Did You Witness the End of the Ancient World?

Jul 22, 2019

Since 2001, I must say my life took a strange path toward the Ancient World. According to my game Diablo 3, the Ancient World is more powerful than the Modern World by 30%. But everybody knows the real incident is around 1994 when Israel wanted to make peace with Palestinians.

Anyway, there’s the French newspaper called Courrier International whose editorial director was a man called Alexandre Adler. In 2001, after the attacks on Manhattan, he published a book called “I Witnessed the End of the Ancient World, 2001”, a geopolitical analysis of the consequences of the September 11 attacks in 2001.

I hope that man who was at the head of an interesting publication realises that, if to him the Ancient World is 1973, what should we do with 3000 years of history, the alphabet and sea exploration?

I know that man has got to sell and I didn’t buy his book. But please the Ancient World doesn’t stop in the 1970s. Another book who will be more than twist in my sobriety.

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Will You Read That Kind Of Stupid Book?

I’m a fan of Amin Maalouf when it comes to reading books. But this one from Alexandre Adler will never make our conscience clear. The title of the book is already misleading and one can wonder what kind of shit there was in this book as a result. I was a reader of Courrier International and now I wonder if the shit in my head isn’t due to that.

If you want to have a clear conscience, never forget to criticise. If to this man the Ancient World is in the 1970s, that tells a lot about all those people in power who don’t know anything about history.

To me the Ancient World started when Gilgamesh and Enkidu used to hike in Lebanon’s forests. And by no means is it limited to the 1970s. Another bad case of a revolution that tried to erase the past.

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Will You Do What That Man Says?

Now I realise how wrong we can be by trusting some people blindly. I guess the guy was a pawn in somebody’s game. The Ancient World cannot die so easily and music reminds me everyday that I’m traveling into time and space each time I listen to a song.

Since 2001, the world has taken a really strange path filled with steam and rain. But again someone must profit from that situation. Of course it must be a banker and a politician. Scandal: they’re going to turn us into freaks.

The Ancient World is everywhere in music. Even funk artists got inspiration from classical music (for example, listen to Deodato). What’s wrong with the Ancient World and why do you think you saw its end?

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Was It Timidity That Made Him Too Ambitious?

We need a shy guy who will always be ours: Adler was a pawn in somebody’s game. Otherwise, why would he call this book that way? I know he’s got to sell but nobody believes you can erase history that way.

I guess we have a big problem in the Middle East because people are tired of the Israel-Arab conflict. This brilliant land who saw 3 important religions rise disturbed the whole world. Some people talk about alliances; others talk about only one imaginary friend and the last ones talk about a message that everybody knows about.

I guess the definition of religion is quite clear: it’s something that allows us to bond. I worked with muslims, jews, buddhist, Chinese, Indians, French and Spanish people. The only thing that I remember is that someone was trying to make slaves out of us.

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Do We Have To Call The Thought Police?

I remember when I was young, I was skiing in the Alps and I thought this was a bit dangerous sometimes. And then I decided to watch out for my thoughts because, if I didn’t, I would end up doing something crazy on the slopes. That day I will remember all my life that thoughts are important.

But I guess I didn’t remember the promise I made since I’m writing a bit of trash on the internet. It might not be politically correct but you know writing 750 words everyday is a difficult task. Not all days are created equal and some days you might have nothing to say.

And now I share a song mentioning “we shouldn’t care about different thoughts”. I guess thoughts are important because everybody might be at war with their thoughts. When I dated my first girlfriend, quickly she asked me about what I was thinking. When I was with her and we were on “honeymoon”, I didn’t think about anything.

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What’s The Path Until You Play Your Life Away?

It’s true there might be only one life we know. And that’s why witnessing the end of the Ancient World could be full of anxiety. But there might be a better life for me and you.

In 2010, I played my life away: 15 murder attempts by so called friends in the span of 4 months kind of made me cold. Should I give my organs now? I know 2 good organ songs: they talk about improbable things, awful players, the night you were born and making love with no pain.

Today the pain I felt is indescribable. Remember in some circles I’m known as Jesus 2. That’s because my entourage made heavy use of pardon when I was young and thought it was a good alibi for misbehaving.

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Why Should We Preserve The Ancient World?

As a conclusion, the Ancient World is interesting because we could still optimise it and even make some augments due to our desperation (which might be a tender trap). For example, what if we could travel space and the Milky Way easily?

Today I have to open my heart: I witness so many couples in the street and coffee shops that being single becomes really strange. But sadly my heart is taken by someone who died. I still don’t know if she left me or if she left the planet. I guess she left me for a better man or world: so the real question for me today is “how can I get some rest without leaving this world?”

To me it seems quite clear: the Byzantine empire is the model we should follow because its heritage is big. And our children are the strongest hope for the future. The world of Alois Brunner is a strange one where you spend your time faking it until you make it. But children are laughing at you: boxing is a strange sport and your head will explode.

Maybe also one thing that will save us is to go ALL IN. Because the children in me is almost dead. And let me tell you it’s a very strange feeling.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!