million copies. It’s a song about pedestrians standing on a passage. It features a superb mix of guitars and keyboards, and the song is magnified by the ending which finishes with a crescendo. Themes of the song include growing from an experience, freedom and its downfall, sexuality and reasons to be with somebody, life and the road ahead, loneliness and imagination. It’s a beautiful song that saved many lives a few years ago, and maybe more in the future.

“Boy on the Bridge” is a basic song for anyone who wants to deal with humanity. In fact, every human being should write his or her own version. The song was released in 1975 on Murray Head’s hit album “Say It Ain’t So”. Themes of the song include experience, freedom, sexuality, love and loneliness.

Back to Bedlam, aka Almeria

Crime doesn’t pay. At least, that’s what some people would like to teach the young generation. What if you learned that crime could pay? Wouldn’t that be an incentive for violating the law? Of course, a prison director will tell you that the basis for literature and art is crime. What we need is a good defence, because some of us feel like criminals. We’ve been careless with delicate people and we’ve got some habits even the doctor can’t explain. Of course, crime doesn’t pay. Otherwise, how would the law of nature enable us to progress as a specie? Some of us are the last of a dying breed: Christians from the Middle East. In Lebanon, we have been under the rule of WW2 since 1975 and the so-called civil war. In Afghanistan, there was also a civil war. The least you could do is acknowledge that; for the government and the industry, we are statistics. My audience is also a nice statistic but I’m willing to be honest and see if that blog can take off. What is the behaviour of people reading that blog? In violent times, you shouldn’t have to sell your soul like I do here!
Crime doesn’t pay. God dammit it’s a perfect crime: no need to worry and to get all uptight. The crime of the century: who are those men of power, innuendo and animality? We need a good defence for those who have been careless with their partner!
The problem is obvious here: is impunity the root cause of injustice? Who’s going to pay for our crashed car, environment and effort intolerance? People in power should realise that if you start to make commonplace the violation of fundamental rights, then our fight against our animality will exhaust us. As I look back on my experience, one thing I recall: opportunism. Some people are burned out by sharks who labeled everything and everybody: capitalism is evil but let’s play poker. Communism committed lots of crimes, because of control freaks. Why is it so hard to believe that inhumane acts will give ideas for the coming generations and set a standard that even the Amazonian jungle will contemplate as denial of the laws of animality? Inhumane acts include blaming your confusion on the boogie, or making everybody pay for your problems with simplicity, exchange and abstraction. If crime paid, then everybody will start their own little business and say: everybody’s doing it so why can’t we? A typical profile of criminals are people that knows the law and justice. The laws of gravity are very clear: the Earth is not the centre of the universe, and you are not a victim of circumstances.
Own worst enemy. In decompression sickness, also known as the bends, some injuries can be classified as simple and serious. Everybody knows that you don’t know what you will do under pressure: split your family in two, put people on streets? In 1960, scientists introduced a simple classification for the bends. They used the term “Type I (‘simple’)” for symptoms involving only the skin, musculoskeletal system, or lymphatic system, and “Type II (‘serious’)” for symptoms where other organs (such as the central nervous system) are involved. Type II is considered more serious and usually has worse outcomes. Over and over again, we will make the same mistakes, as if there was a feeling that we couldn’t shake. You’d better quit before you’re dead! I hate it when I do that. What I mean is I can’t help myself; I’ve got to write again, and again. Associations we choose, make us angry again. Sometimes sadness and anger coexist together. Erasing your mind and starting smoking won’t help us now. Except that breathing calms the autonomous nervous system and unconscious thoughts (aka the superb). When muscles are too tired to handle an effort, then bones will start to take responsibility. Bones are where the secret alchemy of mankind takes place.
Own worst enemy. You do it to yourself, that’s what really hurts. Pressure splits a family in two and puts people on streets. No doubt those travels create a complex identity and you must be careful with dignity as a result.
Some people intolerant to effort will start to play with fire. The word is on the street that the first step toward a healthy life is having a look at your heart, aka the superb. In tennis, usually the mindset is that your first enemy is yourself: you have to pass the ball above the net, in order to have a chance at winning points. Insulting the referee could also be an option when you think that the ball was on the line. But the best you can do is win that match and you will look back thinking that it’s part of the game. Feelings of guilt and shame usually will put you in a shadow box, and the first step is to perceive a challenge. Don’t get mad if you lose: don’t hate the players, hate the game. Inhumane acts like shooting yourself in the foot while you were targeting your worst enemy will make everybody laugh. Make sure to try this at home! Traveling blues is quite interesting. Complex identities and abandoned dignities will be a nice challenge to perceive. If you can’t get any rest, that’s because you have to make sure you’re not surrounded by confusion. None of us are free, and we all got demons and desires.
