Why should I spend my time on your blog?

My blog is based on 20 years of listening to good music. Jazz, blues, soul, funk and rock mainly. But good electronic and pop music can also be featured on that blog. I’m sharing my thoughts and maybe more.

You will discover the songs that are worth listening to; not the commercial crap which feels like you’re eating the same food everyday. I’m also an astronomy fan and you will discover my vision so mankind can go to space in the near future (instead of waiting another 7 million years).

What should I do with the songs you mention?

Most of the time, when I mention a song, you will find a link to listen to the song on the iTunes Store. I decided to partner with Apple to bring you the finest songs ever. Follow the link and you can buy the song or the album if you like it. You can also subscribe to an Apple Music plan where you can listen to a lot of songs for a regular fee.

These are songs, albums, artists or genres I recommend. Because there must be some music for a lot of troubled situations. Music is about creating a climate and this era is marked by recurring talks about climate change.

How can I help you on your journey?

If you feel this blog generates good ideas and contributes to the well-being of our community, then feel free to make a small donation.

Donating is a meaningful act: it means you’re not asking for something in return except another bomb post. You can donate between 10 and 100 euros or dollars but feel free to send whatever you want. If you want to send a big amount, then could you could become a sponsor.

You can also contribute with your skills. I have written a jobs page and I need people in all areas of a business. This blog will be the next HuffingtonPost and we will need people like Director of Impact etc…

How can I show we are talented musicians?

If you have something to do with the music business (or any kind of business), we can examine ways to work together. For example, I could make sponsored posts and talk about your products (like earphones, audio interface…).

I spent 15+ years in Paris studying, jamming, composing and mixing. And my next endeavour will be to produce my own music while I wait for decent band members with whom I could play music and produce the next big thing.

Why should I subscribe to the blog?

In Paris, I used to monitor classified ads almost daily and found decent musicians to work with (even on small projects). That’s why subscribers will be able to post and read small ads on this website.

Subscribers will also get access to archived posts. Those posts are like fine wine and will be interesting as time goes by. At first, I wanted to rewrite some or even delete some but I thought it might be interesting for some people. If you subscribe you will get access to those posts.

You will also gain access to series (the first series will be about the code I found that put us in prison). It’s a series about alliances but much more.

Do you have something to offer?

As a musician, I propose 4 products: songs (for producers), playlists (for everyone), ideas (for songwriters) and codes (for poets). Since I listen mostly to jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic music, the music I will create might ring a little bell although I do think music is about problem solving and exposing the situation clearly.

Can I hire you in case I need something?

If you have a very specific need that is music related, yes you can contact me and we will reach an agreement based on your goals. If you’re looking for education or coaching or a freelance musician for a one-time opportunity, please explain the project clearly.

I spend most of my time in Paris and Beirut or sometimes Switzerland. But I can travel around Europe and the world with good organisation. If you need to talk to me in person, you will find me in a coffee shop.

Are Payments Secure On The Blog?

This is an important question because it seems some people want to donate or make a payment and stop. So here is the answer: yes payments are secure since I use the software created by Stripe (a startup from the Silicon Valley). Credit card details are encrypted and I can’t see them. Below is an example!

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