Feel free to donate any amount you want. Here is an example of how the money will probably be spent: 3 euros and I go to the coffee shop to dance like Iggy Pop. But donate all you want, even 999 euros if you can. All the songs I share are worth your time.

This music blog almost received 1.5 million euros in donation in 2020. Let’s make this society a little cleaner and a bit more tolerant.

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Now you know how to donate to this music blog and you know it’s secure. But maybe you’d like to know a little more so here are 4 reasons to donate.

Why Should You Donate To The Dragon In Me?

Reason 1: Don’t Miss A Day In The Sun.

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Make sure to donate if you feel this blog should continue. I have to take care of my family and the people who believe me.

I would recommend donating between 20 and 100 euros or dollar, but feel free to send more! In March 2020, I almost made 1.5 million in donations if it wasn’t for checkout abandonment.

If you send more, this might become a kind of sponsorship, and we could talk about being partners (not in crime, but rhyme). I know some philosophy teacher who might like the subjects that I am evoking here.

Sometimes topics are essential like that post about existence and how we shouldn’t be surprised because we buttered our bread. Now what if music was food for thoughts?

Reason 2: Don’t Eat Bad Pizzas, Like Michael Jordan.

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I remember a game from the 90s’ Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan: they called it the flu game. Americans often talk about influenza-like illness. The case of Jordan was food poisoning.

Here the food is so diverse that you can tolerate the occasional occurrence of food poisoning like Celine Dion or Ace of Base. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like commercial music, but I feel it’s essential to know the songs that matter.

That’s why I share the songs that I deem worthy of spreading or listening alone. If you’re frightened someone might discover you listen to Rap Metal or Minimal music, John Paul II used to say: don’t be afraid.

Don’t be a victim of food poisoning and you will have energy. Now what if a friend invites you somewhere and you have to dance?

Reason 3: Don’t Feel Like A Fool In A Disco.

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Have you ever been to a jam session? I used to go out almost every day in Paris. I was going to jam sessions to play with fellow musicians.

Suddenly, a song worth 3 months of effort pops. Most people quit, which is why they never get to the sweet spot.

If you go out of your house and you know it’s dark outside, make sure to bring with you the best songs. So many artists have great songs that aren’t well known for most people.

It’s was an incredible feeling to go out every night and discover I know the right songs like other musicians. Last but not least, let’s go back to basics.

Reason 4: No Doubt Music Does Sooth The Mind.

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Music softens manner is a famous proverb that seems to have its origins in the writings of Plato. This expression implies that music would affect manners through its educational and soothing virtues.

Blogging should be about entertainment, information, and education. Most of us can spend our lives a bit stunned because we were having a good time, and suddenly someone says we’re out of our minds.

Music is everywhere, and I wonder what it can do when we have to deal with war and dirty minds. We need to have some inspiration sometimes when the words don’t come easily, and you won’t or can’t remain silent.

There you have it: 4 reasons to donate to this blog and contribute to the spread of good music. Now you can go back to the top of the page and decide what amount you want to give!