Coming of age. How do you know when you have enough? They said that young people have an innate notion of justice with modesty. You get the picture! Your superego is working overtime; it’s time to work with worthy information. When I was a child, the days were long and I couldn’t wait to be grown. I wanted to move from that home and make it on my own. Meet interesting people, help each other because we are part of something bigger (oceanic feeling). What do you do when even your sure things fall through? Fantasy is a sign of good health! One that has a wild imagination (or none at all) might have strange thoughts, like “who let the dogs out?” Everybody knows that life is about compromise, and that hygiene must be constant. Watch out for failure or the unexpected, which can lead to self-criticism. If you control your feelings for too long, your darkest thoughts might unfold and push you into self-destruction. Everybody knows that being a team player is a key for success, because you will not achieve great things alone. You can work on your own, but someday you will go out of your room and face reality. Lucidity always wins in that case!
Coming of age. Got two tickets for a stupid band, don’t say maybe. Don’t be a victim of a foolish heart, because the game didn’t change. We need a different angle: don’t let the bastards grind you down!
When you want to prepare for adult roles, you should remember that sometimes you can still experience severity and cruelty. I guess one should draw a line and that line could be chemistry with your environment. Your dignity is not something to neglect. Respect and trust is something that is not easy to conquer. And it all starts with the heart. In violent times, you shouldn’t have to question your space and the torture that might make you look like a car crash. The compromise was very clear from the start: the taxman came and said he needed 90% of you. There was love all around you, but you were looking for something else. A rainbow, an aurora or something special before to realise what you will gain or lose. At the crossroad, you will fall down on your knee if the directions are not well indicated. Shake for me readers, I want to be your teacher. When you get out of Rosenheim, aka Baghdad Cafés, you will realise that nothing meaningful can be achieved alone. The real world is so confused that it will confuse you. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.
Overcoming the odds. Everybody knows, when little children play, they need a sunny day. Let the clouds take a holiday! In case you’re at a crossroad, watch out for your knees. They will start to shake, and make sure that your body language remains correct. What’s important is to participate. If there’s a game, there will be a loser and a winner. What’s important is trying to make sense, because it is part of human nature to be unsatisfied, to play in order to grow and discover things. Why would the odds be not in our favour? After all, who are those men that defined a game you don’t want to play? Do you play that game because you know the rules? It’s so easy when you know them: we are allusions looking for other allusions. The first step for overcoming the odds is keeping score and displaying it. The second step is to get the crowd off their feet. We are not alone, I am here with you. In front of 200,000 people, you can confide in me and everything will be cool. That was a joke from a Canadian humorist on people speaking about their intimate life on the radio!
Overcoming the odds. Take a look at that blog now, a not so empty space. Let’s hope our legs won’t break, and our arms remain wide open to our neighbour. “Go fuck yourself” he said to me; the guy was an easy lover of security.
Crime is increasing, trigger happy superegos work with information that are not criticised. What’s the worst imagination you could face, dealing with a slow start, or an effort that is not well managed? If you feel your legs will break, finish that game fast; although you appreciated such a challenge, there is a time for celebrating, resting and being comforted by close friends. The grass might be greener but the best is yet to come. Mission improbable has started and one might wonder what security can do for us. One thing security can’t do for us is giving news that music failed to put in perspective. Who did that to you, me and us? Was it the simple things? Being an easy lover is no small feat. Security came and said: sorry young man, there’s no (intelligible word) here. You can tell that feelings of guilt and shame for such a show is no ordinary menu. La creme de la creme: the heart of 1945. Different angle, but it’s the same old game: maybe this love ain’t a souvenir. I hope we are not fools, the thief he kindly spoke. And now, we want our money back but we’re denied because the game has not finished.
Love conquers all. Of course, falling in love is hard on the knees. The first thing important in love is food for thought. Cleopatra is driving me insane right now, because she wants to put my body in her brain. In other words, my dignity into her perception. The thing about love, that nobody talks about, is sadness and anger. What do you do when lightning strikes you and you start to fight for no reason? You get an oral fixation which makes you feel like a baby. Hipsters don’t lie: that’s the only way they managed to handle war, like in Lebanon or France (where the war is a social war). Love will make you stupid or will make someone stupid. Love is a walk down on main street, and it’s a story that can’t be told. When it comes to the crunch, don’t hide in disgrace: talk to someone who knows about that stuff. People talking about love are thinking about their hearts. What good is a love affair when your partner takes away your mind like you take away the top of a tin? Crazy old neighbours are enjoying that stuff. And we’ll make it easy to let the past be gone.

