How Does Your Doctor Feel About You?

Jun 15, 2019

Today I’m going to talk about the sensitive subject of the relationship you have with doctors. Sometimes I had some a good relationship with the doctor and sometimes it feels like he/she felt puzzled about my case. It’s a ravenous town!

The fact that a doctor can let you down says a lot about medicine, our system and the limits of victimization. The truth is an apple a day might be important but what’s really important is that your doctor feels great when you’re feeling great.

Yes, doctors are human beings and can be the subject of burnout or compassionate wear. After all, they might have to go to the doctor sometimes.

In this post, I want to talk about what happens when the doctor gets angry. Because when you are in good health, odds are you won’t have to see the doctor. The doctor might be tired of seeing your dark side!

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A Feeling I’ve Seen The Last Of You.

You know sometimes there’s an emergency and the doctor is here for you. Suddenly you have illumination and the doctor is tired of your bullshit. After all, if people knew how I found out that Vy = PnG2 was the equation of the future, I would end up with a prescription to stay in bed until I’m sober.

Sometimes you just feel you can’t ask the doctor the impossible or the improbable. You know it’s a good doctor because you have seen him/her in a less critical situation.

Maybe the case is closed and you will see him/her afterward. Suddenly, you start to get nervous and angry and the doctor proposes pills. You blew it all playing a dangerous game called “express yourself” and nobody gonna make you crawl.

Yes, sometimes the doctor can remind you of the adverse conditions you want to forget. And that’s how you might have seen the last of him/her.

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This Time I’ll Get It Right.

One day you want to piss off a friend who done you wrong. You start hesitating if you should go see a lawyer or a doctor. Of course, since everything is confidential, you can go see a doctor.

Suddenly you impress the doctor with a back somersault and he/she wants you to do it again. Of course, since it was painful you say to him there is no chance to do it again.

You know the police heard you and you know the police does everything they can to fight crime. But one should try to define crime then: it’s something that’s bad for the limbic brain. And that’s where music comes handy since it helps you get an emotional education.

One day you will get it right and the doctor will understand. If it’s not asking too much, he/she will send you someone to love.

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The Doctor Told You It Was Rich.

That one is really the kind of doctor we all need: at the first rendezvous, he/she will tell you what you’re talking about is very rich. As if you weren’t a teenager anymore stuck in a world of assassination.

It’s so rich that the doctor will wonder where have you been exactly. And the doctor is right: you are the most important person since the Big Bang (14 billion years).

Of course, you will start to open up and the thief will be right here so keep your game uptight. You can take your secrets underground but you can also find someone to trust. It’s hard to say it, I hate to say it but the best way to have loyal people around you is money. Or maybe words: I’m still hesitating.

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Is An Angry Doctor The Saddest Thing?

As a conclusion, an angry doctor might be the saddest thing to witness. As if some kind of love went away. Some doctors will promise you to get you back on your feet but an apple a day is making you fit and handsome.

I guess doctors might have an interesting point of view. So do the musician or the astronomer or the butcher. But doctors have a real responsibility: it’s the promise to get you back on your feet.

Why is the bottom part of the body so important? That’s because it’s the part that has to deal with gravity. Most doctors will advise you to monitor your weight and really it might be about influences.

Today I listened to this song called “Red Baron” but right before I was listening to “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors: there’s a killer on the road; his brain is squirming like a toad.

Nicolas Sursock

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