What Is France Really About TBH?

Jul 07, 2019

Today I want to write about France. It’s a great country but there’s a dirty old part of the city that still hesitates to try something. Lately I was mentioning it could be the country of troubling coincidences. But I had an illumination based on free association: it could be the land looking for a powerful stimulation.

We know the song Honesty was #1 in France when it came out. But what we don’t know is what that really means. My position as a chain smoker and coffee lover makes me wonder if honesty didn’t simply mean tea. An advert by a famous Swiss company played on the words.

So France might just be a country where everyone is sleeping and they need to find something worth fighting for. France’s love of anti-depressants, sleeping pills and other prescription medication has reached new heights according to figures showing one in three adults in the country use some form of psychotropic drug. Many psychotropic drugs carry the risk of severe side effects.

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Will A Lebanese Tell The Truth About France?

Yes I think we understood the challenge: if you spend some time in France, remember that everyone is sleeping. So the challenge would be to wake up France even though their enemies would not agree.

In France you can really experience bad nightmares in real life. One of my post mentioned that you just have to wake up then. But now I understand what was the problem during my 20 years tenure in Paris: people are sleeping and you experience nightmares almost everyday.

I don’t know if we should wake up France but I have something to say: spending time in Paris’ jam sessions was one of the best period of my life. So yes France please wake up because there are people counting on you.

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Why Did We Think The Problem Was Honesty?

The name France resembles the word honesty and we thought that was the main problem. But if you dig a little deeper, then you understand the problem really was finding something worth fighting for. Everyone is sleeping until the next hit song by David Guetta which is almost like the Brazilian bossa nova hit “One Note Samba”.

I was once watching the sitcom “That 70s Show” and the only thing I remember from it is that “you have to choose your battles”. My battle is very simple: peace on Earth and end of war. It’s a miracle we need and Mother Nature might do all the work for us.

I went to a shrink to analyse my dreams and she said it’s lack of sex that’s bringing me down. But there’s a dream that is still haunting me: the Sabra and Shatila massacre. Revenge and rivalry have made the Middle East a burning fire.

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Does France Know A Thing About Butchery?

France is a great country and its enemies are wide awake: that’s why I had the privilege of witnessing the men that Alois Brunner trained in some kind of rage, worried that someone had blown their cover. But the butcher knows how to take it easy: he doesn’t try to understand.

I was thinking lately that Jews shouldn’t have made an alliance with God because I have news for you: God is not dead but he is seriously ill. And humanity’s selfishness and laziness is driving him crazy. That’s why you can witness sometimes lynching, a vomiting mix of cowardice and intimidation.

Now Iran it seems is determined to have nuclear weapons and this seems legit since Israel also has a nuclear arsenal. But people seems to have forgotten about the START treaty.

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Is Everyone Really Untrue?

I’m kind of severe and cruel with France because the problem with high standards is that any violation becomes a diplomatic incident. It’s much more comfortable to look for a butcher. But anyway are all the countries of the Middle East really honest?

In a world where honesty could save us, it seems we shouldn’t rely on our eyes but on our ears. For example, in tennis, you know you hit the ball correctly by listening to the sound when it touches your racket. So let’s forget about our eyes a little bit and focus on sounds and music.

The sound of France in 1789 was a good one but suddenly we have WW2 and nevermore doesn’t work. Donald Trump once said: “money is not important, what’s important is to play the game”. But there are strange games and funky things like the era we live in.

The Golden Age of Porn is still making children in politics. If I had to show my muscles, I guess it would be an important information for my enemies. So please to all of you who are reading this blog: before someone asks you to show your dick, make sure you are paid upfront.

I also remember there’s a fine line between being polite or hypocritical. If you told the truth, there might be a war.

Nicolas Sursock

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