Critics Just Failed At What You Do

Jun 25, 2018

A serious insight from “Otherwise” by Morcheeba makes me wonder if critics are not people who failed. Again, the main culprit is fantasy and compromise.

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Critics are an important factor in success. Mostly because if you do something alone, what’s the value if it can’t benefit other people? I always thought music was superior in this sense: vague enough for some people, precise enough to have a powerful message.

My philosophy on that blog is to focus on music wisdom to deal with a variety of topics, even if it’s gangstas, bitches, both, motherhood or none at all. How come we have so many songs? How can you tell if it’s a good song?

Who You Gonna Call In Case Of Emergency?

That old safe bet was just business as usual. Without a safe bet, there is no risk. The question of risk is an obvious one: you should treat people like ladies or gentlemen.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog willing to educate and influence young man to become gentlemen. What kind of experience could lead someone to share his thoughts on style? The thing about blogging is that you should demonstrate authority and credibility.

That’s why I’m preparing a post on monstrous love and I’ll deal with the point of view of several artists. Love is a feeling that’s hard to disappear. It if does, then one could wonder what was the trigger.

A safe bet is not necessarily a bad thing in the long run.

What is your horizon? Do you look respect in the eye from time to time? Guess you gonna call a safe bet in case of emergency.

Before You Know It, You’re On Your Knees

I like to think of critics as failed people. This is a bit bold but only players can judge the work of other players. At the moment, I have to write 750 words in one hour and it’s a hell of a tester.

A mirror reflects an image of something. Sometimes, it can get distorted, mostly because you want to sell something. Sometimes, I think that the mirror will be our biggest challenge in the long run.

When I go shopping for clothes, suddenly I lose 5 kilos.

This is not because I walked for 15 minutes, this is because the mirror made me look good. What if the mirror makes you look bad? What about those feelings that won’t go away?

I like sports because everyone can witness the fight. When you live in a big city like Paris or Seattle, with a strange climate, you go out of your house and a lot of people watch you. In the long run, this challenge is a defining one.


Fooling Around With Our Hands And Feet

The vagus nerve, who is the main nerve in contact with the heart, is a powerful one. To some extent, it’s 90% of our behavior because everybody does. Who wants to feel isolated?

We don’t know if it’s fear or desire. Danger the drug that takes us higher or lower. With addiction, it’s always the same old story: relaxation and control. When you find associates, make sure you can go on holidays with them.

I’ll explain: do you feel like I’m using my audience?

Let’s get it right now: I want to make a living with a blog based on the music of the last 60 years. I wonder when it’s going to pay. I have a new goal, the year 2020. It will be the year where I will decide if my safe bet on French and Lebanese people will pay.

A First Impression, Everybody Knows It

Once, I had a girl that worked for a pharmaceutical company told me she thought I was a little dorky, but now she thinks I’m a very cute guy. Knowing what I know about that kind of company, I dismissed the judgment with prejudice.

Our hands are tied but who did that to us? Rivalry and vengeance are so important for some people, aren’t they afraid to lose? When it comes to the crunch, it’s an easy task. You have to have a safe bet.

I guess from a shadow perspective, it’s a question of effort and teamwork.

When you want to impress someone, there is one thing you should not do: start talking and not listening. Listening is not hard, you just have to shut the fuck up. Wait, I got a message from space: we have cheap and new information with gravitational waves.


Careful With High And Low Expectations

Honest people should think twice. What authority do you have on the dodgy subject of fights? What about the subject of flight or freeze? I have a friend who is a pilot and he told me that, in case of emergency, you should go back to basics.

On the subject of fights, it’s a simple matter: rivalry and vengeance will drive you crazy. Freezing can be an effective way to survive, but you will wake up 70 years from now and the world will have changed.

I like to listen to the conversation of others. They always say the world has changed and nobody understood it. On that, you can rely: minimize effort, maximize revenue. And that shouldn’t be shocking except for 20% of the world population.

When it comes to rentability, your only goal should be 5 to 1, like a man that’s not on the run.

You Talk About Pain, But Also Pleasure

I guess when you talk about pain, you talk about pleasure. And the main subject is WW2 and its aftermaths. A meth mouth is easy to spot and it’s the surest way to identify someone having to cope with WW2.

Drugs are interesting and I identified 3 types for now: stimulant, relaxant, and narcotics. Maybe hallucinogens also are worth mentioning. The Nazis used to take crystal meth because the war was intense. Shell shocks everywhere, a jungle sometimes.

WW1 was supposed to be the last war. But it seems that naive people have a hard time dealing with sex and money. Don’t waste time on your enemies or maybe remain humble. They were fools of the 1st division.

Sharks don’t have cancer. I guess fishes have lots of problem swimming in that pool.

They Said Wisdom Was Finding Two Extremes

I’ve had a superb 3 weeks run of good traffic on my blog. Maybe the posts were relevant, talking about love, justice, the environment. And now, we’re talking about criticising. My inner critic is telling me: this is monstrous love and it’s hard to price.

Why don’t we wake up a bit? It seems there was an atomic bomb here. Or at least, that’s what she wants to be. Under some curse now, what kind of compromise was that?

Only one but the most powerful of all: knees. A French doctor once wrote that elbows and knees were where the unconscious minds and the conscious one would meet. But the subconscious is so practical.

A dominant idea like “I’m a talented musician; why don’t I stand tall?” What kind of curse was that exactly? The toxic artwork of WW2 and its aftermaths? Am I criticising because I was a war child and can’t stand war anymore?

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They wanted me here
Just to show you my face
But when it comes to the crunch
I just hide in disgrace
You’re calling me mad
But I know you’re the same
Cause you got to be seen
to be playing the game
Yes we got to be seen
to be playing, the game

It ain’t gonna hurt now
If you open up your eyes
You’re making it worse now
Everytime you criticise
I’m under your curse now
But I call it compromise
I thought that you were wise
But you were otherwise

A specimen like you
I would love to obtain
I asked a tedious guy
if he’ll tell me your name
I’d love to impress you
With a back somersault
I want to take out your love
But it’s locked in a vault
I want to take up your love
But it’s locked in a vault

When I open my mouth
I’m so brutally honest
And I can’t expect
that kind of love from you
When you open your mouth
Your teeth are beautifully polished
And I can’t extract
the pain you’re going through
No I can’t explain
The pain you’re going through

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!