Did A Wide Range Of Emotions Got You Paralysed?

Dec 04, 2019

I was randomly browsing the web today. I know some parents can feel overwhelmed sometimes because their children behave like invaders. Did someone destroy your perfect world?

Anyway, the key here is to understand that people can sometimes experience a wide range of emotions. Take for example the parents I was talking above: sadness, anger, questioning, guilt, intolerance, and isolation. Isn’t it so overwhelming you can become so intense you feel like a warrior?

But you know what: I’m proud of people experiencing a wide range of emotions. Because at the moment my life is summarised with only one emotion I felt when I was 17 (I’m 39): a chemotherapy.

It’s like an atomic bomb so make sure to spend time with Mother Nature. It’s the only woman that will allow you to mend. And I know a friend of a friend who became a naturopath.

I’m going to get inspiration from the song “I will survive”: after all, it starts with a clear exciting message! At first I was afraid and petrified!

Does Class Hatred Become The Motivation With Time?

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I read in a book about being mean that, with time, class hatred engulfs all feelings in its abyss. But one should be more precise: with time, chemical drugs and weapons become the only emotion you’re thinking of.

It’s like you had an only friend like music. Thank God music is so vast you can have multiple friends: Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Brubeck, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and so on and so forth.

Should we be careful about class hatred? And why should we be so angry? After all, communism said it was the end of the class system. That’s because, when you’re 14 yo on average, you discover a wonderful world: took a stone from my soul when I was lame.

If You’re Not Allowed To Experience Fatigue Take Care!

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When I was 14 years old, I experienced a wide range of emotions that finally culminated with the use of a chemical weapon on my poor self in construction.

It’s as if a website was saying “coming soon” and suddenly you receive an atomic bomb.

A wide range of emotions you can summarise by “put down your weapons”. But now I’m musician and I have a lot of ideas to make other suffer.

Take for example that song I chose: what if I had the key to your heart and your most precious things? Do I make you dizzy whispering in your ear?

Only healthy people can experience fatigue. This should mean you get over setbacks pretty quickly. But for some reason the ghetto blues is a hell of a tester.

Was The Key Being Precise About Compensation?

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Gloria Gaynor like many other artists thought about their heart: she was petrified and she tried not to fall apart. It seems that experience made her somebody new. But I think she meant she managed to make small adjustments to sound better.

Anyway it seems as long as she knows how to love she knows she will survive. What is love except intense emotions that can get so complex you feel overwhelmed?

I think love might be about finding someone courageous enough to take you by the hand and bring you to another place. Some say God knew where he wanted you placed. What if your lover also knew about that special place?

I spent the last 2 years mostly in a coffee shop in Beirut. I have to make an effort because otherwise I know I won’t have any incentive to mend my limbic brain. And that’s why I’m a musician: my limbic brain was seriously messed up.

Here’s The Bottomline If You Don’t Have Time.

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As a conclusion, I think experiencing a wide range of emotions is good for health. Because I’ve spent the last 2 years with only one emotion (a chemotherapy) and I wonder what kind of emotion it is.

I think it’s like you’re a present or a gift and someone needed to make some packaging. If someone opens that package, he or she will discover a sensitive yet realistic person. Someone who cried on Phil Collins but also able to see the hills and mountains before reaching the heights of that dreamed of world.

I guess to survive to any kind of negative experience we will have to deal with 2 issues most of the time:

  1. You wake up and you have sensitive information about something. You became public enemy #1 and a menace to society.
  2. You realise the Rolling Stones might have had a point when they screamed “they couldn’t get no satisfaction”. And so you’re constantly busy and nervous because one day you were satisfied.

Yes you will survive if you can tackle those 2 challenges: the hill (your public self) and the mountain behind (being satisfied). Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share or comment!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!