How Come You Have Any Doubts?

Oct 29, 2018

This post was inspired by a song called “Le Freak” (band: Chic). I had small doubts about why I’m feeling this way. Let’s dignify this heroic butchery.

Voltaire used to talk about war as a heroic butchery. Little did he know prices will fluctuate and someone will be taken off his pedestal. Lately, I was trying hard to understand why I’m feeling this way and it seems I can’t ignore anymore the facts.

Until I was 30, I made lots of money just by saving 70% of all the amounts I received. I even managed to get a big amount from my former company before leaving them for new adventures. But in the long run, I guess most of us have only one thing on our minds: money.

Going broke is a strange experience as if you couldn’t get out of bed. People don’t buy stories about the war. A few days ago, I witnessed a conversation between 2 people. The girl was shouting: “I’m tired of spending my time with rapists and addicts”!

A Singer’s Failure, A Band’s Success

This song was written because the band was refused access to a nightclub where singer Grace Jones invited them. It seems Jones put them on the list but Studio 54 was known for its notoriously long customer waiting lines, exclusive clientele, and discourteous doormen.

At first they thought of singing “Fuck Off” and settled for “Freak Out” after a time of meditation. Maybe they were playing on words with French because “freak” means money in French slang. All dressed up and nowhere to go on New Year’s Eve, they left and started writing this song as a reply to the doorman.

They ended up not working for Grace Jones, although Nile Rodgers (a member of the band) produced her comeback album in 1986. Jones’ failure to notify the nightclub’s staff produced one of the finest disco hit which would remain for a long time a success in parties.

This is the best selling single of all time for Atlantic Records with 13 million sales, including 2 million in the USA. Rodgers and Edwards (from the band) wrote this after they were denied admission to a nightclub, even though one of their song often played inside!

Just One Try, You Will Be Sold

I used to receive 400 euros a month from my parents when I was a student. I had a decent life because I was not alone. My friends and I used to spend time together and it wouldn’t cost us a lot. But in the long run, it’s harder and harder to find someone in my position.

Don’t look surprised: when you spend time with people shaking each time they have to deal with money, you will be playing by this rule; you will forget security, communication, simple things like going to a coffee shop and meeting new faces.

I guess money is a daily fight: it’s a full-time job to save 70% of what you receive from life. I decided to shut down my Facebook fan page because I spent 1000$ on advertising and received nothing in return.

Ain’t Got No Money, You’re No Good

All this talk of getting older and wiser, it’s getting us down. When I was a child, the days were long with 15 years of civil war. Little did we know it was the same in Paris with our classmates. I have no news from some people: I don’t know if they’re dead or if they found lots of money and settled on an island.

When you have lots of money, at some point you would like to make other people happy. But intestine wars have taken over leaving people in a state of total confusion. There are undercover agents for the blues among us. Are you pissed off? Only today they like to say.

They all got us by the bills. Have you ever had to deal with a case of food poisoning? It’s as if you listen to good music and sometimes listen to Ace of Base or Britney Spears.

Tire Tracks All Across My Back

I’m not the only soul accused of hit and run but this riddle was so hard to dignify. Of course, money is the main suspect but I have other hints about why most of us are having a hard time dealing with the challenge of life: slavery tracks, monstrous love, drunk with rivalry and vengeance, fluorescent adolescence…

I guess I could come up with other stuff if I have the time. What about narcissistic perversion in the long run? Sports used to advise that one should not be a narcissistic pervert but one should learn to talk about there strengths. Maybe that’s because a team effort is what humanity does best?

I could talk about a team effort all day long: one should try dignity at the end, win or lose. Revenge will surely come…

Stopped By My Favorite Coffee Shop

Once I was looking for singers to work with (I like to play the guitar). I met one who had an opera voice and we were going to sing popular songs. I told her I didn’t care and wanted to work with her. On the phone, she was happy and told me: “yes, it’s a universe!”

It’s a ghost town when you can’t tolerate a bad day.

Now there’s always love for sale and most people will discard your fairy tale. If storytelling is about finding a good excuse, then mine is letting me down. My sources are jazz, blues, soul, funk, and rock mainly. Should I write a holy book like the Bible?

One day my children will look at me in the eyes and say: you’re no father of mine because you won’t let us out. Lebanese children born in the 80s are wondering what’s so civil about war anyway?

Fundamentals As Time Goes By

As a conclusion, if most of humanity is obsessed with money, should we care about it? One day you wake up in a stranger’s coat and see your old friends wanted dead or alive.

Some stupids with effort intolerance burned the place to the ground.

It’s a strange place to be allowed in but never out. Some might say you can check out but you can never leave. You look in the mirror and all you see are jealous minds with a point of view always self-centered. Let me tell you how it will be: you donate money to this blog and you will get another nice song with a nice post attached.

The minutes change like seasons: 2 days ago, someone read this blog and told me it was intense. Sex and money are our major kicks; get us in a fight, we like the dirty tricks!

And that’s why I’m having doubts. Money always wins, why should it be a surprise? It’s so hard to dignify that because the conversation has run dry. If we only knew what money represents exactly… Maybe there’s too much to say?

If you have doubts about motivation and try to find something else than money as a way to justify your life, make sure to include sex and fights.

Aaahh freak out!
Le freak, see’est Chic
Freak out!

Aaahh freak out!
Le freak, see’est Chic
Freak out!

Have you heard about the new dance craze?
Listen to us, I’m sure you’ll be amazed
Big fun to be had by everyone
It’s up to you, it surely can be done
Young and old are doing it, I’m told
Just one try, and you too will be sold
It’s called Le Freak! They’re doing it night and day
Allow us, we’ll show you the way

Aaahh freak out!
Le freak, see’est Chic
Freak out!

All that pressure got you down
Has your head spinning all around
Feel the rhythm, check the rhyme
Come on along and have a real good time
Like the days of stopping at the Savoy
Now we freak, oh what a joy
Just come on down, to fifty four
Find a spot out on the floor

Aaahh freak out!
Le freak, see’est Chic
Freak out!

Now freak!
I said freak!
Now freak!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!