Eyes Are The Mirror Of The Soul

Jul 27, 2018

A serious music insight by Kylie Minogue makes me remember that philosophy class in 1998 where the teacher said that eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Let me start by saying that the soul is the more important thing for people. I have already wrote about it in this post because who needs a skin when you got a soul? My soul is a surprising one, corrupted by the Sky and the Earth, by evil friends and good strangers.

When I was 22, I started dating a girl living “Rue du Regard” in Paris. This means “Look Street”. My vision was 20/20, courtesy of several years of good habits. And relationships had no secret for me. The mirror was 80% of the time nice. And my soul was filled with good vibes from my friends.

Suddenly, there’s a shadow hanging over me. The unconscious mind doesn’t evolve, complex ideas like “who is responsible here?” I was thinking about the Lebanese Civil War. We found the culprit: between 75 and 100 years of jealousy.

The Mud Shark In Your Mythology

Sharks don’t have serious issues. I already wrote about serious diseases here. To them, everything is a question of money and food and digestion. To those who are blind, remember that sharks don’t have serious diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders or heart problems.

If you can’t see (even temporarily), the guilty will be hanged. If you have the audacity to stand up for your rights, you will have to stand up for your duties. My duty is to make sure that music wins that fight against monstrous love.

In my mythology, Europe was founded in honour of a Phoenician princess. The mirror is cruel and severe this time. I like to call that the picture of Phrygian Purple. What kind of mediterranean soul can live in a big city like Paris for 20 years?

Who were the Phoenicians who explored the Mediterranean and founded Carthage (modern Tunisia)? Now Lebanese people are hated all over the world because they have a bad obsession about money and food and digestion. There is absolutely no problem with that, because other people worry too much about ideologies.

Can You Read The Mind Of Someone?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Or maybe story telling seems to be the hardest job. I guess when it comes to story telling, the next episode is key.

When I was young, I was thinking on a regular basis: “I wonder what will happen now”. And suddenly, I stopped having those thoughts. For an obvious reason: the plot was a bit vague and my investigation couldn’t ignore the facts. Those souls had a mirror that had something to sell. They make a lot of money with that look.

Out of the blue, I found the Syrian’s secret service disguised in police officers at the bottom of my building in Paris, having a conversation with the son of the caretaker. I wonder what kind of words they exchanged.

But I guess it could go like this: “You Portuguese pig, remember 1492! Now tell me if you have said something to Sursock!” And the son would answer: “no, I promise I kept my mouth shut. Someone fucked you up the ass!”

Do Crocodiles Read About Existentialism?

Sartres used to give me nausea. But now I understand him. WW2 was a model of moral bankruptcy and blurred lines. That’s what happens when teenagers take the power back.

The motto of the city of Paris is: “fluctuat nec mergitur”. In other words, we hesitate but we don’t drown. I guess those hesitations were sponsored by signs that you have a hard time reading. They say Paris is magical which is true without Big Brother and his eyes full of frustration and disgust. Guess he broke another mirror…

I remember a former coworker who told me that existentialism can lead nowhere. And this is confirmed by that other blog article I wrote based on the song Peter Gunn. Some people are double agent (it seems this is standard when it comes to espionage).

I work for crocodiles, sharks and condors. I used to be a dragon but now I’m considering evolving toward a lizard. “Houston, we got a problem.” When we go to space, we will have to remember this will change our lives here on Earth.

Those Eyes Come As No Surprise

As a conclusion, it’s no surprise that eyes occupy our minds that much. If it’s a way to understand your neighbour, maybe crazy eyes will help you detect crazy eyes in other people.

Abuse of power also comes as no surprise. There are no ways to hide those eyes, even in Islamic countries where women are fully covered by a cloth and only their eyes can be seen. Here, in the featured image, you can see hair which might be the subject of another post.

Killer looks can be wonderful when you are out at a party. I have wonderful pictures of former parties where the mirror shows that our souls were living together in harmony. And our eyes had a healthy mix of innocence and darkness.

In my mythology, mind reading is like existentialism: it gives me nausea. Are we that obvious that surprises are unlikely? Everybody loves the element of surprise. In other words, the complex doesn’t evolve. Like a dog without a bone and an actor out on loan. There’s a killer on the road…

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!