You Can Make a Last Minute Fortune as a Butcher

Dec 27, 2017

2 or 3 years ago, I tried to start a blog and, a few weeks later, I was out of sight. It seems it is important to write on a regular basis. There’s gotta be a record of you some place, you gotta be on somebody’s books. Indeed, specialising might be the key to a mature occupation. Much ado about nothing. Death is his specialty: Syria’s dictator and his posse. I know what I’m talking about: their love is so heavy, gonna make you stagger. And while you are on your fool’s errand trying to getaway, you meet all sorts of people. Again, for those people, the importance of rivalry and vengeance swells up and reaches a paroxysm of apathy. Apathy can be defined that way: “I don’t know a thing”, which is a bold statement to make. What I know is I have to getaway, and I’m taking you with me. A place where space, time and torture are tamed.

All the dreams we had are under control. It’s a simple matter in fact; it’s about compromise. Our only goal will be the rest and digest response. Because the freeze and dissociate is too cold to be human. The basis of memory is association and reconstruction.

Please Mr Postman, the Song

“Getaway” was a hit song for R&B/funk band Earth, Wind & Fire in 1976 and written by Beloyd Taylor and Peter Cor Belenky and first produced on BELOYD by Melvin Ware who then made the deal to split publishing with EWF. Released from their Spirit album, it spent two weeks at number one on the R&B singles chart and peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Getaway” peaked at number twelve on the disco charts. It has been covered by Lee Ritenour and His Gentle Thoughts. A remixed version also appears on the soundtrack for the 2005 PlayStation 2 video game Gran Turismo 4. “Getaway” sold over a million copies and has been certified gold as up until the RIAA lowered the sales levels for certified singles in 1989, a gold single equaled 1 million units sold. EWF founder Maurice White did the lion’s share of the songwriting for the group, but he was always receptive to songs from outside writers, which resulted in some of EWF’s biggest hits, like “Getaway”. This song fit the “spirit” of the album, which found the band seeking transcendence. Themes that the song deals with include the pain and the pleasure, boredom and the sense of life.

Earth, Wind and Fire is a popular band for people who like to party. And “Getaway” is a natural choice for musicians who like music and groove. Bringing several styles together in a song is an interesting challenge. Tuck & Patti and Lee Ritenour have covered this song. If you taste it, it will haunt you. Themes include pleasure and pain, boredom and making sense of life.

Like many Earth, Wind & Fire songs, “Getaway” is a powerful message wrapped in a funky groove. The lyric could be interpreted as seeking an escape from the mundane, or as a call to look outside your boundaries for your higher self. For the writers of the song, however, it had its own special meaning. Peter Cor told us: “We were on our own spiritual path and the concept came about as we were basically broke, living in a roach-infested apartment in WATTS! That will make you want to ‘Getaway.'” Maurice White credits his co-producer Charles Stepney for bringing the jazz, funk and R&B elements on this song together. The song was written for a flute player named Bobbi Humphrey, but the demo never found him. The song’s co-writer Peter Cor told us: “The engineer on our demo lived in the same apartment building as Verdine and a couple other group members, played them the demo we made, and they created their arrangement from that.” Humphrey says he never heard the song until it was released. In our interview with the band’s bass player Verdine White, he said that this was the hardest Earth, Wind & Fire song to get right in the studio.

Back to Bedlam, aka Almeria

Life is beautiful around the world and music and art makes it a better place. Art as a testimony, something that will allow us to remember a time that people under 20 will not know.

I didn’t celebrate something for a long time: feeling good must be some kind of sin. A lot of stupid people burned the 16th district of Paris to the ground. But I think I’ve reached my limit: chemical drugs used in a perverted way. Straight from the heart! I’m so tired of playing, never even thought I would give my heart away like that, on a blog. With the intimacy of 200,000 people reading. The reason I’m doing that is I want to travel. I always do the same travels: acid trips, cocaine, cigarettes and coffee, love, humour, and so on and so forth.

No doubt those travels form a complex identity. But now, I’m sick of joking; wait, I’m not sick of joking. What I mean is I’m sick of simplifying! I never said I was a victim of circumstances but there aren’t 50 ways to leave my lover. That is the main concern: there are not 50 ways to leave my lover. But my lover has more than 50 ways to piss me off. And now, I have to have an open identity along the strait of imagination. Wait, I have a new complain: forever in debt to your priceless advice. And when I go around the world, I will make sure to use my car and listen to good music with funky people. Some might say I’m going too far in that game: use your allusions!

Context is critical and we lack apathy. People suffering from burnout or PTSD remember a detail of an experience. They don’t relate it to the context. Pleasure and pain are unavoidable: let’s try to make sense. For example, hygiene must be constant.

