Do You Want To Enter A Wonderful Standard World?

Dec 07, 2019

New relationship energy refers to a state of mind experienced at the beginning of sexual and romantic relationships, typically involving heightened emotional and sexual feelings and excitement.

NRE begins with the earliest attractions, may grow into full force when mutuality is established, and can fade over months or years. The term indicates contrast to those feelings aroused in an “old” or ongoing relationship.

Much has been said about the power of new. Because the past makes you angry and nervous, then the power of new becomes clear until it becomes the past: the power of new resides in the progress we made since the past.

As such, something new might be about progress. And that’s where we need a standard so we can measure this progress. And we need a standard to enter a world where life is seldom disappointing.

By the way, today, we might evoke the thrilling subject of secret service and how our subconscious relies on them! Is John le Carré insisting that we are through with the shadow within?

Most Of The Time Your Subconscious Will Be The Boss.

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Now enter that wonderful world where your subconscious rules. It seems it’s a powerful approach because most people handle life that way.

I read a few things about the subconscious that were interesting but there are 3 thing that blew my mind. The subconscious does not understand negation. He retains the dominant idea of ​​the formula or suggestion. Thus, in the suggestion “I have no more stomach ulcer”, the subconscious retains “stomach ulcers”.

The subconscious is particularly sensitive to the language of emotion. The subconscious reacts very strongly to the power of images (thus visualisations). Now we should try to choose between sounds and pictures: I chose sounds for the energy but other approaches could be respectable.

John le Carré said our health is tied to secret service which represents the subconscious of the country. I guess we could say health and secrets are related.

Does Your Funny Past Insist You Paid Your Dues?

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There’s a line in the song by Bridgewater that makes me wonder a lot. Venus if of course my ex girlfriend and it seems she insists I know now what went wrong between her and me.

A friend had dated the daughter of a colonel and I thought I couldn’t protect someone.

This sent me into a rage as you can understand. After all, if I can’t protect a friend, how am I going to protect my girlfriend? It’s a sad situation that became more and more absurd. We didn’t discuss it because there was too much to say.

This feeling inside isn’t funny at all. It hid inside me more and more to the point of aggravating my cancer or fever.

With The Light Comes An Awful Doubt.

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This is new and you know it’s exciting to watch the progress humanity has made. But deep inside you still wonder if you’re going to heaven or hell.

I have good news for you though: I think heaven and hell have the same kind of problem. Mostly jealousy, devaluation, control, thinking of the worst, and a clever mix of sadness, anger, frustration disgust.

They let you hit the ground. Paris Hilton would of course think of frenemies (friends that are enemies and who are just being polite or hypocrite).

I guess if you’re tired of heaven and hell and the battle between good and evil, there might be a solution: wake up dead man and smell the slime. Nature has some answers to a lot of problems we face.

Do You Love The Element Of Surprise?

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As a conclusion, like Bridgewater clearly mentioned it, please enter a world where life is bliss: you can track progress easily and you’re seldom disappointed.

If it’s new then there must be some anxiety and stress of course. But if you respect the standard (like the jazzmen), you know everyone will be happy: the audience and the musicians.

Maybe we are through with the shadow within. Secret service recruits la creme de la creme. With secret service we know what will happen: no tomorrow. You shake that ass and a lot of people die.

When the story takes a twist (as a good story should), we start to understand that we’re tired of those standards. We need something new like Herbie Hancock. Maybe the future will be about a clever mix of the old and the new, of ancienty and modernity.

A great force resides within our humanity, our curiosity and our vocabulary. Maybe it’s time humanity forgets about politeness/hypocrisy and shows its muscles like an atomic bomb or a beautiful person.

Nicolas Sursock

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