Do You Understand Where You Got That Cold Heart?

Nov 30, 2019

This is the 3rd post since the new orientation of this music blog (as a reminder, it became strictly nonfiction). And now I understand where I got that cold, cold heart.

It’s no secret that the universe can explode because of one man’s lie. Is there a lot of things if he could he’d rearrange? One thing is sure though: someone put a spell on me and I wonder if my partner only meant that I was her propriety.

You know sometimes people like to play games and they try to reach your intelligence. For some odd reason, the brain you’re trying to reach right now is out of order. Please try again later.

And this is why I’m writing a blog: I want my brain back so I can reward some people and punish others. But of course I got that cold, cold heart for a simple reason.

I was born in Beirut in 1980 while we experienced bombardements during the civil war and we were regularly going to shelters. Suddenly, my partner tells me I never went through anything because it seemed I lacked intimate experience!

Is There A Thin Line Between Love And Hate?

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Recently our neighbour Syria is also experiencing a kind of civil war. Needless to say the tyrannic ruler made a lot of enemies to the point of being elected with 99% of the vote. You don’t know if it’s fear or desire!

I remember Barack Obama drew a line while he was in power: he said that the use of chemical weapons would trigger an American intervention in Syria. Let’s draw the line between love and hate until I show my ace.

How come I always have a hard time when it comes to my former partner? The reason is simple: she said things she didn’t have to. But what about that ace I was talking about?

Caring Means You Have To Pay A Strange Price.

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I don’t know about you but I never paid for something if the price looked strange. For example, if you go to my products page, you can find a product called “codes” for an expensive price.

That’s because those codes can unlock a hidden meaning in words.

But the price of caring is ridiculous: you will spend your lifetime trying to make a profit with that strange product called “saying things you didn’t have to”.

How come I always have a good time in my car while I’m driving to the coffee shop? I’m in full control, I trust others and I listen to good music.

But the price for dating my former partner becomes “@§!34ùpW”. What kind of price is that? It looks like a strong password (LOL)!

Is It A Cruel Winter That Never Ends?

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You wonder where you got that cold, cold heart. Let me tell you there’s no season anymore since 2002. To be more precise there’s only one season: winter as if I lived in the North or South Pole.

They used to sing summer can be cruel because you felt lonely. But winter can also be cruel because you feel like there’s a party every day and all day long. You’re constantly drunk and you become the public enemy #1.

Lately I was reading an article mentioning the future of human beings is complexity, cancer and self-destruction. The reason might be simple: one day you wake up and you have confidential information about something important.

I don’t think there’s any secrets anymore. With word of mouth, everybody knows something about you. And I’m not even talking about bipolarity and schizophrenia.

They say schizophrenic people have an obvious subconscious. But it’s the case since you are born. This winter never ends: we must invent a new disease to feel our lives are going somewhere.

Do You Know What’s Ailing You?

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As a conclusion, like Ray Charles used to sing, I don’t think we need a doctor to understand where we got that cold, cold heart. We are tired of being the villain of the place.

How come we have a hard time when it comes to so many basic things like space travels? Is it a bone thing? Is it a nirvana thing?

Maybe the real problem is that one day you wake up and you realise you like when people come to you asking for help or wanting to work with you. One day you decide you want to be that person for somebody and you start talking with random strangers.

Or maybe the cold, cold heart comes from having problems decoding. It seems information is encrypted sometimes so we can have some privacy. How come we always have a hard time when it comes to privacy?

Nicolas Sursock

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