At the end of the day, I get fight or flight. And I end up in freeze and dissociate. But everybody knows, we need the rest and digest response. Don’t know what kind of food that was, but now I think it’s poison. Or maybe some kind of trance. Trance denotes any state of awareness or consciousness other than normal waking consciousness. Trance states may occur involuntarily and unbidden. Funny but trance and France are not that far-related from a sound point of view: French people know how to party and I forgot how to. The main problem in France is immigration: they accept Jews, Muslims and Christians!

Last time I was sober, I was laughing: I’ve been doing my mea culpa for a long time (an exclamation acknowledging one’s guilt or responsibility for an error). Again, when you think of laughing, it means you want to calm unconscious thoughts. For example, I was orderer to kill Bill, like Uma Thurman. But the problem is that Bill disguised himself as an old man. Loss of control and troubles breathing, because of Michels affair: suspicion and the time is not now! People say: please, don’t die just yet. But, if I don’t die now, I will be back and we will start again with that mind going through changes, about to commit the improbable. Man, secret service, what can they do? Here’s a lesson: never fuck with me and my crew! And if we give in to apathy, then apathy will tell us to read a book, meet a friend, go to a party, practice table tennis, look for St George and the dragon.

Gonna serve the secret up real for ya. It’s a mystery, the game starts for the usual fee plus expenses. If you feel bad about it, try to avoid pressure and try to understand the goal of that game.

I used to be a dragon. But now, it seems I will evolve into a komodo lizard. The komodo dragon is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar. A member of the monitor lizard family Varanidae, it is the largest living species of lizard, growing to a maximum length of 3 metres in rare cases and weighing up to approximately 70 kilograms. Their unusually large size has been attributed to island gigantism, since no other carnivorous animals fill the niche on the islands where they live. Island gigantism or insular gigantism is a biological phenomenon in which the size of an animal isolated on an island increases dramatically in comparison to its mainland relatives. Island gigantism is one aspect of the more general “island or Foster’s rule”, which posits that when mainland animals colonise islands, small species tend to evolve larger bodies, and large species tend to evolve smaller bodies. With the arrival of humans and associated predators (dogs, cats, rats, pigs), many giant as well as other island endemics have become extinct.

And then you’ll stay forever young. Because if you get old, you might feel the cold. If you are experienced like me, you know we are humans before being a boy or a girl!

People who lack ambition are just people who forgot about jealousy. Some songs or albums are very ambitious! For example, “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan or “On How Life Is” by Macy Gray. My ambition in that blog is just do something while hurricane Maria has passed. I’m talking about my heart problems. Use your allusions! I never made a promise I forgot and, I’ll never survive if I don’t go crazy a bit. When love comes to town, I’m going to go to my room, listen to music, play the guitar and the saxophone. Why? After all, I should jump on that train! That’s because I’m a spoonman. During the ground floor experience, I mean the girlfriend experience, my partner did the only thing she shouldn’t have done. The only thing not to do, she did it: play with a knife that was supposed to open letters from the post office. Since then, I have strange men on my back: they know everything about me and they have a gun. What I mean is I need 300 days of sun a year, not 22 years of hesitation on that pedestrian passage. If I don’t do something, someone a little drunk will kill me. Yes, I spent 22 years on a pedestrian passage and I’m still alive!

This blog is breaking my heart. To some extent, the unconscious mind is driving us 90% of the time. And it takes some effort to have a sense of nuance. I can’t believe I’m going to leave Paris, after spending 20+ years there.

Where am I going exactly? I do know it’s grey outside. If I have cancer (perhaps), that means I met someone who had one. Who were those men of care, loyalty and self-distraction? Am I wrong to think that they thought they were right? Their system might be better but, Michels Onfray and other intellectuals in France speak a lot about suicide and decadence. Let me tell you: it’s very easy to go crazy here in Paris when jealous minds are completely blind. They create the conditions for suicide and decadence and start lamenting themselves after. At the crossroad, make sure not to fall down on your knees. My credibility is at stake now. I’ve got a deal for you: that feeling of security comes at a hard price. While people are jumping at shadows, spoonman is trying to quit the trip to the moon. Should we talk before or after the deal is completed? Should we talk in the meantime? Experience shows that, with some people, it’s better to talk after…


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So you say you tried
But you just can’t find the pleasure
People around you givin’ you pressure
Try to resist all the hurt that’s all around you
If you taste it, it will haunt you

So come, take me by the hand,
We’ll leave this troubled land
I know we can

Watch for the signs
That lead in the right direction
Not to heed them is a bad reflection
They’ll show you the way
Into what you have been seeking
To ignore them you’re only cheating

So come, take me by the hand,
We’ll leave this troubled land
I know we can getaway

Lay awake every night
Till the sun comes up in the morning
Nothing exciting, it all seems boring
Make up your mind which way to go about it
To your road, you just don’t doubt it.

So come, take me by the hand,
We’ll leave this troubled land
I know we can (4x)

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