Love conquers all. Only love can leave such a scar. There must be 50 ways to get back on the love train. People who knows the power of the mirror will acknowledge that love seems so silly. But it’s dangerous to skip a part about it because crazy old neighbours are lurking.

One of the challenge with words is to define them. When you talk about love, you have to define it, like money. For example, money is simplicity, abstraction and exchange. Love is not the contrary of hate, it’s indifference. Shell shocks are nothing new; flashbacks and a story that can’t be told, that’s what love is. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then make sure to look yourself in the face everyday. There must be 50 ways to leave your lover. This badge on our hearts is just another brick in a wall; a wall so high, that even ski jumpers have a hard time. But there’s always a way when there’s a will. Maybe the time was wrong, maybe it was the neighbourhood, maybe it was the curvature and the torture induced by a combination of factors; one thing we can be sure of, we’ll never ask for more than justice. Why can’t we get over? And when will we ever learn? Loss of consciousness is a serious issue. The price might be expensive but, in the long run, the postman found your letters and read each one out loud. Suddenly, you’re flushed with fever.

Humanity vs Nature. Little bug, do you hear me? If you don’t have a heart of your own, make sure to get a healthy one as a replacement. It will astound you and it will put you in a coma, but mother nature will do miracles. When hurricane Maria arrives in Paris, I hope France will realise how it hurt humanity since 2002. Because in Europe, there are not many natural catastrophes (earthquakes, hurricanes etc…), people only think about enjoying life and forget about geopolitics. There are still countries where Cold Wars are happening. Insanity is a nice word and you could mistreat someone very easily. You know what I’m talking about! Simple clues are not a luxury when you want to approach life the right way. In fact, it’s the basis for success! How did Copernic realise that the Earth was not the centre of the universe? You must give heliocentrism a dirty look. Simple fact: it explains a lot of things. Once, there was a boy, a little sad of eye who traveled a lot. Those trips are difficult to describe but, one thing you can be sure of, he broke another mirror and is turning into something he is not.

Humanity vs Nature. Little bug, remember to have a heart before a brain. Humanity has perverted nature because we all end up being gross. When you have existed for years, you know that very little will change. Except for people knowing that the Earth is not the centre of the universe.

Don’t get old, you’re gonna to feel the cold. There’s always love for sale, but the price is never clear. If you choose the street life, make sure to fasten your seat belt because all drivers are under cocaine. Nature has laws that generation of scientists have spent their last effort trying to uncover. But bad outlaws have decided that with fundamental rights, it was impossible to do something. They decided that the laws were not good enough; wait, they knew the law so well that being caught with their pants down was dismissed as if they had an anal fixation. When you experience stress, you tend to become rigid or messy. When you have a system, honest signals tend to strengthen the group. Any dishonest signal weakens the signalling medium. Usual suspects are opportunism and espionage. Insanity is always a nice thing for doctors but they fail to tell you that you represent money to them. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love, and be loved in return. The return of the space cowboy was programmed. If you break another mirror and turn into something you are not, who’s to blame exactly?

The individual vs society. At the crossroad, if you fall on your knees because nobody seems to know you, make the best of the situation. Otherwise, you will go insane. Society has influencers, but the best are musicians because they capture words for clarity and music for infinity. Of course, businessmen can’t dress like nurses. It’s part of their job to be dressed to kill. Ripples in the curvature of spacetime will make you question your choices sometimes. But why would we sing a sad song then? You can drown if you want to, and we’ll see each other at the bottom. You will put the blame on something and become numb of all the pain (or the pleasure). That’s why it’s important to make sense out of it. Working overtime will put you in a position to do 10 years in prison. When you start to shake at the knees, it’s a serious sign or symptom. With friends surrounded, everything will be cool. People suffer from burnout because they lost the meaning of an experience: in other words, the unconscious mind doesn’t evolve.

