How Emotions Can Help You Adapt.

Apr 04, 2019

Last time I had an intense emotions, I was listening casually to song and suddenly fell on my mattress as if I had one Roland Garros or the World Cup. Maybe that’s because every victory has a taste that’s bittersweet.

But I remember from that day that I felt my body as if it was united around something. You know sometimes you can feel pain in a left ankle or maybe on the right side of your brain. With that kind of emotion there wasn’t a part of my body that felt left behind.

I wonder now how emotions I’m feeling are shaping my body. I know the limbic system (which is part of the triune brain theory) deals with emotions and memory. Right now, I’m feeling a bit dizzy everyday. I’ve been saved: that’s why I love you (maybe).

What if all emotions were allowed down here on Earth? What if the challenge was only to keep them in a habitable zone?

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The Right Distance With Your Emotions.

What’s the good distance between someone and his emotions? Since it’s the distance to the Sun that makes life possible, what’s the importance of our emotions? After all, we also have a reptilian brain and a neocortex (still according to the triune brain theory).

Emotions are so powerful and I must say I did some research about it. There are 4 kinds of emotion: simple, mixed, repelled and pseudo. I knew the day would come where I would have to talk about it.

Eurythmics used to sing about the rain (maybe the brain?): a new emotion. Those emotions must mean something. I know there’s some kind of monster haunting me right now. The kind you find in a song like the ones from Genesis: “they said it was safe, they lied”.

If you taste it, it will haunt you: the devil’s cup. But why does emotional intelligence is so valued these days?

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An Explanation On The Importance Of Emotions.

Essentially, all our emotional responses are there to help us adapt to every situation in our lives. They serve to help us get the most out of every moment and avoid the obstacles and dangers that lie in our path. It’s a bit like a very sophisticated guidance system that brings us to our main destination: the satisfaction of our needs.

Sometimes we marvel at the sonar system used by dolphins to guide them. With our emotional system, we have nothing to envy them, on the contrary! Every emotion or feeling gives us a precise message about our inner balance. The list of examples would be long, because each feeling carries a particular message.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to walk around with a translation manual to know the particular meaning of each, just be careful and feel it completely. If I am receptive and curious about the feelings and emotions that appear in my inner world, it is quite easy to understand the messages.

Emotions are like a system to satisfy our needs. Now let’s see the kind of emotions humans can experience (not talking about robots).

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Best Emotions Are The Simple Ones.

The simple emotions are the best ones. When I was talking about the emotion I felt in the beginning of the post, I had a complex emotion that was simplified with a song. It’s easy to digest!

When you can simplify an emotion with a song, I think you’re on the right track. Because sometimes books and movies are more difficult to understand. Songs are simple and straight to the point. There’s no suspense: you don’t have time for it except maybe in epic songs like Hotel California or Kashmir.

When you can simplify an emotion and fall on your mattress like I once did, then that’s what really important. Now let’s see the nasty emotions that humans might face.

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Can You Fix The Problem Of Mixed Emotions?

Mixed emotions are composed of several emotional experiences. They usually contain one or two emotions and other kinds of experiences that serve to defend against one of these emotions. To get information correctly, you have to break down the mixed emotion.

Last night a DJ saved my life with a song. Lately I couldn’t agree more. I even saw a girl on Facebook proudly showing her profile picture and a t-shirt she was wearing in a club saying: “music is cheaper than a psychiatrist”.

For example, at the moment I’m experiencing jealousy (which is not surprising). It’s a clever mix of sadness, anger, frustration and disgust. If I was correctly dealing with my jealousy, I would leave Paris and go back to Beirut where I could rule the world in the sunshine. But Paris is a hard city to leave: even though the city pissed me off, I do feel musicians there have a good level.

I guess mixed emotions can really make you work a lot. But wait until you find out about the next types of emotions.

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Leave Me Alone Nasty Emotion!

The next type of emotion is what the website I discovered called: repelled emotions. These are usually body-dominating experiences. They take place when you reject an emotion or avoid its expression. We must find the repressed emotion.

Rejected emotions can be awfully expensive. Because someday you wake up and realise you don’t know what to do with your feelings so you wanna trash them. And that maybe why I’m writing this blog: I’m trashing my emotions on the internet just in case.

The emotion I rejected was just another teenager’s pathetic drama heartache. And last but not least, here come the emotions that need a translator.

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They Look Like Emotion But…

Sometimes I like to think someone is knocking at the door of my heart. Who can it be now? Maybe another person from my childhood who is still wondering how to leave this place. One of my former classmate became a priest and made a video about paternity and virility. And here I am stuck in the middle with you.

You know some people think I’m Jesus but I’m not. I’m the last prophet who will send mankind in space and even beyond the Milky Way. But if I was Jesus 2, I should have built a temple. And I guess the temple could have been: the revealing slip.

So the last kind of emotion is: pseudo emotions. They have the appearance of emotion. They are rather “ways of saying things” that seek to capture emotion. With this blog I’m trying to say: “I’m a talented musician and that blog should allow me to make a living”.

Pseudo emotions look like emotions but they are kind of a revealing slip. Let’s go to the conclusion of that post about human emotions.

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Emotions Guide Us Towards Satisfaction.

The Rolling Stones used to sing “they couldn’t get no satisfaction”. That’s rather odd for artists since they usually have a rich culture. But maybe this was at the beginning of their career and they had to wait a little to understand that satisfaction thing.

If you can be friendly with all your emotions then maybe you will be more satisfied. At the beginning I was talking about keeping emotions in a habitable zone where life is possible. Once I tried to swim longer than usual and the trainer told me “I was too intense and, as a result, I get tired easily”.

Let’s try to keep emotions in a habitable zone and then the water will flow in your body. Dehydration and the desert will be a piece of cake with the right distance!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!