Do You Have The Heart Of Somebody By Any Chance?

Jan 13, 2020

I like to play a game called Diablo 3. It’s a dark universe like ours, but something is interesting when playing this game. You can farm something called “death breaths” along with “forgotten souls.”

I’m blessed enough today to know what a death breath is.

With time, you stumble upon an experience that’s hard to digest. It lives inside of you. And your body becomes more and more acid. In a nutshell, your brain and another organ might become one. It’s as if you had a liver instead of a mind.

Queen might explain this easily:

  • you suck my blood like a leech,
  • you break the law, and you preach,
  • you screwed my brain till it hurts,
  • you took all my money, and you want more.

The band Kiss would add:

  • I never had a confession,
  • I never had a home,
  • I never had any worry.

Of course, that’s until you meet someone called Domino. Domino seems to be someone important because, if he or she falls, everybody around falls. But Domino kisses like the kiss of death.

Do You Love Playing With Fire?

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Yesterday I stumbled upon an art called “the art of stopping.” It seems BDSM people who like discipline have agreed upon two words to make their games enjoyable:

  1. a safe word meaning the game must be stopped right now,
  2. a slow word indicating the intensity of the game must be reduced.

Discipline is a fascinating topic because it’s the art of living afraid of punishment. It bothers me that you don’t talk about rewards. In the game I play, the premium for killing monsters is the awesome gear with extraordinary power.

Readers of that blog know I did a few experiments in my life, some with a little pain. And I must say teleportation fascinates me. You can travel without having to face or be corrupt by the environment.

Can You Be A Fool Of The First Division?

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When I was 14, I was still a little foolish to believe that people won’t expect only the very best from me. It seemed a reasonable request for someone living with the bourgeoisie and its associated mediocrity.

But a fool from the first division must be the president and its close collaborators.

You’d better stop the experiment because we messed it up completely. It’s hard to start things over. And you wonder what the hell is your problem.

Now I’m listening to metal music sometimes. And this is the very best, according to me: being able to spot the light even if you don’t like the style or this kind of music.

It’s refreshing to have a heart of your own, but I guess sometimes it’s reasonable to be inspired by the music of others. If children have an innate sense of the mystery of God, then a child is the answer.

If You Forget Your Name Should You Start To Worry?

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Some experiences are filthy. You wonder what kind of woman was behind because make no mistake: if it’s dirty, it means a woman was behind this. And only a woman can cure you. If you’re a woman, then only a man who explored his feminine side can cure you.

When I was 28, I wanted to change my name. I spent my time saying there is no crisis: rape and murder were a shot away.

Mother Nature is a wonderful woman. And I guess many of us turn to her in times of trouble. Maybe Mother Mary is also powerful. But you know what’s better than all of this: Mother “Know Your Enemy.”

Can I get the credit for finding the safeword to stop this mess? Can I get the credit for saying that “a point of view is happiness”?

Should You Remember Sharks Are Still Stuck In The Sea?

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To conclude, we were the elected animal. But the problem of humanity is hesitation: should we be more animals or more close to God?

Our limbic brain has a hard time dealing with the demands of the reptilian and the neocortex. In a classic of disputes, the one in the middle is suffering a lot. I know what I’m talking about since I was raised in a family of 10 cousins. And I’m the fourth one from below born in 1980.

My death breath must come from unresolved trauma in childhood.

At the moment, I’m frozen. Maybe my heart isn’t open, or maybe I have the heart of someone else. Dear reader, you have to put yourself in my shoes.

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How can you ever win when you’re so scared to lose? 🙂

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