The individual vs society. The 1970s were called the “me decade” by some people. Suddenly, an epidemic of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) hails opportunism. When you are afraid to feel that the game and the rules will change, you start bickering with your associates. Small group of people have taken over and they led us to Bedlam.
The 1970s decided that it was time to put man at the centre of the universe back again. They chose to ignore again that the Earth revolves around the Sun. They said that the moon’s dark side was too dark to speak about it. When you have a taste of individualism, you know that it doesn’t exist. It’s a small group of individuals that are ruining society. When you have problems with your limbic system, ask yourself this question: why does that person want to tell me where it’s at? What’s the problem with honesty exactly? Small groups of people decided to take over because they fell in love with love, they say the fear of fear doesn’t exist and the psychiatrist of the psychiatrist has given up on Freud. The individual has forgotten that he is part of something bigger and that oceanic feeling is hard to master. Society only has memory problems; people bicker with their associates and people like to destroy so they can reconstruct. Why would you destroy something so beautiful like the Earth? That’s because of jealous minds or the antichrist: some people try to tell you what they see, and some people don’t know what they want but they know how to get it. Bethlem Royal Hospital, also known as Bedlam, is a psychiatric hospital in London. Its famous history has inspired several horror stories.
Good vs evil. Sharks don’t have cancer: that’s why if you have a serious disease, you might be a victim of opportunism. Take a chance and make sure to have a parachute. The mind is like a parachute; it only works when it’s open. Spies came out of the water; you forget everything you learned. Like kindness, humour, intimacy, dignity, respect, trust etc… I can sense it: leaving Rosenheim is not for the faint of heart. A compromise that works overtime is not a good sign. It’s time to move on! The thing about evil is that, without evil, there would be no good. As if you wanted a sunny day in a country where the sun shines 300 days a year. Let the clouds take a holiday! That question is a problem of point of view. When you are in a plane, or at the top of Mount Everest, or in a jam session, who cares about good or evil? The lines are blurred! If you can’t adapt to your environment, you could try to change it, or you could try to change yourself. The line between good and evil is very thin, as if it was love and hate.
Good vs evil. Sharks don’t have cancer and you could jump like a fish then. Someone has to keep score and display it because otherwise the players and the audience will be lost. And don’t forget to scratch our eternal itch (a 20th century bitch).
When you talk about good versus evil, do you talk about a game? What can be the goal of life, and our lives? What’s the point of that game, if this is one? The first thing I can think of is the following. Where is the referee who is in charge of keeping score? Why is the referee not displaying the score to the players and the audience? The game has rules but, when you lack empathy, you start to wonder how come nobody cheered you up when you scored a basket. People try to put other people down because they get around. It’s part of human nature to think about the past and the future. What if the past was a lantern supposed to give insights for the future? People glorify the present but intense efforts are monitored by the brain. Evil was acceptable in the 1980s. Now good is the new cool: fitter, happier, more productive, not drink too much… One day, we will stop scratching our eternal itch; maybe the 20th century bitch, maybe the siege of Tyre in 332 BC. It is said that Alexander the Great was so enraged at the Tyrians’ defence of their city and the loss of his men that he destroyed half the city. According to Arrian, 8,000 Tyrian civilians were massacred after the city fell.
Fundamental things apply as time goes by. We just talked about the 8 most common themes in literature that death doesn’t want you to know about (the government and the industry too). I’m the kind of man who likes to teach, and be teached.

Back to basics. The word is out on the street, in hospitals and in the police department. The thing is that if everybody starts fucking sheeps, we will be the last of a dying breed. Aliens have already gone to outer space and other worlds in the galaxy. And they know what seduction is. There are so many stars out there! Why always play the same old song: a desert rose, from Vegas to nowhere. In other words, from secrecy to a stranger’s coat. “You don’t know what you will find on an exploration; it’s the reason we’re exploring.” But We watched one movie a bit too often! When a lawyer arrives with ridiculous demands, like “please shut down that blog that infringes copyright”, I know money is behind this: simplicity, exchange and abstraction. There, you have it: eight most common themes in literature that death doesn’t want you to know about (the government and the industry too). Give me a reason to stand still please… Is now the best time to plant a tree? or was it twenty years ago?

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there’s a boy on the bridge
and he’s looking ahead with confusion in his eyes
there’s a man on the ridge
who is laughing out loud, heavily in disguise
there’s a girl on the lake
reflecting her thoughts
which she kisses away with sighs

what would you do in this boy’s place
move on or compromise?
freedom of choice is a h-ll of a burden
maybe living for kicks is wise

there’s a town far below
that is calling him home
where his friends got bored and laid
there’s a hill up ahead
with a mountain behind
with a pub that is barren and frayed

what would you do in this boy’s place
move on or compromise?
freedom of choice is a h-ll of a burden
maybe living for kicks is wise

’cause he wants to be free
but is frighten to be alone
’cause he wants to be free
but is frighten to be alone
’cause he wants to be free
but is frighten to be alone

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!