How France Destroyed Its Nation.

Jun 01, 2019

I lived 20 years in France. In Paris to be more precise. And I’m going to explain why famous French polemist Eric Zemmour once wrote about the “French suicide”.

It seems children are not lovable anymore as if Russians had taken over the country. There’s a growing feeling of hysteria: what should we do now?

I guess the first thing to do is acknowledge the fact that paranoid countries are desperate. They’re stuck in the past and don’t believe in science and progress. To them, monstrous love is normal.

Monstrous love happens when you mistake assets with caricature.

Children are our strongest hope for the future. I don’t know why though: maybe that’s because when you reach a certain age, it’s becoming harder and harder to forget. Someone told you that you had no life and suddenly you try to testify like you can.

The First Step Of The Cure Is Removing Russians.

If you can remove Russians from your life, you know you won’t have to deal with strange experiments where you must associate things. It’s true memory is associative but also a matter of reconstruction. Exercise intolerant people will be delighted.

If you remove Russians who are still experimenting communism and sabotaging capitalism and liberalism, then you can reconnect to your class because if you got none you will end up in the street wondering why people look at you that way.

When you got no class, maybe it’s time to realise the production can’t be that good. To test your class, think about Saturday nights. Who do you spend your time with at that moment?

It’s the time of the week and everyone is easy. You listen to nice music like Jeopardy or One Way Ticket. But the Russians all they know about is poisoning the atmosphere.

You Take The Poison And Say I’m Fine.

There’s something strange taking a poison and thinking you’re fine. I mean it could happen if you’re also victim of the emblem of macabre, violence and madness. Have a look at Rasputine’s pictures.

They say the dose makes the poison: today I’m smoking 4 packs a day and maybe I’m a hypocrite. If it’s true, then it could mean I’m polite. The truth is the real poison today is my memory and my associates.

I don’t know if my friends were wonderful. I guess it might be true since we faced so much adversity. September 11, 30 days war in Lebanon in 2006 and then Purple Haze that people still massacre.

You can tell you were a victim of the Russians when you ask people to play with you. Sure it was the time where you were 8 years old but still those memories matter.

I’m Playing The Guitar When I’m Alone.

Today I can be alone with no fear. I got my guitar and when I stop playing, no sound comes out of the instrument. Some people forget we have the code and it might be severity and cruelty. Which means life is about playing and maybe responsible gaming.

I always liked the game of poker and I spent a few months playing in a facility where there were lots of players. It was a great experience and I won sometimes.

There’s a special moment when you play poker when the probabilities indicate you won the pot with 100%. The debate is over and the money is for you.

Life is about gaming and maybe winning: is it really important to participate? If you’re not there to win, then you should go somewhere else and think about all the lovely things winning is to you.

To me winning comes as a relief and the reward will be interesting. Maybe a nice hotel with someone nice.

It’s So Easy When You Know The Rules.

Rule #1 to destroy a nation is simple: let security toy with you as if you weren’t a player yourself. Rule #2 to destroy a country is more complex: it’s related to the long run and how you want the truth to be said. So hard until then to write the next line.

Blogging is about problem solving; it’s also a conversation. So please leave a comment at the end of the post and tell me what you think.

The blogging game might be more about staying healthy while you’re vomiting on the internet. Because make no mistake: several billion posts everyday is like several billion people vomiting in the toilets of their home. But here they do it in front of lots of people.

And this is rule #3 to destroy a nation: some things are better left unsaid like that time where I saved the world and the reward was a neuroleptic.


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!