About The Danger Of Business As Usual.

Jul 18, 2019

Today I want to talk about business as usual. It seems a business’ sole objective is to make some profit from something. It’s raining and you dance; it’s shining and you rest; it’s a rollercoaster and you scream.

It doesn’t seem like a business should have a social or moral responsibility: if the only objective is to profit, then you’d better stay on top or business will kick you in the ass. At the moment, I’m writing a music blog and I do it like you would run a business.

I made a mission statement, an executive summary, a SWOT analysis and much more. But I didn’t think it should be profitable. Of course, when you know so many songs, you think it should earn you some money. But I never thought it could be a way to profit from something.

Today I thought about 2 dangers that this bad profitable obsession could generate. And the first danger is very simple: how is your mirror doing?

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Why Don’t You Look In The Mirror?

Yeah I know you got a nice mirror in the bathroom. It’s not like the picture of Dorian Gray. This mirror could be nice to you because you know the judgement is not schizophrenic or bipolar.

As soon as you walk down the street, it seems everyone you meet gives you a nasty finger. I guess you’re just a fucking capitalist or someone who is able to profit of even the ugliest hearts. Do you think the inhabitants of Pompeii made some profit when the volcano exploded?

This bad obsession to profit from even the stupidest things in life makes you someone despicable. Because it means you will never make this world a better world. When it rains you stay home and when the sun is shining you put on your sunglasses. What if someone told you you can control the sun?

Yes looking in the mirror and the mirror looking at you is a big danger for everyone. But the 2nd danger could be the solution: mutually assured destruction and getting no sleep.

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Is It Harder And Harder To Forget?

You and I we happen to be a part of this crazy scene: mutually assured destruction. There can be only one except maybe in this crazy and mad scene. New lovers meet as they dance through the night. And suddenly an atomic bomb arrives.

Business as usual just means nobody will ever win from that situation. It’s hard to make a bad obsession something profitable. It seems the bad obsession humanity had was about space: a science where you study stars and maybe people. It’s the only science where amateurs play an important role.

It’s true making the most of any situation could prevent you from going insane. So maybe I misread the lyrics of the song: then yes trying to make the best of a situation can sometimes be difficult but is the key.

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Is Our Relationship To Others The Key?

So the key to make something profitable could be very simple. Maybe a standard of performance or, in other words, there’s you and me. At the moment, all I see is how politicians and bankers raped the universe and how they went from bad to worse.

They’re going to turn our lives into a coward show. If someone had the courage to understand we are under the same sun and the planet is so big that we are now 7 billion souls.

France and Germany have very high standards. And that’s a cool fact even though we might feel a lot of troubles and pressure. But the only standard we can really understand and which helped shape our destiny is our vocabulary. What you gonna do when someone tells you something you don’t understand?

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Will Another Taxman Provoke A New War?

Let me tell you how it will be: 10 for you, 90 for me. I’m the taxman. The French Revolution it seems started because of taxes. Today my blog doesn’t make any money and I’m not feeling that nervous. I still didn’t register my company “SIRIUS STUFF” and the blog “SOUNDS SIRIUS” could become profitable.

But what do you think is gonna happen when I will be able to employ 5 people or 10 people and buy a home? The taxman will arrive and say: 90% of a big amount could make me rich instantly.

After browsing the web for hours about businesses, blogging, the 5 things that will kill my blog, Google Analytics, Pinterest marketing etc, the taxman will come and say: you give me 90% of what you’re making.

Maybe if I buy him a drink, he/she will be nice with me. Yes I think that’s what I’m going to do but not only with him/her. Anyone wanna join me on that blogging adventure will be offered drinks every Friday night. I’m making a budget right now.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!